Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remember that old wood?

That I was going to make something with?

After fixing some mistakes and mis-measurements, this is what I've got so far:

This is something that the central drawers will look like.

And this, or any combination of the three dogs was what I saw every time I looked out the door.

Since I named this a trainwreck

Unclear of the concept

CraigsList, the online classifieds has an automatic email function at the top of their ads.

You put an ad in to sell or give away your stuff, and they answer by hitting the email link...

But some people apparently unaware of that feature.

HEY, how do you like the way the first couple is economising in this economy?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recruiters- living down to their reputation

I just found out that soon-to-be- SiL got his final contract from the Marines yesterday, and his MOS of MP was left off the contract, and instead was left *open*.

All the Combat Arms are filled, but he doesn't want to take a chance on a cr@ppy job for his enlistment, which I understand.

His ASVAP score is higher than mine was when the Navy wanted me to become a Nuke (yeah, reading this blog makes you scared at that- huh?), so I know other services could be used as leverage to get him inked in to his chosen job.

Anyway, one day this week, we're going down to have a talk with his recruiter and see what can be hammered out.

Advice will be helpful.
Also other service careers in law enforcement besides MP/SP/APs.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The gunshow loophole

Actually it's more person to person.

I've decided to let my Colt go if someone in the San Antonio area is interested.

Never mind, I'll sell it back to the gunshop, maybe I'll get half of what I payed for it.

$300 for a dress she's going to wear once- if she can get over that statistic thing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just to remind you all

The Soviet Union had a Constitution that contained almost as many personal protections as ours.

The difference then as it will be here is the enforcement of those protections.
The Soviet judges threw those articles out almost as soon as the ink was dry.
We needed to wait 233 years until a Socialist president started to pack the Supreme Court with willing apparatchiks who will pass laws from the bench, making the Legislative Branch a toothless old hound.

Komrad Obama is already nationalising our financial and manufacturing infrastructure, with his Red Pentagram Motors starting the first of many pogroms against political opponents. That's why the unilateral decision to close so many dealerships was made- to punish the dealers who opposed Himself.
So how are you going to reward those dealers who are set to become the new loyalists for our new Socialist state?

Me, I'll go with Ford.

Remember blue is the new red.

That feels so much better

I mashed my finger while loading some rigid conduit this morning, and ever since that fingertip has been ultra sensitive,

I just used my cordless drill and the smallest bit I could find to drill a hole in the darkest of the fingernail and got about a 6" spurt of blood and about half of a teaspoon of blood followed. Now it's throbbing nicely and doesn't feel broken.

I got a thrill up my leg just like a news person does when they hear our Dear Leader.

I'd post a pic but don't want to offend any pantywaist Libs like elmo.

Monday, May 25, 2009

About that Windows 7 you're getting for free

Bill Gates has included a surprise inside!

Depending on which version you downloaded, the release candidate or Beta version your surprise will either start on July 1st this year or March 1st 2010.

That little surprise?
It will automatically start shutting down every two hours until you BUY their overpriced browser.

You 50% of users can download any version of FireFox here. I'm having no problem with my FF1.5 version without all the excessive bells and whistles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

...And he'll probably get it too

Except not how He envisions it.

The headline of this BEEB article is "Obama plans 'leaner' car industry".

Ok, and the way he's going about it will almost guarantee that the only American car company left is Ford. The only one who saw the bait in one hand and the huge club in the other.

So now we have the .gov- who can't even run a whore house brothel at a profit- telling auto execs how to run their company.
Then they come along and throw out legal and legitimate contracts to favor their Union thugs, leaving the real investors with pennies on the Dollar-including your parents retirement plan.

Why would anyone except some clueless intellectual who's spent his entire life in academia or Chicago politics think that anyone would be stupid enough to voluntarily put up billions of investment Dollars when the .gov has already proved that a contract isn't worth the paper it's written on.

Now the UAW wants to sell it's 55% of Chrysler for it's retirement fund, until it realizes that's not enough- and CFO Obama will arbitrarily get his courts to hand over another 55% to the UAW so they can sell those stocks to another sucker.

Government Motors, all the style of a Trabant, with the reliability of a 75 British Leyland TR-6 and the quality of a 1975 AMC Matador.

