Friday, December 15, 2006

Dash, I found some in Austin

The other day, Dash had a post asking where the civility was in Austin general.

I was delivering a load of sugar to Austin Coke and got done in the middle of rush hour.
If anyone is familiar with the Austin I-35 rush hour traffic, you know how bad it is.
Throw in a Friday and you have a mess. I was listening to the CB as I was unloading, and heard about the wrecks happening in both directions.
As I was leaving, and trying to decide if it would be better to bypass I-35 and take HWY 183 south, I cam up to a parking lot that used to be the on-ramp to I-35 which made my mind up.

I took HWY 183 south and about 45 min later was ready to try merging back onto I-35S.
The access road was nothing but brake lights as far as you could see, and no-one was going to let a semi-tanker in if they could help it.

UNTIL a guy (probably conservative) pulled up to get my attention to wave me in.
I thanked him and got in line to wait my turn to merge on.

I don't know if I saved any time going around, but at least I was moving.
Anyway, I imagine this guy was a conservative by the way he was thoughtful enough to go out of his way to help someone he didn't know, and the fact that he was driving a Cadillac Escalade convinced me.

And, no dash, I didn't see any bumper stickers on that shiney new black Caddy.
I know it wasn't dash because this guy was as well fed as I was.
I just wanted Dash to know that all is not lost in the hippy capitol of Texas.

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