Saturday, December 02, 2006

The semi-meme

I googled searched my name on Yahoo and came back with 33,200,000 for Kurt- including some drug addicted musician and a precision tool maker, along ith actors and writers.

My last name came back with 29,000 results, including somekind of factory that was bought-up by Fedders.
H/T to Rhianna for that,,,or is it Rihanna?

FYI- just to give anyone who's thinking of a new laptop for themselves or a gift. You probably want to stay away from the Compaq (HP) Presario. The only power supply (and battery charger) has an almost pre-engineered weak spot intenally that's almost guaranteed to break. It requires gong inside the computer to repair or replace the cheap plastic center pin holder.

Also, the keys are pretty f*cked up, they need a FIRM stroke all the way to the bottom of the contact or you'll spend as much time fixing missing letters as you do composing.

I like the youngests IBM thinkpad. If it wasn't crashing the Win98 all the time, I'd steal ittrade her for it. (it was pre- used)

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