After all that .gov meddeling, inefficiency, mismanagement and all the rest that we associate with central planning, the only American auto company worth a cr@p will be Ford, who dodged the nationalization of their industry.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes I laughed

No, I don't feel guilty.

Because halfway through this, they put a cat in there.

Question of the day

What does Wolfram Alpha have to say about a tracking cookie I just banned?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Miscommunication can be deadly

Actually not being able to speak the same language can be deadly.

I went to the ranch today, and the Mexican help (two teens) were going to be in the brush repairing barb wire fencing, so I gave them the revolver with the snake shot.
I showed them the rounds and tried to tell them to keep the empty cylinder under the hammer...but I don't speak Mexican that well and they didn't speak English at all.

After I got done with what I had to do, I rounded up my pistol and say they'd been playing with it and my Vato buddy had been carrying it in his waistband with the hammer over a round, BUT he did manage to tell me there was only five rounds for six holes.

As for the Beretta, at about 15 feet I was making a dinner plate size pattern and it felt comfortable. I still don't like those combat sites, and prefer a vee site.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The number you have reached

(210) 586-0006
Is unavailable.
It's also calling my house numerous times during the night, and according to reverse look-ups is unavailable, or unavailable.

But it's a Southwestern Bell account.

They also have nothing online when you pick up.


I'm not supposed to get it because I get paid quite a bit to put up with what I do as an electrician/operator/driver/pusher.

Boss has me pegged at 5 hours weekly in O.T.
I usually get the majority of Fridays off to stay near the 40 hrs thing.

Boss bought a ranch on the south part of San Antonio, about 15 MI. west of Joudanton.

After I was re-routed from my 2 hours and off plan for tomorrow, boss wants me at his ranch for untold O.T. hours.

hey, at least I'll be able to check out the Beretta on the dry water tanks.

...And wife's revolver with snake shot.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The One at noter dame

Don't these two pics say it all?

Be seated, I'll divide the loaves and fishes up after they anoint me...


Welcome to Texas

Now that you're in just about the only state that is still growing, here are some things to think about.
  • First, if you become a resident- DON'T vote. See the reason you're here is partly due to your poor choices in deciding who'll lead your state, and the decisions you probably agreed to.
  • Next, we DO try to practice courtesy while driving. We *know* some idiot will be going through a red light and take it into account when ours turns green, so we DO. NOT. slam out hands on the horn five cars back when the light changes. I've heard that three times already in the last month.
  • When on a two lane country road, the slower vehicle will usually move to the hard shoulder, wave or thank them after you pass them. They don't HAVE to let your Yankee @ss pass them.No matter how many cops are on the road with you, you will NOT get a ticket going the speed limit.
  • On a highway 5 MPH over is usually considered an OK speed- even from DPS.
  • The car that you're tailgating cannot go any faster than the fifty cars that are in front of them- sorry it's a matter of physics.
And lastly, although we do have our driving quirks, we still try to use common courtesy and kind of expect others to also.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi, just wondering

Are my boobs growing, and do these jeans make my butt seem bigger?

Karen's' sick and has had the Estrogen channel on all. day. long.
Every time I sit at the main computer I fell it enveloping me like a heavy fog.

Tx Blownstar blogmeet

Is in Kerrville, Tx this July (16- 19).

Ok Becky, I'll be there. I just e-mailed SuperGurl that I'd make it a day trip whenever the shooty goodness is.

I also have a box and a half of .30-06 rounds if any one's interested.

Sorry about Abbadon not being able to make it, I'd like to meet him and he could make it a business trip to see what kind of opportunities there are here.

How did I miss this?

Oh, yeah- the selective outrage of the lapdog media must have missed this expansion on the Obama Youth.

Don't worry Citizen, they're not armed -yet, and all you need to do for now is learn a new song...

Then go to a rally at the football stadium to wave torches and watch the Obama Youth put on their new brown shirts.

H/T Dick

Revenue enhancement

Lightworker style.

By using the FBI as debt collectors for mega-corporations who have an 'in' at 1600 Penna Ave.

The FBI on Tuesday defended its raids on at least two data centers in Texas, in which agents carted out equipment and disrupted service to hundreds of businesses.

The raids were part of an investigation prompted by complaints from AT&T and Verizon about unpaid bills allegedly owed by some data center customers, according to court records. One data center owner charges that the telecoms are using the FBI to collect debts that should be resolved in civil court. But on Tuesday, an FBI spokesman disputed that charge.

