Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cognative dissonance

I was just over at someones blog (she can take credit if she wants) who linked this PETAphile article with no questions asked. Because, naturally, the only people who intentionally distort facts are evil, meanspirited Conservatives (especilally Rethuglicans) who are out to force compliance with the dictates of the Bush-Rove-Halliburton machine.

So I searched for "gay sheep experiment" and decided on this link because most of them pretty much were the same.

Basically, what the researchers are doing is trying to determin if homosexuality is socially determined or if it's a physical thang. In order to stydy the structure of the brain, it needs to be physically examined.

BAD according to PETA, worse according to Liberals and gay advocats is the fact that somehow there may be a way to change sexual orientation in the future.

BUT, on the other hand, using aborted fetuses is ok for stem cell research- even though (in spite of the fact) that adult stem cells work as well in the vast majority of cases.

Lets review.
BAD- kiling sheep for research.
GOOD- using aborted babies for research.

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