Saturday, September 30, 2006

These online quizes

In 20 questions they decide what, or who you should, could or might have been.
The problem is, is that they put their own spin on your answers.

Ok, it's their test-they can; it's like a blog- they're in control.
I just get a little snotty when they call me blindly partriotic when I KNOW I live in the best country on earth. I've probably seen more countries than the writer of this quiz and KNOW how well we have it here.

The Resistance

Achtung! You are 38% brainwashworthy, 36% antitolerant, and 42% blindly patriotic

Welcome to the Resistance (Der Widerstand)! You believe in freedom, justice, equality, and your country, and you can't be converted to the the dark side.

Breakdown: your Blind Patriotism levels are borderline unhealthy, but you show such a love of people from everywhere and a natural resistance to brainwashing, you would probably focus your energy to fight the Fuehrer with furor, so to speak.

Conclusion: born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would have taken up ARMS against the oppressors. Or even your friends' oppressors. Congratulations!

Less than 5% of all test takers earn a spot in the Resistance!

The Would You Have Been A Nazi? Test

- it rules -

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on brainwashworthy
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You scored higher than 99% on antitolerant
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You scored higher than 99% on patriotic

Link: The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test written by jason_bateman on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I've got a seal!

Actually it's a Kangroo.

Also affectionately named "the Red Rat".

Go make your own!

Stolen from granny.

I got one wrong

On this drivers test.

But, ya know what- those pedestrians need to be driving anyway, it would keep them out of my way.
I'd make a pretty safe bet that most of the drivers I'm around wouldn't get the 70% right to pass their drivers test again.
If they took it in the first place.

And speaking of driving, if you're the ONLY car on a 2 lane highway and an 80,000 Lb Kenworth is merging on, don't try to intimidate him with your little 2500 lb Escort- ok? It doesn't work.

As long as I'm on my favorite subject, what's with these tailgaters that just have to be within one car length of you (I make sure they go around me) no matter how deserted the road is; or how bad the rain makes driving conditions?
If you're one of those dumb@sses- can you tell me WHY you want to rear-end me and jack your insurance sky high?

That is IF you have insurance.

Drivers test stolen from Gort.

Friday, September 29, 2006

WOW, I never saw that comming

Really, who would have thought that Anna Gold digger Nicole Smith would have a son doing drugs?
That's what her pathologist to the stars concluded when called in to keep the spotlight on the story determine the cause of death.

I'm sorry that I can't get too worked up about a Califonia slut who's main reason for fame are two enormous (hermeticaly sealed) bags of silicone. She brought up her son in the anything goes life of some kind of ,,,,,,,,,"star" with probably no moral guidance- and is now shocked that he was doing illegal drugs. The same behaviour that he probably saw on a daily basis since he had his eyes open.

And in another "wow, what a shock" moment, the Cowboys are having a problem with not only drugs but Terrel Owens as well. Actually this time it's all the same story. The last time I had any respect for the Cowboys since Jerry Jones bought them. They went from a class act to the gang bangers of the NFL.

I'd like to see a Texas team I can get behind, but the Texans are just the Oilers 2.0, and it'll be 31 degrees in Hell before they see a winning season.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have to admit

I don't now know any moslems.

Dean, on the other hand basically says 'If you don't acknowledge and praise moslems in the military- you're a trader'.

I did know some moslems when I was stationed in Newport, R.I.
I was General duty as a babysitter in the restricted barracks waiting on my billet to open up.

The moslems back then were a PITA then, too. Always accusing everyone of dissing their cult, and complaining of being assigned to work on their sabbath.

Not to mention everything else that didn't meet their exacting requirements.

You Jews need to step it up

These are like the middle of your high Holy days, right?

You really need to start ramping-up those riots, so you won't be falling behind the Religion of Piss in the unwarrented violence department.

Look, they're already starting to cow theater goers in Germany, just because they have this reputaion- you know.

It's getting to be a tradition on Belgium for the Ramadan Riots.

You know, that's what you need to do to get respect nowadays (ok, lets call it what it is-fear). Go back into your history and pull the inner child savage Israelite into the open and start to destroy anything that looks at you sideways.
You know, like you may have done 4,000 years ago before your religion grew up.

I search for your violent protests against the way the U.N. is treating you, the gratuitus attacks on your civilians by Hamas, the PLO, Hizb'allah- the holocost cartoon contest put on by Iran, and all I get is .........this!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kiran Chetry

Ok, I'll try others, but Kiran is my biggest draw. so far.

Yes, she's a Babe, but so are most of the other FoxBabes that don't even twitch my sitemeter bobber.
Maybe I'll try Loren Green tomorrow, if I can catch her in a good pose...

Comparative anatomy

You single, gun loving wimmin might like to take a look at comparable physiques of certain masculine type objects.

Oh, and guys- it's ok if you look too. You may even enjoy the p()rn.

Very important air travel PSA

I found this Pre-flight safety briefing translated into American Sign Language.

You really need to watch it if you have anyone with the slightest of hearing problems.
Or if you have broadband.

Hiya MR. Blogger/Google rep. I just want to let you know that I've been trying to post this since about 10:20AM- my time.

Just a quick note

The Jews had their big Holiday, and they didn't break one thing.

Or person.

Or blow anyone up beause they weren't "Jewish" enough.

Not too bad

Here is the result for the Navy Colt

I know it's a cheap knock-off, but now it has something close to the "original" finish. Most guns in the early days weren't blued. Oil or chrome worked as a protective coating, besides just a plain gun cost half a month wages without eye attracting shinyness.

...and the Trapper

I had to remove the front and rear site, so now I need to hit the range to reposition them.


Umm, well tomorrow.


I guess it would make all kinds of sense if I were some enviro-wako-lizard lover.
But I'm not.

I wonder What Steve Irwin would think about getting closer to your pet Goannas by feeding them your lastborns placenta?

BRISBANE, Australia Sep 25, 2006 (AP)— An Australian man who says "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin shaped his love for reptiles said Tuesday he plans to feed the placenta from his newborn son to his pet goannas to bring the family closer to lizards.

Wil Kemp, a reptile keeper at Rockhampton Zoo in northeastern Queensland state, said his second son was born on Sept. 5, the day after Irwin was killed by a stingray attack while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

Kemp and his fiance Kahila Pepper gave the boy the first and second names Tai and Irwin the former after the taipan snake and the latter after the television star and conservationist.

Kemp said the couple planned to feed the placenta to their three pet goannas, which live in pits in the family's backyard, after a homecoming gathering on Sunday.