Ahh, yes just like BusHitler did for his friends in big business.

"We wouldn’t be looking at it if it was a civil matter," says Mark White, spokesman for the FBI’s Dallas office. "And a judge wouldn’t sign a federal search warrant if there wasn’t probable cause to believe that a fraud took place and that the equipment we asked to seize had evidence pertaining to the criminal violation."

In interviews with Threat Level, companies affected by the raids say they’ve lost millions of dollars in equipment and business after the FBI hauled off gear belonging to phone and VoIP providers, a credit card processing company and other businesses that housed equipment at the centers. Nobody has been charged in the FBI’s investigation.

Because you're either a friend of the Obamistration, or an enemy who deserves the entire weight of the Fed hitting you like a freight train..

I sure can't wait for this to hit the major news networks, because we all know they are only out to tell "Truth to Power", and damn the consequences.



OK, you can stop laughing now.
They'll stop using the FBI for this kind of thing when The Waterwalker gets his internal security force up and running.

The Nissan "Cube"

It's the new black.

...whatever that means...

I guess so, because I can't see a whole lot of rednecks buying one.

I guess it's kinda like the Scion, the uglier it is the more Libs like it.

...Or it kicks your gay gene into hyperdrive.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I bet they're surprised

Over at Wolfram Alpha- that there are alot of people looking for a replacement for that overly influential Liberal conglomerate called Google.

Except that it's not really a search engine.
Maybe they will get into that, then my ISP won't be linked to searches for 'cubby chicks' in their data banks forever.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Texas Lege

They gave us a watered down "Voter ID" bill, which exempts the 'elderly'. indigent and the poor from having to show their ID wile voting.
The forms of ID that are acceptable are .gov issued IDs ...and....utiliy bills- with your name the name you want to use on it.'s a start.

NOW in the upcoming legislative calender is a Credit Card ID bill that will force stores to check IDs when using credit cards. Basically they'll have to show the same ID that check writers do.

And I'm waiting for the usual outcries about the elderly, poor, indigent and the rest of the floor show about people being repressed -or something- for having to prove who they are.

State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio), don't you care about the poor? your opposition to a voter ID act that's at least as strong as a Credit Card bill some how ....politically motivated?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some luuuv for Mavrick fans

Mark Cuban is a classless @sshole.

...Who doesn't have the balls to face an old lady.

...Or visit a city who he's dissed.

And I don't even watch basketball.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

$101.83 in grorceries

That's seven loosely filled bags and two gallons of oil.

Looks like the Obamaconomy is kicking in. Especially since every time I look at a gas station, the price is higher than the last.


Not sheep.
Not Polar bears.

Lastly, which looks better, green or brown (tan)?

Also, updates to yesterdays post.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

And I missed it

Via Dat Coonass:

1846 – Mexican-American War: The Battle of Palo Alto – Zachary Taylor defeats a Mexican force north of the Rio Grande in the first major battle of the war. For those of you who might be confused, the Rio Grande is the border. Mexico is SOUTH of that river. If they hadn’t been NORTH of it, we wouldn’t have been compelled to administer and a**-kicking.

So, lets start our own celebration called Ocho de Mayo.

Think anyone would have a problem with it?

I spent the entire day in a bucket truck Thursday

Actually, I spent over 15 hours in a bucket truck .
Once for 9 hours relamping, changing reflectors that had the protective film melted to them, Changing UL stickers, and pre-aiming them.
Then I was back up at 8PM waiting for it to get dark enough to fine tune the lighting effects.
It should have taken about 3 hours to do,,,but...
The helpers (I'm not sure they're apprentices yet) took the easy way to pull #10 solid wire into the knuckle and make connections in them.
Instead of unscrewing one bolt and separating the two halves and making a nice arc in the (overlarge wire) they shoved it up and grabbed it with a needlenose pliers and just yanked it through a 3/8" hole. This didn't do the insulation any good. At all.
Even though THHN insulation is really tough, one hole and 480V will let you know there's ground contact.

The third light I was aiming let us know we had a problem but making a loud PHIZZZT sound and an arc that set off the security equipment.
It took 45 min. to pull the fixture, repair the wires and replace the head- two guys in a one man bucket.

