Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok,,, I'm watching LoTR

Return of the King on TV.

Ok, I know it's been out for a while. I'm Cheap- and busy.

So now my Questions start.

If I were in the movie place, I probably wouldn't have to cycle my volume control between 10 and MAX to hear the dialogue. Smeegul/Gollum has some kind of pitch that I just can't hear at a normal level.

It's a brilliant movie (just like the book) that can tug at your heat strings, and almost make you feel you were there.

BUT..what's with the Elvin babe?

I thought they were supposed to be so drop-dead gorgeous that mere men dropped dead at seeing them.

Sorry, but this guy was wondering who got the 'beautiful-in-an-ugly-way' babes for the Elvish babes?

Yea, I know they were Brits, but still.... hot is hot.

OOohhh, back to the movie,,,, great fight scenes and all the rest.
I just couldn't get over the hot-but-not Elvish Princesses.

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