Of COURSE they're in OZ, I don't think even our dingbats would go that far.

So Hill's defending Bill-

Standing by her man.

Has she started baking cookies yet?

She's out there accusing Condi of lying about what was left for the Bush team by the Clinton teens.
Besides broken keyboards, graphety and stelth porn.

If Hillary can remember what her husband left for the Bush team- maybe it would be a good Idea for Ken Starr to re-ask all the questiond that she couldn't remember before.

Like What did you do in the Rose Law firm?

Or- That $10,000 you put into cattle futures (and walked away with $100K)when you both only made $30K- do you remember where you got it yet?

Can you remember who hired Craig Livingstone?

Does the name Vince Foster ring a bell?

I'd better stop, I'm feeling grimey- like I stopped to look in at the D.U.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do you see the picture in my profile?

If he doesn't get the f*ck away from me, that's all that'll be left of him.

Get out from under my FEET!

Stoopid dawg- I'm going to start slamming the door on you instead of waiting for you to wander out behind me.

Get AWAY from ME!

I'm refinishing the barrels on the black powder pistols, and EVERY f*cking time I go in, or out there he is. I open the oven to check the metal- there he is. I get the hot barrel, and head to the door- there he is in my way to open the door. I get to the acid wash stand- there he is, waiting to get acid dropped on him.

The return trip is the same way.

Anybody want a dog? He's good at chasing goats.


Monday, September 25, 2006

I see I was right

When I posted about Ramadon.

My how fast a story gets dropped from Al Yahoo when it says something bad about moslems.
I caught a story about the RoP celebrating the opening of their Holy month by some kind of riot when I opened Yahoo for the Kiren Chetry bio- now it's completely gone.

Ahh, there it is-
And from the MiddleEast news online:

Officials said the Iraq Army and national police units have conducted more than 600 security operations in the past two weeks to disrupt insurgency plans for Ramadan. They said Al Qaida and aligned insurgency groups have sought to increase attacks on civilians during Ramadan, which begins over the weekend.

"Historically, Ramadan has been a period of increased violence," U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said. "Iraqi security forces, with coalition forces in support, have plans to address this concern."

Like I said--- have a Holly jolly Ramadan!

Just curious

Wondering what this does to my sitemeter.

Page Hopkins on FoxNews.

Kiran Chetry gave it a boost.

Also on FoxNews........It looks like the U.N. is going to show it's @ss class by booing Israels Olmert when he comes to speak later today(?).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dean says he can't find decent latin music on you-tube

for his back-and-forth with his co-blogger.

Here's Freddy Fender in a cross-over cajun thang--Jambalia

or the Texas Tornadoes --Hey baby que paso?

How about both? in --Who were you thinking of?

Some Cumbia?

OR Little Joe Y La Familia--Las Polkitas?

Sorry you lesbian latina pervs- no Selena

Almost forgot

Happy Roshashana!

Try not to go breaking things during your new year.

Democrats reaching accross the aisle

Because they're the party of inclusion.
Working the best they can to overcome the divisiveness of George BusHaliburtonMcHitler.

This example of Democratic love is on Hwy 90 E. just leaving Castroville, Tx.

Btw, he's got my vote because he's standing up for America over(instead of?) political and financial expedience.

I took a picture on our $185 Nikcom cam.

Actually, I took a picture and the girls filled the memory card on it.

I'm in their album thing-Photo Impression, and I can't even send them e-mail.
The only thing I can do is edit them.
I can't upload them to Blogger- I can with the Logitech. I can't even FIND the album in Photo Impression, or Photo Sahare.

I can't send them anywhere- and the "Read Me" file sucks.
I've been f*cking with it all afternoon with no good results.
I did learn that you need to drag abd drop pictures to the folder you want them in.

I guess I'll have to see if the HELP has any idea about letting anyone else see them if they're not looking at my monitor.
I can't even get the files to open if I download the memory card from the printer. I wish I'd known what a PoS the Nikon program was.

Oh, we've had bad thunderstorms all afternoon- the white dog decided he was afraid of them after the house shook down to the foundation.


And the satellite link doesn't like all those free electrons floating around, either- I guess.

(UPDATE Sept 24) In oder to even send those pics by e-mail EVERYONE has to sign up on the Nikon site for an album.
Just to view a frigging picture.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sci-Fi channel is showing the Night Stalker

It's a remake.
It's just not the same with out the "real" Karl Kolshack.

So, whadda think?

I finally got some time to throw my ideas together in this 1:14 clip of the Iranian President at the UN.

Yeah, I know, but I didn't want to spend all day looking for clips I could download.
Anyway, That's what I saw in my minds eye when I heard that he was preaching to the choir.

(UPDATE Sept 23) The speech the clip Is from was his "intolerance" speech. I thought it fit pretty well, considering who ws talking and who he was talking to.

Odd things you find by clicking

You know looking for one thing and end up somewhere else comletely.

Just now, I was looking for something on Abudinjihad and ended up here.


I'm now paying $52.65/mo on a bill that never needed to be generated in the first place.

For a sprained thumb.

Confused and hurt teen + dingey @ssed immature color guard teacher= $700 in ambulance bill.

I think the teen's computer picked up a virus or a worm from all the crap she has downloaded, including Limewire- which she had set on open for every hacker that's ever heard of file sharing.
Plus, she has it set (along with every IM known to man) to open up automatically when windows starts. I can't figure out how -short of uninstalling) to get it not to run automatically.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sorry, got nuffin

I've started some posts, but just couldn't finish them.

I dunno, just have a bad case of 'blogthargy', I guess.

I just got hit with another bill for an un-needed ambulance the ditzy drill team coach called for the 14-yr-old (then) about a possible broken thumb.
Karen was in Conroe ( about an hour N. of Houston) when the first call came in mid-day. I got the call on Vonage voicemail **NOTE- Vonage and satellite broadband are almost incompatible right now, at this stage of technology**.

I tried calling the other mobile (the 14-yr-old) and it was off.
This was during the period of time when she didn't want us to suprize her by showing up wherever she was, so we DID'NT know where she was. AND couldn't find out where she was---because her phone was off.

I tried the school website- the only contact for Ditzy-Flag-Teach. was e-mail, or a landline answering machine (I recognized the prefix). No one answered at her school- or had an answering machine working.

Mom (who is used to ENGLISH medical practice) tried to relay what was going on -remember the vonage/satellite thing? I kept asking the physical address and got "Southwest High".


