Monday, September 18, 2006

I've pretty much blown off these islamic riots of"rightious indignation"

But I'm kinda getting me P.O.'d when I see something like this from those who are perpetually offended by what they cause others to believe about them.

Go ahead, make cartoons about Jesus, He'll forgive you.
Call my country the Great Saten, it doesn't bother me- I know the ignorance it comes from.

I'm not all that deeply religious, but when you call my Saviour- the only one who can save you from the vile death cult that you call a religion- when you call him "allahs' slave" that's going too far.

I hope (but I know it won't) be spread from one end of earth to the other. You want another Crusade? This time we'll use all our big guns on your 12th century @sses. We shouldn't even bother doing anything exept getting our troops out before turning your fleabitten sandy hellhole into a sheet of glowing glass.

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