Sunday, May 17, 2009

Revenue enhancement

Lightworker style.

By using the FBI as debt collectors for mega-corporations who have an 'in' at 1600 Penna Ave.

The FBI on Tuesday defended its raids on at least two data centers in Texas, in which agents carted out equipment and disrupted service to hundreds of businesses.

The raids were part of an investigation prompted by complaints from AT&T and Verizon about unpaid bills allegedly owed by some data center customers, according to court records. One data center owner charges that the telecoms are using the FBI to collect debts that should be resolved in civil court. But on Tuesday, an FBI spokesman disputed that charge.

Ahh, yes just like BusHitler did for his friends in big business.

"We wouldn’t be looking at it if it was a civil matter," says Mark White, spokesman for the FBI’s Dallas office. "And a judge wouldn’t sign a federal search warrant if there wasn’t probable cause to believe that a fraud took place and that the equipment we asked to seize had evidence pertaining to the criminal violation."

In interviews with Threat Level, companies affected by the raids say they’ve lost millions of dollars in equipment and business after the FBI hauled off gear belonging to phone and VoIP providers, a credit card processing company and other businesses that housed equipment at the centers. Nobody has been charged in the FBI’s investigation.

Because you're either a friend of the Obamistration, or an enemy who deserves the entire weight of the Fed hitting you like a freight train..

I sure can't wait for this to hit the major news networks, because we all know they are only out to tell "Truth to Power", and damn the consequences.



OK, you can stop laughing now.
They'll stop using the FBI for this kind of thing when The Waterwalker gets his internal security force up and running.

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