If I'd KNOWN where S.W. High was, I'd have been there by now. (We'd just moved into the area about 8 months prior). About ummmmm,,, dark Ditzy-teach calls Karen and tells her 14-yr-old is getting really bad, and they think her thumb is broken- can they call an Ambulance?

Karen says "yes".

I get a call from EMS on the phone that had been off ALL F'ing day telling me they were taking her to the childrens hospital in S.A.
They also gave me the wrong directions on who to get there. Be advised,,, you CANNOT get onto Houston St. if you're going north on I-35. I ended up following Houston St. from where it meets I-10 (east S.A. through the center of the historic-traffic-lights-at-every-corner center of tourist-trap-river-walk an Antonio). I FINALLY find the hospital and the teen/ Ditzy-broad-in-charge.

I find out that the teen was given an itiniary WITH physical location at evry away production they have. Teen couldn't be bothered to give it to us.

..........Months later...........

.........After the insurance gets through, our responsibility is almost $800.
Teen is torn between bummed out and rightious outrage when she finds out that that $800 is two years worth of drivers license that she won't be getting. Because her increase would be $400 per year on top of ours.

I was ready to pay untill teen said that they had to keep the phones off brcause they were practicing (for the event).
ME: But you were hurt enough that *Dingey Broad* wanted to call an Ambulance then- why weren't you listening for your phone?
TEEN: Because we were warming up, she want's all the phones off while we're practicing!
ME: You were hurt enough to call an ambulance.
TEEN: !!!!
ME: Why didn't you have the phone on vibe, in case I was trying to get ahold of you? I got your phone, but it was off.
TEEN: We HAVE to have them off when we're practicing!
ME: *Dingy teacher broad* thought you were hurt bad enough to call an ambulance (if mom would have OK'dit), but made you go out and do the gun throwing thing?

Sorry, kind-of a sore spot,,,,,,,,,I'll be looking for some kind og Legal aide tomorrow to see if I can get the school to poney up the $800 the insurance didn't- since *Dingy cheerleader broad* had her head up her @ss (as usual) about treating an injured adolescent.
But, then again- the only adults I've come into contact with are the Col, and Sgt of A.F.- R.O.T.C.(and aerospace and rocketry)over there.
Who, BTW- need a SeaBee to build some shelves..... just saying is all. Since building shelves isn't rocket science.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Ramadan

Just thought I'd get that in early so you can prepare for the increased violence they'll be celebrating their month long "peacefull" religion with.

Eating, drinking and sexual intercourse are not allowed between dawn (fajr), and sunset (maghrib). During Ramadan, Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam by refraining from violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, angry and sarcastic retorts, and gossip. People are meant to try to get along with each other better than they normally might.

Unless, of course you're a Kafir, someone who's not moslem enough- or someon who is trying to bring the RoP into the 21st century- then you're fair game.

If one who does not fit into one of the exempt categories breaks the fast out of forgetfulness, the fast is still valid. If, however, one intentionally breaks the fast, that individual must continue fasting for the remainder of the day but then make up for the entire day later. If one breaks the fast through consensual sexual intercourse, the trangressor must make up for the day by fasting for sixty consecutive days.

Unless, of course you're a woman. Then you'll be tried and either gang raped or stoned to death.
Nice religion you have there moHAMmid.

Just to commemorate another anniversary

Because we're "All about" the soft, warm huggy-soft feeling of remembering what happened when.

On this day lasy year, Hurricane Rita was working her way to the Texas coast.
Not that it affected any one, really- since the Legacy Media was all in N'awlins repeating lies to bash the Bush administration.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That's MUCH better

I reinstalled Firefox, and got rid of some 400MB of pirated Office, and now this desktop is flying- even with the defrag working.

Life izz good.

Now all I need is to win the lottery or quit throwing money out the window.

Ohhhh- yeah, and get my shoulder fixed. Yeah- THEN life will be worth living once again.

I've come to the conclusion

that I'll have to re-install Firefox.

We've been having "hangups" on the mouse for a while. I thought it was some unknown program (that the 15 yr-old downloaded like *limewire* without asking) . Turns out that there is no real reason that I have to double-click and stay on the link- AND then click again to get where I want to go.

Looks like I'll have to either explore Firefox deeper, or just reinstall it to make it work like it's supposed to.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I've pretty much blown off these islamic riots of"rightious indignation"

But I'm kinda getting me P.O.'d when I see something like this from those who are perpetually offended by what they cause others to believe about them.

Go ahead, make cartoons about Jesus, He'll forgive you.
Call my country the Great Saten, it doesn't bother me- I know the ignorance it comes from.

I'm not all that deeply religious, but when you call my Saviour- the only one who can save you from the vile death cult that you call a religion- when you call him "allahs' slave" that's going too far.

I hope (but I know it won't) be spread from one end of earth to the other. You want another Crusade? This time we'll use all our big guns on your 12th century @sses. We shouldn't even bother doing anything exept getting our troops out before turning your fleabitten sandy hellhole into a sheet of glowing glass.

Man, am I glad I got out of there

I saw the writing on the wall after I made the mistake of taking on the Gas/Electric foremans job.

Castroville salary check promptness in peril

By William Hoover
Anvil Herald Correspondent

Mayor Jesse Byars on Tuesday, Sept. 12, called an emergency special meeting to be held at 6 p.m. in City Hall in an effort to ensure that Castroville city employees would receive their bimonthly paychecks on time.

However, with such short notice, the meeting never took place and employees have no guarantee they will be paid this week.

City Administrator Shawna Dowell said state law allows for emergency meetings in just such cases. She said the meeting was an emergency because Councilmen Terry Beck and Hank Seay told her at the Monday, Sept. 11, meeting they would prosecute - to the full extent of the law - anyone who tried to spend more than $5,000 without council consent.

"We are having an emergency meeting," said Dowell Tuesday, just after 5 p.m. "Under Texas' Open Meetings Act law, you have to have an urgent public necessity. The comments made (Monday) regarding the limitation on spending $5,000 for myself and the mayor and the references to "prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law" has basically stopped the process for payroll because the payroll is signed by the mayor. To pay the checks, we transfer money from each fund, into the payroll clearing account so that checks can clear. At this point in time, the mayor is not willing to sign those because the amount is over $5,000 and last night we were told we needed council's approval."

The problem then became council's lack of a four member quorum required to hold a special meeting. "Obviously, no action could be taken," said Dowell. "I have one council member out of town and one unable to attend. That is the situation. I don't have payroll covered, even though we have the money in the bank. We just can't transfer it to the payroll clearing account (because of Beck and Seay's orders)."

