Sunday, December 31, 2006

The call of the wild

That's what got the white one.

Yesterday, some little assholes juvenile delinquents kids opened the front gate and let the dogs out.
The black one, Meg came home after about an hour.
The white one (who's picture used to grace this site) is still gone.
And probably won't be back- one way or another.
He pulled the escape artist thing up in Conroe and was within 5 minutes-literally- of being left up there.

My voice is hoarse from calling for he and Meg within a week.
If anyone finds him and calls, (if he's not shot for chasing goats) I won't know him.
He doesn't want to live here, he won't.

Now we have to put a bike lock on the gate, or think of some thing to keep the dogs in if the gate is open.
But, then I guess it's the season for runaways...we found a toy dog on the porch. A toy breed dog.
The phone number on the tag is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He's a teeny li'l ol' thang. Karen says she's seen chicken wings with more meat on them than his legs. After looking, I think he's a Black version of a long haired Chihuahua. Except that he doesn't have the nasty attitude.

Once Karen and the girls know he's a Chihuahua, we'll defiantly be loosing him.
Karen want's to know if the dog pound will take a trade-in for a real dog.

We just got back from the San Antonio emergency vet.
Bodie (the formerly missing dog) was hit by a car on the highway. He couldn't move his back legs when Karen saw him in the median going to Hondo. He was already going into shock when she got him home.
At least he got to say good-by to everyone before we took him to his final sleep.
I'll be burying him tomorrow in the back paddock.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, they do say opposits attract

You Are: 30% Dog, 70% Cat

You and cats have a lot in common.

You're both smart and in charge - with a good amount of attitude.

However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!

H/T shoprat

Thursday, December 28, 2006


(I think)

I'm the first to bring you the pictures of John Edwards FIRST EVER Pro Bono work.

He also took the opportunity to declare his bid for the 2008 presidential race.
Because, you know he "cares" about the unfortunate- he cares millions for the unfortunate.

How big is Ethiopia's army?

It can't be a whole lot bigger than maybe one of our Divisions, right?
Their Air Force could probably be held on two of our Carriers, do ya think?

Do you know what they're doing to the militant funamentalist Micheal Moors Minutemen African Tailban who were runnng the country untill about three days ago?

They're wiping the floor with them.
They took off the gloves- hell, they didn't even bother putting them on.

They're fighting a war.
They're not trying to "Win the hearts and minds " of the people, they're fumigating the region.

I've been hearing the question "Well, how do you know when your winning?"
How about when moslem women (who have less standing than a dog) are throwing rocks at the mullahs and saying "Look what you did to us!"

MR. Bush- you're trying to find a way to deal with these 'freedom fighters' of the MSM islamic world- I suggest you take a look at how to win when you don't care who calls you bad names.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Identity card or cash cow?

If we do get a national identity card, I hope it's not like the Brits are going to use it for.
I have to admit that I'm, ambivilent to the nat'l identity card. I carried one while on active duty- and don't have that much of a problem if it's used for identification purposes only.
We have SSI as a defacto identity number anyway,,,but it's taxpayer funded. It's not ment to be a revenue generator for the government.

People who fail to update their national identity card will be fined a staggering £1,000, it has been revealed.

And it will cost £30 to replace a lost or stolen card or buy a new one if a name needs to be changed, for example when a woman gets married.

A "draconian" regime of fines, which will also include £1,000 for failing to return a dead relative's ID card, is revealed in the latest Government plans for the controversial scheme.


Home Office minister Joan Ryan confirmed charges would apply "if a person wished to add a married surname to his or her register entry". (30 pounds,,,about $60)

Based on an estimated 311,000 marriages a year, these charges alone would rake in up to £9 million a year.

At least £30 would be charged for lost or stolen cards, earning the Treasury more than £28million a year.

Mr Reid also admitted that applicants will be asked for "all current alternative addresses".

A failure to update these details could result in a £1,000 fine.

It is feared millions of students could be hit by the fines, for example if they fail to inform the Government of additional term-time addresses, for example their hall of residence.

And naturally, the real cost will be much more than the guestimated amount. Just look at Bushes' Perscription Drug boondoggle.

According to independent researchers, it will cost £19billion over ten years - nearly four times the £5.4billion budget.

