Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I wonder what the First Food-Nazi had to do with this?

When are we going to find out the TRUTH! as to why M&M's/Mars decided to do away with all but bite-sized bars?
What I figure is that one of two things (maybe both) are going on and they both are a result of the Smartest Negros in the World.

MEchell is leaning on candy companies to only make 250 calorie bars, or
The cost of everything is going up because of her husband- so they're selling the machines that make different sizes. You know, make everything the same size and sell the other machines..and put the people that worked on them out the door.

I'm glad I learned how to make my own chocolate candy- and I can make them as big as I want!

You can too-
Get a $2.75 chunk of white chocolate bark, a jar of Dry Roasted peanuts and some coarse Sea salt.

On very low heat- break up the chocolate (I like white chocolate- your mileage may vary, but try it) and melt till is molten- don't let it get too hot (if you can't hold the pan in your hand - it's too hot)
Add the whole jar of peanuts.
Stir well.
On a cookie sheet (or two- depending on how big you make them) lay wax paper down.
Make room in the `fridge.

Drop a spoonfull until you run out of room or chocolate-
Sprinkle Sea Salt on top (really it adds POP!)
Then into the `fridge for about half an hour.

Remove from the reefer and peel them off the wax paper, then drop them in a 1 lb a large empty cofee can- or two. It'll fill one up.
Try that with  $5 of your .75c bite-size Mars Bars.
- Want my recipe for a Mounds Bar?

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