Sunday, February 12, 2012

All of you on the bandwagon for Willard

The ones who are now crowing about his two wins yesterday in The YANKEE state of Main (barely edging out Libertarian RP)- and the win at CPAC.

I'd like to remind you of what you said about the Santorum wins...It doesn't mean anything, you didn't get delegates from Maine.
 “In the long term [Santorum’s wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado\] it doesn’t matter,” said GOP strategist Dan Hazelwood told the Daily News, noting Santorum has simply found a niche in low-turnout, intensely conservatives caucuses.
As for CPAC- I'm glad you won, because the last winner in an election year was RON Paul- and we know ho well that went over.
It looks like the didn't have a CPAC voet in `04, or any for the previous four years of the LAST TIME they got it right in 2000 with Bush- or before.

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