Sunday, September 17, 2006

Democrats in action

Why is it that whenever someone wants to do away with any kind of Constitutional, or legal, or official guideline- they ALWAYS have the word Democrat in there somewhere?

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (N. Korea)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
German Democratic Republic (E. Germany)
Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)
Somali Democratic Republic (back when it was a functioning country)
To name a few...

The latest example is right across the border. Those Communists took their lead from AlGore and our Leftsts in 2000. They are now going to attempt to perform a "Putsch" on the legally elected government of Mexico by installing Obrador as some kind of parallel president. They'll be acting just like our Democrats are acting in obstructing everything and anything Calderon says or does.

I know that we'll be inundated by a new tidal wave of illegals before long. AND this time the Bush administration will allow them because, you know- they'll be "persecuted" if they're deported. Just watch for THAT argument next.

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