Not to mention the political infighting and favoritism which the town loves to engage in.
Here's the rest if you're interested in small town politics.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here's something for the next President to shoot for

Lets make 2010 "Travel the World of Islam Year"!

According to the AP- something called the OIC (no other descriptions from these vetted jounalists) want everyone to enjoy the life of Jihad.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Muslim countries are considering a global campaign to boost tourism by 2010 and are contemplating a move to ease visa restrictions for each other's citizens, Malaysia's national news agency reported.

"Tourists from other countries should be encouraged to visit Muslim countries so that they will get to know Islamic countries better,"


He said Malaysia, which currently chairs the OIC, is also suggesting that Muslim countries should ease visa restrictions for each other's citizens to promote mutual relations.

Riiight... and these moslems visiting other moslim lands won't be targets for their version of the RoP because they aren't the "right" kind of moslems they want.
Yeah, like killing another moslem because he wears a different head scarf than you has never happened before.
Not to mention all the wonderful Infidel kidnap targets just paying to be mentioned on the nightly news.

TV wars

She's been watching this SciFi channel about the next comming/ armageddon- or something.
Every time she leaves, I put it on "Kill Bill".
She gives me a dirty look and puts it back on the ...whatever she's watching.

Looks like the Aussies are keeping their backbone

AUSTRALIA'S Muslim leaders have been "read the riot act" over the need to denounce any links between Islam and terrorism.
The Howard Government's multicultural spokesman, Andrew Robb, yesterday told an audience of 100 imams who address Australia's mosques that these were tough times requiring great personal resolve.
Mr Robb also called on them to shun a victim mentality that branded any criticism as discrimination.

"We live in a world of terrorism where evil acts are being regularly perpetrated in the name of your faith," Mr Robb said at the Sydney conference.

"And because it is your faith that is being invoked as justification for these evil acts, it is your problem.
"You can't wish it away, or ignore it, just because it has been caused by others.
"Instead, speak up and condemn terrorism, defend your role in the way of life that we all share here in Australia."

Yuo see, Australia elected a REAL Conservative to head their government. Hopefully they'll stop cuddling their trash, and start to do something about the Liberal mess they inherited.

He went on to flout the Liberal idea of Muli-culturalism.
Mr Robb, the parliamentary secretary for immigration and multicultural affairs, said it was important for migrants to learn English.

"I see as critical the need for imams to have effective English language skills -- it is a self-evident truth that a shared language is one of the foundations of national cohesion," he said.

Go read the rest.

I knew you diggers still had it in you- somewhere.

Uh-oh, there goes BushCo

Holding people for no apparent reason.

The U.S. military in Iraq has imprisoned an Associated Press photographer for five months, accusing him of being a security threat but never filing charges or permitting a public hearing.

Military officials said Bilal Hussein, an Iraqi citizen, was being held for "imperative reasons of security" under United Nations resolutions. AP executives said the news cooperative's review of Hussein's work did not find anything to indicate inappropriate contact with insurgents, and any evidence against him should be brought to the Iraqi criminal justice system.

I guess they didn't bother to Yahoo Image Bilal Hussein. Just to see what might be out there.

Granted from the few pics of his close-up and intimate insurgent pictures, he doesn't measure up to Al Reuters in the Photo Shop department he still seems pretty friendly with our enemies. In spite of the fact that:"We've come to the conclusion that this is unacceptable under Iraqi law, or Geneva Conventions, or any military procedure."
said Tom Curley, AP's president and chief executive officer.

It's not like he was just picked up walking along the street, either:
The military said Hussein was captured with two insurgents, including Hamid Hamad Motib, an alleged leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. "He has close relationships with persons known to be responsible for kidnappings, smuggling, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and other attacks on coalition forces," according to a May 7 e-mail from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jack Gardner, who oversees all coalition detainees in Iraq.

"The information available establishes that he has relationships with insurgents and is afforded access to insurgent activities outside the normal scope afforded to journalists conducting legitimate activities," Gardner wrote to AP International Editor John Daniszewski.

Hussein proclaims his innocence, according to his Iraqi lawyer, Badie Arief Izzat, and believes he has been unfairly targeted because his photos from Ramadi and Fallujah were deemed unwelcome by the coalition forces.

That Hussein was captured at the same time as insurgents doesn't make him one of them, said Kathleen Carroll, AP's executive editor.

"Journalists have always had relationships with people that others might find unsavory," she said. "We're not in this to choose sides, we're to report what's going on from all sides."

I think the case is pretty much closed. In my mind.
Because I've seen enough anti-American slant from the Legacy media that they'll need to prove that they weren't in collusion before I give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.

Today is,,,

Patriotism Day, which celebrates both the signing of the greatest set of laws in modern history and our LEGAL immigrants who choose to become citizens of the gratest nation on earth.

The Camp David Accords which resulted in peace non-aggression between Israel and Egypt.

Bloody Antietem (also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg) occurred on this date 1862.

Democrats in action

Why is it that whenever someone wants to do away with any kind of Constitutional, or legal, or official guideline- they ALWAYS have the word Democrat in there somewhere?

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (N. Korea)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
German Democratic Republic (E. Germany)
Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)
Somali Democratic Republic (back when it was a functioning country)
To name a few...

The latest example is right across the border. Those Communists took their lead from AlGore and our Leftsts in 2000. They are now going to attempt to perform a "Putsch" on the legally elected government of Mexico by installing Obrador as some kind of parallel president. They'll be acting just like our Democrats are acting in obstructing everything and anything Calderon says or does.

I know that we'll be inundated by a new tidal wave of illegals before long. AND this time the Bush administration will allow them because, you know- they'll be "persecuted" if they're deported. Just watch for THAT argument next.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Your political chemistry for today

Study of recent hurricane and gasoline issues have proved the existence of a new chemical element.

A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element has been named "Governmentium."

Governmentium (Gv) has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Governmentium is inert. However, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second to take over four days to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of four years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.

When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium (Am) -- an element which radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many

A parable for our time.

I just posted a comment over at the JYB about Lincoln Chafee (RINO- R.I. ) and his ongoing obstructionalism of anything Bush.
Now he's holding up the Bolton nomination. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you gets you re-elected.

Reminds me of a story.

A cowboy was riding along at the tail end of a Blue Norther and came upon a rattle snake almost frozen stiff.
The snake ask him to save him by warming him up.

