Sunday, February 19, 2012

Superhuman strength

Lori just getting out of a rollover and braining a zombie with a lightweight plastic hubcap?

Rick yanking the kids leg off a broadhead shaped fence picket? That's a good three inches in width?
Yea, ok.

A jealous friend?
Looking at you Shane.

Unimaginable marksmanship from a .357 - one handed, but that's how Rick rolls.


  1. Did someone say rickrolls?

    If there was any doubt that this isn't a zombie-oriented show, that doubt was shattered tonight, when Rick, Hershel and Glen, along with Fence Post Guy, are surrounded by zombies, and then...we see them drive up the next day. WTF?

    The Washington Post has an article about Daryl Dixon being a "redneck Jedi," a phenomenon similar to the "magic negro," who will bridge the red/blue divide and have hicks and hippies singing Kumbaya together.

    To play Devil's Advocate on behalf of Rick, it's possible he's just an old-school sort of gunfighter; you noticed his old-fashioned dropped holster? And a revolver in 2012 is definitely old-school. He's definitely a dumbass, though, saving that kid who was trying to kill him only moments before. As the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride might say, "You have an over-developed sense of compassion that's going to get you killed some day."

    I'm liking Carol more and more. She's quietly beautiful, is meek and humble. I hope she's able to tame Daryl down and make him into a less wild man.

    Dale is really becoming ineffectual at this point, little more than a nagging Jiminy Cricket. I hope this doesn't continue. The plotline of the comics suggest he doesn't, but the producers of the show might not follow the comics all that faithfully.

  2. I keep getting the feeling that there are two plagues working here; one makes zombies, and the other makes normal people stupid, and everyone has been infected with the latter.

  3. Saving the kid would have worked a lot better had the characters mentioned they planned on getting information out of him, even if they had to beat it out of him, regarding the group he was with.

    What's with Daryl turning Emo on us?

  4. He probably saw Shane and Carol doing it at the end of the last episode.

  5. So did mankind completely lose the technology to put up fences in the plague?