Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just to remind you all

The Soviet Union had a Constitution that contained almost as many personal protections as ours.

The difference then as it will be here is the enforcement of those protections.
The Soviet judges threw those articles out almost as soon as the ink was dry.
We needed to wait 233 years until a Socialist president started to pack the Supreme Court with willing apparatchiks who will pass laws from the bench, making the Legislative Branch a toothless old hound.

Komrad Obama is already nationalising our financial and manufacturing infrastructure, with his Red Pentagram Motors starting the first of many pogroms against political opponents. That's why the unilateral decision to close so many dealerships was made- to punish the dealers who opposed Himself.
So how are you going to reward those dealers who are set to become the new loyalists for our new Socialist state?

Me, I'll go with Ford.

Remember blue is the new red.

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