The cowboy said: "The only way I have to warm you up is to put you inside my cloths, and when you can move you'll bite me."
The snake replied:"No, you're saving my life. I promise to not bite you."

So the cowboy picked the stiff snake up and gently put him inside his shirt.
As the cowboy rode on the snake warmed up and started getting agitated by the bouncing and bit the cowboy under the ribs.

The cowboy got off the horse and dumped the snake out.
"You promised that if I saved your life, you wouldn't bite me!"
The snake slithering off to his den stopped, and looked at the cowpoke and said:
"You knew what I was when you picked me up."

I think our cowboy in DC needs to start recognizing snakes.

I see that the 'religion" of piss is upset- again

The Pope quoted a previous Pope in explaining islam.
The terroristic, violently itractible adherants to a pedaphile are outraged because the truth was said.

TheyARE a violent supporting cult.
Right now they are showing their outrage by rioting and killing innocent people- AGAIN.
They riot when someone sees that they ARE an intolerant religion.
They riot when someone draws cartoons about their pedaphile leader.
They riot whenever someone mentions their violent tendencies.
They treat their women worse than the dogs they despise.

Death and mutilation are their life.

The only positive thing that they have contributed to the world at large is their munbering system. The greatest mathematical contribution was the concept of Zero.
Unfortunatly that's ALL they've done to advance civilization, and ZERO is what their legacy will be.

I hope the Pope doesn't back down on this. He's already backpeddling.
We, the reasonable people need someone in power to stand up and state that YES, there IS a holy war against us.
I hope it come soon, before we have Zero modern civilization left.

Friday, September 15, 2006


is what I was seeing all morning,,,,,,,,

blogspot - the spot for blogger blogs

We are sorry, but a temporary problem is preventing
your request from being completed.

The system administration team for Blog*Spot has been notified.

Error: 500

Think it has anything to do with my badmouthing Google?

The random question meme


What is your salad dressing of choice?
It used to be Western Dressing, but since I can't find it- anything exept Blue Cheese works, usually Russian or French.

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Anyone that has something I can eat with one hand. I try to avoid Mc Donalds because of the way they insisted on insulting me with rap on a country station.

What is your favorite sit down restaurant?
It's an old store made into a resturant way out west on HWY 90 in D'hannis called Bill and Rosa's Cantina. Great food, huge servings at a really reasonable price.

On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant?
About 20%

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?
Chili or Meatloaf, it's a toss-up.

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
I usually go with a Supreme, or Meat Lovers- no Anchovies!!!

What do you like to put on your toast?
Peanut butter.

What is your favorite type of gum?
Not much into sweets, but if I need something it's Atomic Fireballs.

Number of contacts in your cell phone?
4 or 5.

Number of contacts in your email address book?
Way more than I use on a regular basis.

What is your wallpaper on your computer?
On my side it's the tropical island thing, on the family (no downloads)side is the Stone Henge thing. On the laptop, it's the desert sands one.

What is your screensaver on your computer?
Pipes, beizers, and stars.

How many televisions are in your house?
4 only the main one is on usually- mostly for background noise.

What kitchen appliance do you use the least?
That would be a toss-up betewwn the blender, the crock pot and the (redundant x3) electric kettle (tea pot, heater,,, whatever you call it).

What is the radio station you listen to the most?
Talk radio (550 KSAT, 1200 WOAI, 930 KLUP) or country (92.5 KRPT in case you want some REAL texas music).


What do you consider to be your best physical attribute?
Haven't really thought about that since high school.

Are you right handed or left handed?
I'm a rightie.

Do you like your smile?
*grump* Smiling's a waste of muscles.

Would you like to have something removed from your body?
Don't think I have any extra parts that need to go, no.

Do you prefer to read when you go to the bathroom?
Depends how long I'm planning to be in there.

Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?
I guess it's my hearing, since I'm the only one in the house that listens to anything at the bottom half of the volume control.

When was the last time you had a cavity?
When my last tooth was filled.

What is the heaviest item you lift regularly?
4" hoses at work.

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?

**A bunch of stuff-OLOGY**
If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
Not sure, it would help saving money on death insurance- but then I'd probably be dreading the day.

If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
I probably wouldn't, I'm used to it by now. Besides I don't think I'd be comfotable being a Steve, or Matt, or Jimmy, etc,,,

How do you express your artistic side?
Butchering wood (yes Riannah, I Know I owe you a trivett)

What color do you think you look best in?
BLUE jeans work for me.

How long do you think you could last in a medium security prison?
As long as I had to, can't see it being any fun, though...

Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?
Of course, anyone with a mouth has.

If we weren't bound by society's conventions, do you have a relative you would make a pass at?
None come to mind-- Oh, wait- There was this one day at band camp.....

How often do you go to church?
Sorry to say not often enough. We mean to, but...
And I know- "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Have you ever saved someones life?
A couple, I was a lifeguard.

Has someone ever saved yours?
I'm sure God put out a steadying hand once in a while.

Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000?
I've seen peoplw ith less to be proud of doing it, but no- thank you very much.

Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
What kind of kiss?

Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000?
With or without anesthesia?

Would you never blog again for $50,000?
I don't think I'd leave that big of a hole in the blog pool. Yes.

Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?
I can't see anyone wanting to pay that kind of money.

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
How hot?

Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for $1,000,000?
I know some people who need it, yes.

Would you shave your head and get your entire body waxed for $5000?
Never been waxed, how much for just the head?

Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?
I'll take cash.

Happily stolen from Atomic Red

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I demand outrage!

I wonder just how longit will take before the Legacy media gets on the bandwagon of condemnation for this Amnesty International report?

Nahhhh, it'll get buried just like the "Nwe and Improved Torture Techniques" at Abu Graib.

Amnesty condemned Hizb'Allahs rocket attacks into Israel, which happened to be a BIG factor in starting that war.

The human rights group called for a U.N. inquiry into what it called war crimes by Israel and Hezbollah, but its report focused on the actions of the militants during the 34-day conflict.

The report is Amnesty's most extensive condemnation of Hezbollah since the war began in July. The militants launched nearly 4,000 rockets into northern Israel in July and August, killing at least 39 civilians.

The firing of rockets into urban areas in northern Israel disregarded international laws that call for distinguishing between civilian and military targets, Amnesty said. "Targeting civilians is a war crime. There's no gray area," said Larry Cox, Amnesty's executive director in the U.S.

Ohhh, THAT's why it's not going anywhere, they're asking the U.N. to investigate.
Plus the spocksflack asking is a U.S. lackey.