The Government has said people will have to pay £30 for a simple ID card, or more than £90 for one with a passport.

But experts say the actual cost of a combined card could be as high as £300.

Sorry, here's the link

I hope your Christmas was pleasant

Ours was typical of the rest of the year.
Of all the presents opened I got three Thank You's- two of them came from Karen. And, as usual, the 18 yr-old decided to wait until we were ready to sit down for Christmas dinner to call her dad in the UK (about 9:30PM their time) because she's decided that she's only part of the family when it meets her self-centered needs.
She DID manage to make up for supper with desert, though.

Ok, So waddid ya git?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Christmas meme

Thanks Capitain.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping paper- it really puts your mind to work for odd shaped gifts.

2. Real tree or artificial?
Fake and fast.

3. When do you put up the tree?
Karen and (one of) the girls put it up Thanksgiving weekend.

4. When do you take the tree down?
New Years weekend.

5. Do you like eggnog?
I'm not much into liquid dairy products.

6. Favorite gift you received as a child?
'An official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!' -actually it was a Daisy.

7. Do you have a nativity scene?
One of those things we should, but don't.

8. Hardest person to buy for?

9. Easiest person to buy for?
Besides me buying my own presents? Karen.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Mail, I married Karen to make sure they got mailed out :-D

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
A weight set.

12. Favorite Christmas movie?
They used to show L & H 'Babes in toyland' on Christmas,,,but I don't think Laurel And Hardy are allowed to be shown on TV anymore...

13. When do you start shopping?
Anytime it occures to me that "this would make a good Christmas present".

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
Probably, it runs in the family.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
'Chex party mix' and 'Stollen' (a german fruitbread).

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
It came with colored.

17. Favorite Christmas song?
'Snoopys Christmas'

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Moms'- in Conroe.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeers?
Yep, AND all seven dwarves little people.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?

I'm not going to tag anyone, but maybe Denitia needs to do some penance for finding this video and the emotional dammage that results.

I don't know how to respond to this study

It was a study of "more than 200 lung cancer patients".
Even I know that that number is really statistically insignificant.

BUT what I'm wondering about is the idea that quitting smoking after a cancer diagnosis is really a 'better' quality of life idea.

If they quit, they don't live any longer, but they don't deteriorate as fast.
BUT if they quit, then they're going through withdrawals while going through the chemo as well.

Specifically, their "performance status" -- a measure of patients' ability to care for themselves and function in daily life -- was generally higher, according to findings published in the medical journal Chest.

Patients who gave up cigarettes did not live appreciably longer than those who continued smoking, the study found, but the difference in quality of life highlights the importance of quitting even after lung cancer develops, according to the study authors.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate a correlation between smoking cessation after diagnosis and performance status," write Dr. Sevin Baser and his colleagues.

Forgive me for being cynical, but doesn't the "ability to care for themselves and function in daily life" have something to do with the bottom line in terms of healthcare costs? You know, make them stop smoking while undergoing chemo and radiation, so they have to go through withdrawal at the sme time just to save a couple bucks?

Speaking of Christmas vacation

....I see blogroll has decided to go on indefinet hiatus.

And Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I told you about my new work truck

...And how willing to be impressed with it I was.
And how disappointed I was

I also mentioned the cr@ppy placement of the mirrors.
I knew they'd get me in trouble some day.

I just didn't think it would be this soon.
See, the way the mirrors are set so far back, I loose the car in the right lane from my side marker (middle of the trailer) to just behind the last wheel.

I got stuck behind someone 'moving', and naturally since the left lane is banned from trucks- all I could do is move to the right- the slow lane (where he should have been). He was doing all of 50 MPH in a 65 zone.

I looked in the big West Coast mirrors and didn't see a thing, I put on my turn signal and started easing over and noticed in my convex mirror... an extra set of headlights that I couldn't see anywhere else. I couldn't see it from my back window, and unless I almost got out of the seat, I couldn't see it from my perch.

I stopped in time to avoid pushing him into the wall, but I bet I gave him a thrill.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I don't work on Madison Ave.

But I do think I know what might help or hurt in selling some things here in "Flyover country".

