Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So, is it the end of the world as we know it?

Now that Chrysler is going into bankruptcy, and GM is restructuring itself into the Peoples Automotive plant -Bow tie division with Benito Obama calling the shots.
...Like we were told the first time Uncle Barry was throwing out money like Mardi Gra beads.

So, both of these companies are giving their shareholders the shaft. Chrysler is going to be 55% owned by the UAW, Big Brother gets another 45%(?) and the shareholders and the evil speculators loose all but 5% if their money.
GM is probably going to be the same with different percentages.

Now, I heard the Unions don't want to be in the place of actually having to be responsible for making a profit (they'd rather just squeeze the company for MORE! So they'll be looking to sell their shares for some kind of retirement fund.
After seeing what Benito Obama is doing to the original owners, WHY does anyone think money people would even think about investing in something that can be taken away like it was once before?

Oh, yeah- if they don't, the Odd couple will sic their trained Media on them.

And what about the company who didn't inhale that tasty hook?
Not that I'm a big fan of the F-150, so maybe the next new truck will probably be a Ranger.

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