Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm glad to see them dropping the charges

Against Trey Attwater who was arrested for bringing explosives on board a domestic commercial flight.
... for the second time

...Because the TSA experts at the N.C. airport where he left from didn't find them in his carry-on when he went through them the FIRST TIME.


  1. I volunteer at a big food bank, the distribution center for all the small food banks. One day, our job was to package up 30 pound packages of frozen meat to get boxed, and put on a pallet for a small food kitchen. There were 9 of us. That day, all LEO, volunteering as part of the Combined Federal Campaign. One of the ladies was from TSA. Our job was to sort through huge pallets of frozen meat, check it for quality, freezer burn, thawing or compromised packing. We were ALSO supposed to pull any product that contained ground turkey as there was a recall on at the time. The turkey products were to go in a big bin to go in the garbage. At one point I checked the throw out bin. In it was an entire 20 plus pound whole turkey. The mother load for someone expecting a package of hot dogs. TSA girl had put it there. I said (nicely). "Hey it's only GROUND turkey that gets thrown out." She looks at the giant buterball and me and says "well how do I know that wasnn't made out of ground turkey?" (That's right, they take ground turkey and make giant twenty pounjd butterball shaped McNuggets out of it).

    I bit my tongue.

    (She also threw a package of sausage containing ground turkey in the "good" bin because "sausage is a different animal")

  2. Yep. That's why they advertise for job openings on pizza boxes.

    I'm glad that commonsense LEOs have about the same respect as the rest of us for them.