The mummified rats in the Quiznos commercial for one. Karen still refuses to eat there.
I guess it was 'cool' and 'edgy' out there in New York City on the east coast, and all.

Another thing is just product display.
If you want to sell something, try to make it at least not ,,, ummmmm,,,,,,,natural.
Unless that's a positive thing.
I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to come within 10 feet of that desk.
Kinda looks like the girls rooms- only cleaner.

What could possibly go wrong with this?

I guess some on the left are starting to realize that Bu$Hitler=Haliburton isn't the sole source of evil in the world.

Beth Ditto, lead singer of the Gossip, who will perform with the newly reformed Yaz, thinks the march is overdue. "Forget right wing Christians. They don't hang gays for being gay. Islamofascists do. That's why were asking moderate, non-violent Muslims across the Western Province to join hands and embrace gay people everywhere.

And being typical Left wing paleohippies, they're going to hold a "March on Mecca"!

EMBARGO DATE: December 15, 2006, 4 PM.


Human Rights Watch,, ACT-UP, the Huffington Post and David Geffen are proud to present the March to Mecca, a celebration of peace that calls all gay brothers, sisters and people undergoing sex-reassignment to march to the holiest of holy cities, Mecca, the capital city of Saudi Arabia's Makkah province on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007.

Like I said, what could possibly go wrong here?
It's not like the 'religion of piss' would be somehow,,,offended by these pervs people marching on their holiest site.

And don't worry, they'll take all reasonable precautions to ensure nobody gets hurt.

The March to Mecca will snake through the sandy, sunny valley of Abraham, and it is urged that you pack sunblock and plenty of bottled water. "Don't forget to blog!" adds co-sponsor Arianna Huffington. After the march, Rep Barney Frank of the U.S. House of Representatives will host a special VIP rave on the Queen Boat, a floating disco on the Nile.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Update on "Jobs Americans won't do"

Remember those ICE raids last week where they rounded-up from meat packing plants?
Remember how El Presidente Bush talked about how the illegals were only doing jobs Americans weren't paid enough wouldn't do?

Meet the Americans who are lining up to do the jobs that illegals used to do.
GREELEY - The line of applicants hoping to fill jobs vacated by undocumented workers taken away by immigration agents at the Swift & Co. meat-processing plant earlier this week was out the door Thursday.

Among them was Derrick Stegall, who carefully filled out paperwork he hoped would get him an interview and eventually land him a job as a slaughterer.

Greg Bonifacio heard about the job openings on television and brought his passport, his Colorado driver's license, his Social Security card and even a color photograph of himself as a young Naval officer to prove his military service.

"I don't want to hassle with any identification problems because of my last name," said Bonifacio, a 59- year-old Thornton resident of Filipino heritage.

Bonifacio was hoping to get a job in production or fabrication. So was Nathan Korgan, a former construction worker whose company closed and moved to California.

That's just a Colorado location. I wonder how the rest of the country-wide plants are handling their worker shortage?
As an added thought, I'd bet the wages went up along with some bennies.

OHhhh, and your meat prices? look for an increase there of probably less than a nickel a pound.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok,,, I'm watching LoTR

Return of the King on TV.

Ok, I know it's been out for a while. I'm Cheap- and busy.

So now my Questions start.

If I were in the movie place, I probably wouldn't have to cycle my volume control between 10 and MAX to hear the dialogue. Smeegul/Gollum has some kind of pitch that I just can't hear at a normal level.

It's a brilliant movie (just like the book) that can tug at your heat strings, and almost make you feel you were there.

BUT..what's with the Elvin babe?

I thought they were supposed to be so drop-dead gorgeous that mere men dropped dead at seeing them.

Sorry, but this guy was wondering who got the 'beautiful-in-an-ugly-way' babes for the Elvish babes?

Yea, I know they were Brits, but still.... hot is hot.

OOohhh, back to the movie,,,, great fight scenes and all the rest.
I just couldn't get over the hot-but-not Elvish Princesses.

Big brother meet Pavlov

Or we could call it the law of unintended consequences.

A town council in Wales is going to remove a speed camera from an on ramp because of the congestion that sometimes causes a 5 mile back-up.
Because people sees the cam and automatically hit the brakes...even if they're already going the speed limit.
Kinda like here when these morons come almost to a complete STOP if they see a cop on the side of the road giving someone a present.

