Friday, May 22, 2009

Miscommunication can be deadly

Actually not being able to speak the same language can be deadly.

I went to the ranch today, and the Mexican help (two teens) were going to be in the brush repairing barb wire fencing, so I gave them the revolver with the snake shot.
I showed them the rounds and tried to tell them to keep the empty cylinder under the hammer...but I don't speak Mexican that well and they didn't speak English at all.

After I got done with what I had to do, I rounded up my pistol and say they'd been playing with it and my Vato buddy had been carrying it in his waistband with the hammer over a round, BUT he did manage to tell me there was only five rounds for six holes.

As for the Beretta, at about 15 feet I was making a dinner plate size pattern and it felt comfortable. I still don't like those combat sites, and prefer a vee site.

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