Thursday, December 21, 2006

I told you about my new work truck

...And how willing to be impressed with it I was.
And how disappointed I was

I also mentioned the cr@ppy placement of the mirrors.
I knew they'd get me in trouble some day.

I just didn't think it would be this soon.
See, the way the mirrors are set so far back, I loose the car in the right lane from my side marker (middle of the trailer) to just behind the last wheel.

I got stuck behind someone 'moving', and naturally since the left lane is banned from trucks- all I could do is move to the right- the slow lane (where he should have been). He was doing all of 50 MPH in a 65 zone.

I looked in the big West Coast mirrors and didn't see a thing, I put on my turn signal and started easing over and noticed in my convex mirror... an extra set of headlights that I couldn't see anywhere else. I couldn't see it from my back window, and unless I almost got out of the seat, I couldn't see it from my perch.

I stopped in time to avoid pushing him into the wall, but I bet I gave him a thrill.

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