I have to give them some credit in recognizing and doing at least something about it.
Unlike most Liberals where the results of their actions have no relationship at all with action its self....because the INTENTION is what matters.
How they WANTED to make it "better" in spite of how it actually ended up.

Conservatives (are you listening to this RNC?) actually recognize some relationship between what they do and what happens afterwards.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I think lemon fits me better

I was coffee.

What Flavour Are You? Mmm, I am Lemon Flavoured.Mmm, I am Lemon Flavoured.

I am bitter and twisted. Expect from me acerbic humour and sharp commentary. While I may seem nasty at first, I'm actually quite good company if I like you, so long as you don't mind a bit of cutting to the chase. What Flavour Are You?

George W. Bush and his economic slump

Another story of people being forced to live pay check to paycheck.
I can relate...almost.

NEW YORK (Money Magazine) -- If she thought it would really fix her family's finances, Amy Schuett would make it her New Year's resolution to squeeze every bit of extra spending from the family budget.

But she's already slashed so many little luxuries - the gourmet coffee, the restaurant lunches, the weekly dates with husband Brian - that she's fresh out of ideas.
Cable TV? Unplugged. Pool membership? Down the drain.

They've even considered giving up their unlisted phone number. At a cost of $3 a month, this move wouldn't save much - even over, say, 150 years - but it shows how desperate the couple feel about easing their financial strain. "We're struggling week to week to get by," says Brian, 42. "Any money that comes in gets chewed up right away."
And they do have four daughters to raise, ages four to nine. But still.

The Schuetts don't have any child-care bills (Brian is now a stay-at-home dad). They don't have credit-card debt. They don't splurge on fancy vacations. And they live in a nice but definitely not luxurious home on a three-acre plot in Elkhorn, Neb., just west of Omaha, where the cost of living is, well, livable.

Yet, says Amy, "We live from one paycheck to the next, we're struggling to save and we never seem to have enough money to do anything fun."

It's a statement that an awful lot of Americans can make these days. About two-thirds of families need their next paycheck to meet their living expenses, according to a recent survey by the American Payroll Association.

Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?
We're kinda like that because of some financial mistakes I made many years ago (and forgot about), but we're working out of it.

OHhhhh, did I mention that the copule in question pull in over $150,000 per year?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dash, I found some in Austin

The other day, Dash had a post asking where the civility was in Austin general.

I was delivering a load of sugar to Austin Coke and got done in the middle of rush hour.
If anyone is familiar with the Austin I-35 rush hour traffic, you know how bad it is.
Throw in a Friday and you have a mess. I was listening to the CB as I was unloading, and heard about the wrecks happening in both directions.
As I was leaving, and trying to decide if it would be better to bypass I-35 and take HWY 183 south, I cam up to a parking lot that used to be the on-ramp to I-35 which made my mind up.

I took HWY 183 south and about 45 min later was ready to try merging back onto I-35S.
The access road was nothing but brake lights as far as you could see, and no-one was going to let a semi-tanker in if they could help it.

UNTIL a guy (probably conservative) pulled up to get my attention to wave me in.
I thanked him and got in line to wait my turn to merge on.

I don't know if I saved any time going around, but at least I was moving.
Anyway, I imagine this guy was a conservative by the way he was thoughtful enough to go out of his way to help someone he didn't know, and the fact that he was driving a Cadillac Escalade convinced me.

And, no dash, I didn't see any bumper stickers on that shiney new black Caddy.
I know it wasn't dash because this guy was as well fed as I was.
I just wanted Dash to know that all is not lost in the hippy capitol of Texas.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why did I know it was a Democrat?

All I had to do was see this headline.

"Senator defends travel to Syria"

Because we're all about caving dialogging with terrorist states.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So, Elves are liberals?

~OR maybe they're just metrosexual.

RH Junior had this quote at the beginning of his Dec. 11 post:

One of the driving themes in all the stories I write about the Eldritch is how their society is crumbling for lack of manual laborers or people who deal strictly with the laws of nature: engineers, farmers, architects, people who work in construction, on the land, in factories. This was born of my observation that elves all seem to be poets, singers, kings or bon vivants, with nary a grease monkey in sight. I wondered what would happen if that was literally true, and the answer was (of course) disaster.
From this posting of haikujaguar on 'manual labor'.

