Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sorry, got nuffin

I've started some posts, but just couldn't finish them.

I dunno, just have a bad case of 'blogthargy', I guess.

I just got hit with another bill for an un-needed ambulance the ditzy drill team coach called for the 14-yr-old (then) about a possible broken thumb.
Karen was in Conroe ( about an hour N. of Houston) when the first call came in mid-day. I got the call on Vonage voicemail **NOTE- Vonage and satellite broadband are almost incompatible right now, at this stage of technology**.

I tried calling the other mobile (the 14-yr-old) and it was off.
This was during the period of time when she didn't want us to suprize her by showing up wherever she was, so we DID'NT know where she was. AND couldn't find out where she was---because her phone was off.

I tried the school website- the only contact for Ditzy-Flag-Teach. was e-mail, or a landline answering machine (I recognized the prefix). No one answered at her school- or had an answering machine working.

Mom (who is used to ENGLISH medical practice) tried to relay what was going on -remember the vonage/satellite thing? I kept asking the physical address and got "Southwest High".


If I'd KNOWN where S.W. High was, I'd have been there by now. (We'd just moved into the area about 8 months prior). About ummmmm,,, dark Ditzy-teach calls Karen and tells her 14-yr-old is getting really bad, and they think her thumb is broken- can they call an Ambulance?

Karen says "yes".

I get a call from EMS on the phone that had been off ALL F'ing day telling me they were taking her to the childrens hospital in S.A.
They also gave me the wrong directions on who to get there. Be advised,,, you CANNOT get onto Houston St. if you're going north on I-35. I ended up following Houston St. from where it meets I-10 (east S.A. through the center of the historic-traffic-lights-at-every-corner center of tourist-trap-river-walk an Antonio). I FINALLY find the hospital and the teen/ Ditzy-broad-in-charge.

I find out that the teen was given an itiniary WITH physical location at evry away production they have. Teen couldn't be bothered to give it to us.

..........Months later...........

.........After the insurance gets through, our responsibility is almost $800.
Teen is torn between bummed out and rightious outrage when she finds out that that $800 is two years worth of drivers license that she won't be getting. Because her increase would be $400 per year on top of ours.

I was ready to pay untill teen said that they had to keep the phones off brcause they were practicing (for the event).
ME: But you were hurt enough that *Dingey Broad* wanted to call an Ambulance then- why weren't you listening for your phone?
TEEN: Because we were warming up, she want's all the phones off while we're practicing!
ME: You were hurt enough to call an ambulance.
TEEN: !!!!
ME: Why didn't you have the phone on vibe, in case I was trying to get ahold of you? I got your phone, but it was off.
TEEN: We HAVE to have them off when we're practicing!
ME: *Dingy teacher broad* thought you were hurt bad enough to call an ambulance (if mom would have OK'dit), but made you go out and do the gun throwing thing?

Sorry, kind-of a sore spot,,,,,,,,,I'll be looking for some kind og Legal aide tomorrow to see if I can get the school to poney up the $800 the insurance didn't- since *Dingy cheerleader broad* had her head up her @ss (as usual) about treating an injured adolescent.
But, then again- the only adults I've come into contact with are the Col, and Sgt of A.F.- R.O.T.C.(and aerospace and rocketry)over there.
Who, BTW- need a SeaBee to build some shelves..... just saying is all. Since building shelves isn't rocket science.

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