No wonder she did it

Just when you think our depth of maturity has become a kiddie pool, comes something like this to drain it even more.

I hope the girls aren't going to be targetted now.
Because they use *My Space* and send pitures along.

See, this beautiful creature hired a hitman to kill another woman because her picture was on her boyfriends *friends* section.

I'm surprised that nobody's made the connection yet

Here we have a multi-person shooting up in Canada.

What finally seems to have happend is that 20 people were shot (mostly students, Plus the dysfunctional shooter.

The Peoples Democratic Paradise of Canukistan force all it's law abiding citizens to turn in their weapons (guns- sorry it's a Navy thing) so they could all live in peaceful co-existance, and fluffy bunnies, and nice thoughts ad nausium.

Where did he get the rifle?
Was he an adherant of any misfits that we had on our side of the border?

He had a mohawk and was wearing a black trenchcoat.

A black trench coat.
Does that ring a bell with anyone?
How about these names.
Eric Harris
Dylan Klebold

If that doesn't make anything click, how about Columbine?

It hit me about 11 tonight when I'd heard it for the umteenth time that day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Allah be Prized

Here is the missing footage of the Hisb'allah attack on the Israelie ship.

What's wrong wih Al Reuters?

Sorry, I found it right before I left for work. Didn't have the time to send it to MovieMaker to dub a fake ---BUT ACCURATE---moslem Reuters voice in there,

What's new in the spyware world?

I noticed the other day that all of our computers were getting daily alerts for critical objects on our Ad-Aware scans.

Two of them (adtmt and doubleclick) are in the IE cache, so to get them out you need to turn off the system restore- or they want to re-infect your computer. I'm getting tired of that, I may need those restore points some day.

Maybe I'll ad SpyBot again, too, just to see it THAT will keep this new wave of spyware out of my hard drive.

Note: Iwas going to let both teens have it for inviting this cr@p onto my computer *thanks MySpace*, but Karen said she's been getting alot more at her work computer, too.

Note part II: You Mac users can keep giggling. As soon as there are enough Mac users to be worth it, you'll be getting your own versions of this chit.

You ARE using protection, right?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

From the mailbag

I hope this example of Nanderthallic, old fasioned, emotional and 'uncool' respect doesn't spoil some Liberals Soy milk-mocha-double apricott-aribbicca bean $15-a-cup-Latte; since this ISN'T how they support the troops.

What follows is a message from Vicki Pierce
about her nephew James' funeral (he was serving our country in Iraq):

"I'm back, it was certainly a quick trip,
but I have to also say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my
life. There is a lot to be said for growing up in a small town in Texas.
The service itself was impressive with wonderful flowers and sprays, a
portrait of James, his uniform and boots, his awards and ribbons. There was
lots of military brass and an eloquent (though inappropriately longwinded)
Baptist preacher. There were easily 1000 people at the service, filling the
church sanctuary as well as the fellowship hall and spilling out into the
parking lot.
However, the most incredible thing was what
happened following the service on the way to the cemetery. We went to our
cars and drove to the cemetery escorted by at least 10 police cars with
lights flashing and some other emergency vehicles, with Texas Rangers
handling traffic. Everyone on the road who was not in the procession,
pulled over, got out of their cars, and stood silently and respectfully,
some put their hands over their hearts.

When we turned off the highway suddenly
there were teenage boys along both sides of the street about every 20 feet
or so, all holding large American flags on long flag poles, and again with
their hands on their hearts. We thought at first it was the Boy Scouts or
4H club or something, but it continued .... for two and a half miles.
Hundreds of young people, standing silently on the side of the road with
flags. At one point we passed an elementary school, and all the children
were outside, shoulder to shoulder holding flags . kindergartners,
handicapped, teachers, staff, everyone. Some held signs of love and
support. Then came teenage girls and younger boys, all holding flags. Then
adults. Then families. All standing silently on the side of the road. No
one spoke, not even the very young children.

The military least two
generals, a fist full of colonels, and representatives from every branch of
the service, plus the color guard which attended James, and some who served
with him ... was very impressive and respectful, but the love and pride from
this community who had lost one of their own was the most amazing thing I've
ever been privileged to witness.

I've attached some pictures, some are blurry
(we were moving), but you can get a small idea of what this was like. Thanks
so much for all the prayers and support."

These photos are awesome!!

Sorry, the pics got lost in forwarding.

I hate to bring up this name again

Because I got sick of hearing it real fast.
I never wanted to hear it again.

HEY, remember these words from Ted Kennedy?
"Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management: U.S. management."

We just left Abu Graib in the capable hands of the original owners.
The ones who can handle their own people with their own unique and widely held understanding...

Some of the small number of prisoners who remained in the jail after the Americans left said they had pleaded to go with their departing captors, rather than be left in the hands of Iraqi guards.

"The Americans were better than the Iraqis. They treated us better," said Khalid Alaani, who was held on suspicion of involvement in Sunni terrorism.

Abu Ghraib became synonymous with abuse after shocking pictures were published in 2004 showing prisoners being tortured and humiliated, galvanising opposition to the US presence in Iraq.
(They even have a picture of the Trailer Trash Queen herself at the beginning of the article)


The witness said that even in the thieves' section prisoners were being treated badly. "Someone was shouting 'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back'," he said.
Human rights officers? You ain't got no steenkin human rights officers.

Prisoners interviewed in the presence of their jailers said they were frightened for their safety. They complained that chicken and milk had been cut from their rations, leaving them on rice and water. They also complained about the oppressive heat.

So, if we were so bad, WHY do the people who want to kill us want us to be their jailers?

That's something you won't get tired of hearing any time soon.
More of the Anti-American B.S. coming back to prove them clueless - once again.

Thanks to Rightwing News for finding these gems.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ohh my friggi'n Gawd!

Go look if you want to, especially you catbloggers.

As long as we're on the islamic peace train

Hi Cat Stevens Yousef!

We've all heard or read about the poo-pooing of the two part bomb thing, right?
How it was almost impossible to bring down a plane with something you could creat in an airliner bathroom, right?

Here's a (yech) Google-vid of some reactions of different metals and water. Sorry it takes so long...

H/t to my favorite cajun.

Well, so much for working on the brakes today, or an doing an oil change.

Guess you're geting tired of, 9/11 huh?

And me posting You-tube. Especially you with dial-up.

Sorry, but here's one more- The Liberal equivalence of Fundimentalist Christians and islamofaciests.

It's 45 seconds long.

I was going to put a comment up on You-tube, but decided to do it where he couldn't delete it.

