Saturday, May 02, 2009

Confusing, a bit?

So now the Pakistani invasion is back on the table?

First candidate Obama said he'd invade an (a so-so) ally in the war against terror.
Then it was off- not because of a media outcry, but someone must have mentioned that whole soverginity thing.

Then it was back on.
Then it was off.

Now it's back, and seeking a Congressional rubber stamp from the poliburo.
So, what I'm confused about is that it's now ok to unilaterally invade a country that hasn't attacked us.
That has no U.N. mandates, much less any stern letters as far as I know.
Because it will help in the war that we're not fighting against people who really are- but aren't terrorists.

But it isn't an illegal unilateral invasion because that only applies to a Republican administration who had allies AND 27 U.N. resolutions to back it up.


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