Anyway, it was not a fun night that ended up with your humble driver-operator-electrician suggesting that if Jake and Garret are going to do it the fast way, to use SJ (extension) cord, that way there might be SOME usable insulation on the wires.

Pics to follow, including some basic electrical theory.

UPDATE (5-10-09):

Ohms Law says that AMPS (I) times Volts (E) gives you WATTS (P)
Now, see if you can see a problem between the original tags...

...And the replacement tags:

But I was told to put them on anyway.
This from the company that supplied HP Sodium vapor lamps for the metal Halide ballasts.

I was also seing alot of this Thursday night, too:

That's a #10 wire that blew a quarter inch hole in cast aluminum.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So, is it the end of the world as we know it?

Now that Chrysler is going into bankruptcy, and GM is restructuring itself into the Peoples Automotive plant -Bow tie division with Benito Obama calling the shots.
...Like we were told the first time Uncle Barry was throwing out money like Mardi Gra beads.

So, both of these companies are giving their shareholders the shaft. Chrysler is going to be 55% owned by the UAW, Big Brother gets another 45%(?) and the shareholders and the evil speculators loose all but 5% if their money.
GM is probably going to be the same with different percentages.

Now, I heard the Unions don't want to be in the place of actually having to be responsible for making a profit (they'd rather just squeeze the company for MORE! So they'll be looking to sell their shares for some kind of retirement fund.
After seeing what Benito Obama is doing to the original owners, WHY does anyone think money people would even think about investing in something that can be taken away like it was once before?

Oh, yeah- if they don't, the Odd couple will sic their trained Media on them.

And what about the company who didn't inhale that tasty hook?
Not that I'm a big fan of the F-150, so maybe the next new truck will probably be a Ranger.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Two weeks

Alternative title: The further wussification of America.

We just found out this morning that the Schertz/Selma/Cibilo ISD is going to be canelling school for another week because of >>>>> ONE <<<<<< style="font-style: italic;"> one case of the Hispanic flu.

That's right, there are some 300,000 kids in Texas right now out of school because of a flu that killed exactly ZERO Americans, so far. The only fatality we've had was an illegal a Mexican baby from Brownsville that the parents waited on to see the Dr.

So, Mr. and Mrs. TX educational health directors think the little precious are?
Since they can't do the social thing at school ....because it's closed because of the Hispanic Influenza...
They're all meeting at the mall...and spreading the same viruses as they would AT SCHOOL

...AND the Tx Dept. of Edu. isn't going to have them make up time.

So, why make them go to school anyway, if missing doesn't matter?
I guess they got something out of the Pork-filled stimulus bill that nobody *except the author* knows about...since it's not the education schools are worried about- so much as the Fed's money.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Sometimes when you look at it, you just have to ask WTF?

But you'll note that I'm #8, click me and put me at #1 for "Novocaine to deepthroat".
It's for a good cause...It'll make Michelle blush.

...Or maybe she'll try in on the First Member...

Confusing, a bit?

So now the Pakistani invasion is back on the table?

First candidate Obama said he'd invade an (a so-so) ally in the war against terror.
Then it was off- not because of a media outcry, but someone must have mentioned that whole soverginity thing.

Then it was back on.
Then it was off.

Now it's back, and seeking a Congressional rubber stamp from the poliburo.
So, what I'm confused about is that it's now ok to unilaterally invade a country that hasn't attacked us.
That has no U.N. mandates, much less any stern letters as far as I know.
Because it will help in the war that we're not fighting against people who really are- but aren't terrorists.

But it isn't an illegal unilateral invasion because that only applies to a Republican administration who had allies AND 27 U.N. resolutions to back it up.


Friday, May 01, 2009

because it's Friday

And it's been one of those weeks:


The phoney war

For you historically challenged, that was the first six months of WWII after Hitler invaded Poland until he started the treads rolling on his Panzer's.

It was a war that wasn't being fought. People knew it would turn hot suddenly- but now there was a strange sense of ....expectancy.

That, I guess is what I'm feeling now about the Unicorn Riders upcoming hyperinflation.
I know it's on the way hard, but still can't shake the sense that we'll continue to afford things.

I know I shouldn't have dropped almost $500 on an autoloader, and that soon I won't even be able to enjoy the e.coli burger in the plastic sleeve from Wally-world.

There's this strange sence of normalcy that I just can't shake.