I just want to make a point about this moral equivalency of the Libs.
If they feared islamic funamentalists as much as they do Christian fundamentalists- you think they'd get on board with the war on terror, wouldn't you?

But they don't- because
  1. They think islamic fundamentalists aren't as "dangerous"?
  2. They think islamic fundamentalists won't attack 'here'?
  3. They can attack Christian fundamentalsts because they know they won't be beheaded for what they say about them?
  4. Because 25+ years of islamic terrorism is all Bush's fault?
Any other suggestions?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have to admit it - I have a problem

I need to step forward and take responsibility for it.

I was getting on Karen about spending money unnessearily.

They don't have any saying close to being "Nickle and Dimed to death" over in England.
Not even "shillinged and ,,,ummmmm pennied to death". She had no idea what I was talking about.
We had a little talk, and she'll think before spending $15- $30 a day on nothing special.

I on the other hand bought this for me, and this for Karen.
That was my entire unnecessary expenditure for two weeks.
Karen will need to go through several boxes before she is competent for emergencies.

The Path to 9-11 took most of the thunder this week

I saw this over at JimyB's place.

The only place I saw it.

It's not long, but it will have set a very dangeous precedent all over America.
One that no one -on either side- should want to see.
And it overrides the basic idea that you are innocent until proven guilty.

COLUMBUS - An Ohio legislative panel yesterday rubber-stamped an unprecedented process that would allow sex offenders to be publicly identified and tracked even if they've never been charged with a crime. No one in attendance voiced opposition to rules submitted by Attorney General Jim Petro's office to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, consisting of members of the Ohio House and Senate.

Should I repeat that?
Did that "no one in attendance voiced opposition..." even get your attention?

A recently enacted law allows county prosecutors, the state attorney general, or, as a last resort, alleged victims to ask judges to civilly declare someone to be a sex offender even when there has been no criminal verdict or successful lawsuit. The rules spell out how the untried process would work. It would largely treat a person placed on the civil registry the same way a convicted sex offender is treated under Ohio's so-called Megan's Law.

"no one in attendance voiced opposition..."

A civilly declared offender, however, could petition the court to have the person's name removed from the new list after six years if there have been no new problems and the judge believes the person is unlikely to abuse again.

So, you go to Ohio and p*ss someone off, and ~poof~ you're magically on the sex offender list.
Were there no people with their heads outside their @sses there?

And the left had fits about the Nixon 'enemies list'.

-->>My bolding

Football update

I just surfed over to the Texans vs Philly.

The Texans are ahead 7 - 0 at 8 minute into the first quarter.
Philly must have fumbled on their own goal line.

As I'm waiting for the Texans to completely drop the game, I'm trying to catch numbers.
My best time so far is 72 seconds- can you do better?

(UPDATE) 21- 10 Eagles at the top of the 4th- gee what a suprize.
The Houstan Texans AKA the Oilers 2.0

Doing Yoga is kinda religious

isn't it?
I mean Yoga and Hinduism and all?

Here's Yoga for your Sunday religious experience guys

Saturday, September 09, 2006

If you can read this, thank IBM

Not for this crappy blog, but the hard drive that makes it possible to surf AlGore's internet.

IBM is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the hard drive this month.
Back then they had 50 - 24inch platters t produce 5 MB of memory.

Cognative dissonance

I was just over at someones blog (she can take credit if she wants) who linked this PETAphile article with no questions asked. Because, naturally, the only people who intentionally distort facts are evil, meanspirited Conservatives (especilally Rethuglicans) who are out to force compliance with the dictates of the Bush-Rove-Halliburton machine.

So I searched for "gay sheep experiment" and decided on this link because most of them pretty much were the same.

Basically, what the researchers are doing is trying to determin if homosexuality is socially determined or if it's a physical thang. In order to stydy the structure of the brain, it needs to be physically examined.

BAD according to PETA, worse according to Liberals and gay advocats is the fact that somehow there may be a way to change sexual orientation in the future.

BUT, on the other hand, using aborted fetuses is ok for stem cell research- even though (in spite of the fact) that adult stem cells work as well in the vast majority of cases.

Lets review.
BAD- kiling sheep for research.
GOOD- using aborted babies for research.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lets hear it for the geeks

At least they know how to clean the filth out of their computer while checking out the likes of Koz, MyDD and the DU.

SondraK's a sexy geek and she found this post about the 9-11 mini-series.

Basically it's telling their minions to do a "Googo-launch" after the movie airs, so that anyone dearching will hit one of their blogs to further re-enforce the lies revisionest history Newer and Better than ever portrayal of the ABC experiment in capitulation.

Ok, I'll go with it....... The path to 9-11

9-11 on ABC

The path to 9-11 , rewritten and approved by the Clinton machine

ABC mini-series "the path to 9-11" with credits to the historically challenged Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger.

I want everyone to concentrate real hard

Think back about ten years to the Clinton machine. Ok? Are we focused now?

Let me put what I'm going to ask into some perspective.
All day long I've been hearing about some mini-series on tv station who's been loosing viewers at a steady rate. It's supposedly about 9-11 and the events leading up to it.

Somehow it got leaked that Madeline Albright (who didn't have a clue that she had Jewish blood-untill herFBI background check told her) and Sandy Berger (I didn't know who the Samuel Berger CNN was talking about untill they mentioned document stuffing) wrote a letter to the bigwigs at ABC demanding changes in the movie.

I guess they didn't like being portrayed as inept political hacks- or something.

Anyway the thing got leaked and is all over the airwaves, and probably everywhere there is type, too.

What I want you to think about is this:
The Clinton machine KNOWS how to get alot of milage out of a leak.
They have lots of friends at ABC.
The Clinton White House never struck me as having a whole lot of "Gravitas".
The Clinton machine needs to re-write history.

What are the odds that this whole thing is a big PR blow-out to get people to watch a half-@ssed network, so they can get their ratings back up?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

SPAM, SPam, Spam, spam, . . SPAAAAAAMMMmm

No, it's not what you get in your e-mail.

...It's Hormel's tribute to:

Even Vikings like Spam....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Now for something a little lighter

Lets listen to Felix da housecat singing "Rocket ride"

Careful, you might learn to tell the difference between a missile hit and a not-a-missile-hit.