RH puts his finger right on what I believe is the big difference between Liberals and conservatives. I guess that's why I never could have much empathy for modern literary elves and the "little people". The old school Elves of Celtic myth, on the other hand, knew what it was like to work with their hands. At least until they departed to New York City Tirra Noc Nog, and forgot what dirt and calluses were.

I'm stealing this post from RHJunior because He says it best:

That is a frickin' brilliant observation, and it makes me feel an utter dunce that I never put my finger on it myself... It's probably the biggest part of what makes typical fantasy elves so stinkin' annoying--- the unconscious awareness that these pointy-eared nancy boys never get their hands dirty.You see them sitting there in ornate palatial homes eating delicacies from silver and crystal dishes... you never see them FARMING to GROW those delicacies. Or sweating in the kitchen, cooking that food or washing those dishes. They show an elven king reforging an epic sword in "Return of the King"--- fine; so where's the elven miner that dug up the ore? The elven stonemason that made the furnace? Or, for that matter, the calluses on King PineSol's pretty hands?

Upon reflection, it's probably why so many professors, performers, artists, and other people who work with their mind rather than their hands tend to be liberals, subjectivists, postmodernists. When you work with your hands, you don't just know objectivism, you feel it in the material world. You can't argue philosophy with a bar of iron or a block of wood--- you either work it, shape it, hammer it and cut it just so, or you FAIL to get the results you want. Sometimes dramatically. A field of beans doesn't give a damn what your theories about socialist agriculture say, they'll grow as they damn well ought to, and you'd best water the plants and pull the weeds or they'll make things difficult come harvest time. A man who has to drive nails into wood and build a house knows, often from painful thumb-mashed experience, that there IS such a thing as a right way and a wrong way, and there isn't much give in either direction.
The material world doesn't suffer fools lightly.

When you're an artist or a theoretician or a pundit, though-- -when you work with your mind instead of your hands, when you do things where success is largely measured by popularity and other men's approval--- when your day to day existence does not depend on dealing skilfully with wood or stone or metal or earth in any consistent way--- the real world can seem vague and mushy, hard to grasp, full of uncertainties. And any old theory can stand on its own, no matter how shoddily constructed...

If I add any more, I'd probably spoil it.

You should go check out both of their blogs.

As long as we're talking about people out of touch with the real world, don't be surprised to see a variation of this quote from Sony next time taxes are going to might be cut:

“We will stay competitive but we won’t do anything that damages the industry long term,” said Vandenbree, who added that Sony has a “responsibility” not to accelerate price declines in a way that could hurt the industry.

“We decided that we had to be competitive, but we didn’t want to send a signal that there is not value in the products,” he said. “We didn’t think a permanent price cut was in order.” Source:

Sony- overpriced, unnnecissary toys that include a FREE root kit, and pyro electric batteries. Nothing but quality here, boys.
Hurry~ buy our cr@p before it self destructs.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Laura, please stop calling me

I'm married.
You're married to him.

Please stop sending me mail, because too much of a good thing is still too much.
I have a garbage can under the desk that's over half full of your adoration of me and what I can do for you and yours.

I'm sorry that I can't return the feelings. It's not that I wanted to, but you and yours have alienated me by your shortsighted and tawdry behavior these last several years.

Some of us aren't lucky, or motivated to become like you are- we work for a living.
Some of us work at night, and your constant and repetitive calling just annoys us.

Henry, you had my vote. If I could go back, I'd not vote at all.
I'm sick and tired of EVERYONE with access to an automatic voice spam machine calling me to vote for you.

Next time I fill out one of those political questionnares, I'll use the DNC's phone number.

I was trying to take a nap because of the sleep schedule and interruptions I get with the house getting ready for work and school in the mornings.
I must have been called 10 times in the last two hours.

I guess next election cycle, I'll just unplug the phone for four months.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Funny, but definatly NSFW- in a nekkid blonde way.

Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Remember the moslem reaction to the "fake-but-accurate" koran flushing?

