Friday, September 29, 2006

WOW, I never saw that comming

Really, who would have thought that Anna Gold digger Nicole Smith would have a son doing drugs?
That's what her pathologist to the stars concluded when called in to keep the spotlight on the story determine the cause of death.

I'm sorry that I can't get too worked up about a Califonia slut who's main reason for fame are two enormous (hermeticaly sealed) bags of silicone. She brought up her son in the anything goes life of some kind of ,,,,,,,,,"star" with probably no moral guidance- and is now shocked that he was doing illegal drugs. The same behaviour that he probably saw on a daily basis since he had his eyes open.

And in another "wow, what a shock" moment, the Cowboys are having a problem with not only drugs but Terrel Owens as well. Actually this time it's all the same story. The last time I had any respect for the Cowboys since Jerry Jones bought them. They went from a class act to the gang bangers of the NFL.

I'd like to see a Texas team I can get behind, but the Texans are just the Oilers 2.0, and it'll be 31 degrees in Hell before they see a winning season.

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