Sunday, September 24, 2006

I took a picture on our $185 Nikcom cam.

Actually, I took a picture and the girls filled the memory card on it.

I'm in their album thing-Photo Impression, and I can't even send them e-mail.
The only thing I can do is edit them.
I can't upload them to Blogger- I can with the Logitech. I can't even FIND the album in Photo Impression, or Photo Sahare.

I can't send them anywhere- and the "Read Me" file sucks.
I've been f*cking with it all afternoon with no good results.
I did learn that you need to drag abd drop pictures to the folder you want them in.

I guess I'll have to see if the HELP has any idea about letting anyone else see them if they're not looking at my monitor.
I can't even get the files to open if I download the memory card from the printer. I wish I'd known what a PoS the Nikon program was.

Oh, we've had bad thunderstorms all afternoon- the white dog decided he was afraid of them after the house shook down to the foundation.


And the satellite link doesn't like all those free electrons floating around, either- I guess.

(UPDATE Sept 24) In oder to even send those pics by e-mail EVERYONE has to sign up on the Nikon site for an album.
Just to view a frigging picture.

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