Thursday, December 28, 2006

How big is Ethiopia's army?

It can't be a whole lot bigger than maybe one of our Divisions, right?
Their Air Force could probably be held on two of our Carriers, do ya think?

Do you know what they're doing to the militant funamentalist Micheal Moors Minutemen African Tailban who were runnng the country untill about three days ago?

They're wiping the floor with them.
They took off the gloves- hell, they didn't even bother putting them on.

They're fighting a war.
They're not trying to "Win the hearts and minds " of the people, they're fumigating the region.

I've been hearing the question "Well, how do you know when your winning?"
How about when moslem women (who have less standing than a dog) are throwing rocks at the mullahs and saying "Look what you did to us!"

MR. Bush- you're trying to find a way to deal with these 'freedom fighters' of the MSM islamic world- I suggest you take a look at how to win when you don't care who calls you bad names.

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