How about reaction of the religion of piss to the pedaphile cartoons?

Lets not forget how they show their love of their adopted France.

Now they're "protesting" the 'loosening of islamic sharia law'in the fact that rape is now a crime, with real penalties. . . sometimes. It depends how the judge feels.

NOW we come to the Christian reaction to moslems desecrating a bible.
We have to stop it!
Ohh, the horror...

You DID hear about it, right?
From the same MSM that piles on with every 'insult' to the hypersensitive molem world.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I just KNOW you've been wondering

Who are the hottest Disney Chicks?

And Greedo has his list up.
I'd probably rank them in a little different order.
But Jessica Rabbit would be #1, too in my list.

It's just too bad that Princess Clara and Foxy Love can't be on that list...

Ohh, and not to forget Tripping the Rift's Six.

Or our own Sam from Day by Day.

Maybe someone needs to do a "hottest comic babe"?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I finally finished my Christmas lights

I think the red lights add just the right touch of realism...

My best distance on the "Penguin smack" is 483 feet.

Friday, December 08, 2006

As I was stumbling through the parking lot of an invisble 7-11

The blues has got ahold of me, and I believe I'm getting dizzy.

Ok, I'll stop with the bad ZZ Top.

If you'd like to read what a right leaning beatnik has to say, follow these tracks cat, and be prepared to enter the flag draped coffee house of Albert Sark.

Maynard wants you to scoot your sandals over there to groove to the bluesy beat of a red blooded poet.

Go Daddy-O

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This started it

This finished it 4 years latter.

It would have taken a lot longer if ALL of America hadn't pulled together to win.

Does America have the intestinal fortitude to win anymore?

OHHHH, By the way- Japan is now a fully functioning Democracy because we took off the gloves.
AND because we stayed there after it was over.
Germany the same.

Can someone please tell me

What is the absolute fascination that some people have with my trailer tires?

They're big, black and round. WHY would anyone want to sit there next to them for miles on an open road?
Let me tell you what they do, so you won't have to get alongside of me and take up one of my accident avoidance options.

The wheels on the trailer go round and round
Round and round, round and round
The wheels on the trailer go round and round
All the way to town.

The wheels on the trailer go round and round
Round and round, round and round
The wheels on the trailer go round and round
All the way to town.

The wheels on the trailer go round and round
Round and round, round and round
The wheels on the trailer go round and round
All the way to town.

OK? Do you want me to repeat it for the 30 minutes it takes to go from Castroville to San Antonio?

Because driving something that's almost 70' long and weighs up to 80,000 pounds is a little different than driving your average 12'long 3,000 pound 4 wheeler.

When I go down hill, I can't ride the brakes and expect to have any when I get to the bottom. The way drivers are supposed to do it is to brake hard then ease-up and brake hard until at the bottom. If you're tailgating me on the way into town, you'll have a big surprise when I hit my brakes to drop 10 MPH below the speed limit so I can hit them again at 10 MPH over. ...And repeat until the bottom.

Driving is about space management. I have my lane, you have yours. My truck is about 8 feet wide, yours is 6 or less. Please use the extra 2 feet to stay in your lane because I can't jerk my truck out of your way when you drift into mt lane while texting on your phone. If you're on my right side, all I can see is the top of your vehicle, not how close you are to my wheels.

If I have someone on my trailer tires and some dork on the phone on my right, all I have is the brakes. At 70 MPH, it takes 3 times as long to stop my truck as it does your car. If you slam on your brakes in front of me, I can Guarantee that no matter what your wheels do, your vehicle WON'T stop until my truck does.
In addition to reaction time, my airbrakes take another second or so to actuate all the way back to my my trailer brakes.

To wrap it up: Pass me or stay behind me.
and most importantly... F*ing HANG-UP AND DRIVE!

This DOT test guardrail test film is interesting, too- with Flying cars!

I'd like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the Union workers the the International plant for their thoughtful attempts to ensure that I have plenty to listen to in my new truck.
Those annoying squeeks from ill fitted parts and especially the screwdriver y'all left in the dashboard where I can't get to.
I appreciate it.
Who needs to hear a radio, CD or CB when I can listen to your careful placement and securing results.