Lookslike this week's going to suck

What's left of it ,anyway.
I only had 2 loads last night, but got home late because they weren't using that much sugar- it was hardly worth my time and gas to drive into San Antonio to deliver it. I got to bed about 2:30AM and someone called at7 this morn- I couldn't get back to sleep so I started reading mail. I found a Visa bill for last month (I pay online-but forgot untill after the deadline) they jacked my APR to 18.25%!!! My Discover card is 12.8%.
I had problems with them in the past, and was expecting it again. So we'll put all our available money into paying it off so we can drop it---again, and never use them again. Next time we won't get suckered by their 0% come-on.

I didn't get to got shooting- went to Hondo to get my Dodge's inspection sticker a day late because of the rain, BUt I got a extra month next year because I was late. I went to Wally-World to finish the grorcery shopping. They've been open about two weeks, and EVERY time I've been in there I've had to wait on something f'in up. This time I went to the self check-out line. Wouldn't ya know it- the bagging scale was off, so the overseer had to keep putting her code in to tell it I WAS ptting the cr@p ino the bags. I was walking out when the alarm went off for the printer cartridge I had to buy because the 15-yr-old decided to print about 20 pages of black bacground cartoons last nite. So I had to wait for security to come de-energize the tag---because the selfcheck-out did't work.

The only good thing today was that I think I got the A/C drain on the Dodge unclogged. I noticed the passenger floor was wet about two months after I had to have a parts changer mechanic replace my heater core. When he jammed the tube through the firewall he blocked the tube with the insulation he tore.

Gawd, I'm pissed at VISA.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not much today

I did the MRI thing this morning.
They wanted to check my neck- to make sure everythig was ok there.
Then the went to do the shoulder, the reason I was there. Iwas off for four days, so it got a chance to ,,,,, unswell and relax- I was hearing pops and snaps all weekend.
They REALLY need to make those holes bigger. It was OK when they did the neck thing, I was centred. When they put the shoulder-holder attatchment in, I almost would't fit becaue the moved my shoulders to the left too far.
-Anyhting to the Left is too far, but that's another post.
I had to twist and shrug my shoulder to get it through the opening.
My left arm started going numb about halfway through, and although I usualy have no problem, I was sarting to get a little anxious.
They said they got good images and we'll see what it looks like Thurs afternoon at the Drs office.

It started raining while I was leaving.It's been at least2 months since anykind of moisture has come from th sky. It was scary driving on the city streets of San ANtonio-knowing that these morons have NO clue about driving when wet.
Especially when it just started raining after eight weeksof oil and grease build-up on the roads. I kept expcting someone to slide (all the way) through a stop sign, or into my rear end.

I finally made it to the Sportsmans Warehouse, where I got a couple pounds of lead balls for the CUG shoot. Too bad it was raining and the ink would have run all over, I probably could have doon well with the Trapper.

HEY, did ya see that they found more oil in the Gulf? Kewl. Too bad that when they finally get to start pumping it'll get shut down every time a hurrican gets into the gulf, and we'll be in the same boat we were last year.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

The end of summer vacation.
The cook-outs.
The abundance of Infidel juice.

Baseball games.
and not to be forgotten--- endless repeats of "The Closer". All day long. All southern accent. All bright red lipstick everytime I look at the TV.

More European Anti-semitsm on display

Yoni the Blogger reports that quite a few Euopean counties are denying landing/refuling rights to IDF planes carrying their equipment.
That means when they're comming from American bases, they can't bring in a full load of defensive arms, since they have to carry that much more fuel.
Which means that the next time they are attacked and need to defend themselves, they'll have less to do it with. The list of these countries is a who's-who of NATO members- the ones that should understand the war on terrorism, not cowtowing to their violent sepratist immigrants.

Also, in a one-way pogrom, the EU is preparing charges against members of the IDF for war crimes against moslem terrorists. There is a huge blank page in the ledger reguarding human rights violations by Hizb'Allah, Hammas, and the rest.
Happy Labor Day!

Including all of you involved in the Miller Mujado March!


Looks like Steve Irwin has gone to the big crock farm in the sky.

Bye Steve, you were entertaining at first.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

If you have a You-Tube account

You may want to click on the "inappropriate" button for this video of the twin towers set to "Americas funniest home videos". I also rated it with one star.

I know you Libs will call it "censorship", but no- I think it should be age segregated. Not open for all the Anti-American drive-bys to giggle and drool over.

Via JB

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Just what you want to think about when sending your daughter to college.

3:02 minutes of drunk chick.

You'd certainly hope so, wouldn't you?

I was over at Incindiary Gannies just now reading her views on "Intelligent design", and the Pope's inclination to embrace that idea.

She has alot more experience than I do (and probably goes to church more, too), but we pretty much have the same views on the bible and Creationism/Evolution.

I see Genesis (not the band) as a simplification of the "Big Bang", and everything that follows to be some form of evolution. Of course God made allowances for evolution, he didn't want to be micro-managing the earth forever- that's why he gave us the business plan to use as we see fit.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm bored

I'm looking at Craigslist.
I'm wondering WHY anyone would ad a lift kit to a pick-up and expect someone to pay more than the truck is worth, because you decided to completly f*ck up the suspension and steering alignment?

Why would I pay good money for someone I don't know(and probably has no clue) to go in and start messing with something as essential as the steering geometry, and all the other inter-related parts that keep it moving.

And expect it not to pack-up in the middle lane of Loop 410 in rush hour?

Which army do I belong in?

You scored as British and the Commonwealth. Your army is the British and the Commonwealth (Canada, ANZAC, India). You want to serve under good generals and use good equipment in defense of the western form of life.

British and the Commonwealth


United States




France, Free French and the Resistance










Soviet Union


In which World War 2 army you should have fought?
created with

Because I prefer accuracy instead of a hail of hot steel, I bacame a Tommy.

I guess thats another reason to NOT drink Miller beer

They're sponsoring an Illegal immigrant march on Dennis Hasterts house this weekend.

Not that I like Miller that much anyway.
But I guess Hispanic business leaders do.

So, I guess I'd start boycotting Miller if I ever bought any of that p*sswater.

Hmmmm, maybe I'd better ask Bud if they support Illegals....

...or should I not ask questions that I don't want to know the answers to?

(UPDATE) Ok, I searched "Budweiser illegals" and only got a lib accusing them:
Besideds they make alot better commercials.

Hey, Freddy Mercury's birthday is comming up

His home country wants to celebrate it.

Freddy was gay.

Zanzibar is moslem.

Gee, what to do-Celebrate a great musician of world wide fame--or show the world your intolerance in the name of the "Religion of Piss"?

Happy Birthday freddy, let's p*ss of some muhamadens!