Saturday, May 09, 2009

I spent the entire day in a bucket truck Thursday

Actually, I spent over 15 hours in a bucket truck .
Once for 9 hours relamping, changing reflectors that had the protective film melted to them, Changing UL stickers, and pre-aiming them.
Then I was back up at 8PM waiting for it to get dark enough to fine tune the lighting effects.
It should have taken about 3 hours to do,,,but...
The helpers (I'm not sure they're apprentices yet) took the easy way to pull #10 solid wire into the knuckle and make connections in them.
Instead of unscrewing one bolt and separating the two halves and making a nice arc in the (overlarge wire) they shoved it up and grabbed it with a needlenose pliers and just yanked it through a 3/8" hole. This didn't do the insulation any good. At all.
Even though THHN insulation is really tough, one hole and 480V will let you know there's ground contact.

The third light I was aiming let us know we had a problem but making a loud PHIZZZT sound and an arc that set off the security equipment.
It took 45 min. to pull the fixture, repair the wires and replace the head- two guys in a one man bucket.

Anyway, it was not a fun night that ended up with your humble driver-operator-electrician suggesting that if Jake and Garret are going to do it the fast way, to use SJ (extension) cord, that way there might be SOME usable insulation on the wires.

Pics to follow, including some basic electrical theory.

UPDATE (5-10-09):

Ohms Law says that AMPS (I) times Volts (E) gives you WATTS (P)
Now, see if you can see a problem between the original tags...

...And the replacement tags:

But I was told to put them on anyway.
This from the company that supplied HP Sodium vapor lamps for the metal Halide ballasts.

I was also seing alot of this Thursday night, too:

That's a #10 wire that blew a quarter inch hole in cast aluminum.

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