Nothing spells "UNION PRIDE" like a truck with less than 8,000 miles on it that the driver needs earplugs to drive. "Proudly made in America" buy our cr@p because we say so.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm not a highly trained firefighter, but I don't think I'd want to get anywhere near a 100,000 watt transmitter with a water hose.
Dumb ol' me would probably grab a type B/C dry chem fire extinguisher.

Yeah, I know- they *said* it was off...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two questions on this story

1- Does ANYBODY in charge ever show up?

2- Are the Libs so far out of touch that they thought asking donations for illegals was OK?

Lets get to the first question:
He said only News Director Peter Roghaar could respond to those questions, and, "He won't be in until Thursday." WND also was told the reporter was off on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the general manager, Brian Lawlor, was out of the office today. Messages left for Lawlor, his assistant and Roghaar weren't returned.

So how many holidays do these people get? It seems like anytime the toss a PR bomb out that everyone and anyone who has ANY responsibility is 'out". You know on vacation, on assignment, out of the office, can't be reached...

On to the second question:
The top-rated television station in West Palm Beach, Fla., is calling on viewers to put aside their ''political beliefs'' to help 13 illegal aliens trying to "survive the American Dream" after being displaced by a fire at the home they rent in the city.

Jamie Holmes, a reporter for the NBC affiliate, WPTV-TV, avoided referring to the members of the Bravo and Morales families as illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants in an original on-air report, instead describing them as ''the hard-working kind of people which created such a controversy in America this year ... .''

Don't worry Jamie. I'm sure our tax dollars are going to provide them with more than their fair share of section 8 housing, food stamps, health care and the rest of the taxpayer goodies that bring them here like candy does to kids.

Monday, December 04, 2006

They already HAVE a prayer room

In every public place in America.

It's usually labeled "Men".

Now stop trying to force your bloodthirsty religion on the rest of the world.

Ciro Rodriguez cares about the law

This is what I saw when I went to the Hondo courthouse annex to vote.
It's a runoff between Henry Bonilla (R) who got 49% of the vote and Ciro Rodriguz (D) who got 18%. Henry didn't receive a 50+ percentile of the vote, so we have a's a Texas thing.

I must admit that he meticulously adhered to the electioneering demarcation line.
Even though you can see the door entrance ramp and handrail on the right side of this picture.

The Democrat Party.
Obeying the letter of the law.

Even if they have to use two parking spaces in a small parking lot.

Because they care!

Henry Bonilla- he remembers what it's like to look for a parking spot in a small lot.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

If you're going to do something illegal

Don't go bragging about it on MySpace.

Also in regard to MySpace. I have two teens with MySpace accounts. I think -in addition to the music downloads (limewire) that's why we're almost at our download limit.
Has anyone ever LOOKED at a teens MySpace site?
How can anyone enjoy looking at all that visual garish puke?
And the auto loading noise that they insist on showing their current *mood*.
I'm not even going to get into the intentional mis-spelling.....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The semi-meme

I googled searched my name on Yahoo and came back with 33,200,000 for Kurt- including some drug addicted musician and a precision tool maker, along ith actors and writers.

My last name came back with 29,000 results, including somekind of factory that was bought-up by Fedders.
H/T to Rhianna for that,,,or is it Rihanna?

FYI- just to give anyone who's thinking of a new laptop for themselves or a gift. You probably want to stay away from the Compaq (HP) Presario. The only power supply (and battery charger) has an almost pre-engineered weak spot intenally that's almost guaranteed to break. It requires gong inside the computer to repair or replace the cheap plastic center pin holder.

Also, the keys are pretty f*cked up, they need a FIRM stroke all the way to the bottom of the contact or you'll spend as much time fixing missing letters as you do composing.

I like the youngests IBM thinkpad. If it wasn't crashing the Win98 all the time, I'd steal ittrade her for it. (it was pre- used)


If you go here, be sure your sound is on. If you want to do it, this is what you need to do.
This gets a 10 in coolness.

That should make him real popular with the voters- sounds like he's getting political advice from his buddy Jimmy carter.

...And this lucky guy's not even Mexican.

Hey, Barney- lets go get some Bronto Burgers.

Girls, are you lonely? Let your phone get stolen.