Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Jews need to step it up

These are like the middle of your high Holy days, right?

You really need to start ramping-up those riots, so you won't be falling behind the Religion of Piss in the unwarrented violence department.

Look, they're already starting to cow theater goers in Germany, just because they have this reputaion- you know.

It's getting to be a tradition on Belgium for the Ramadan Riots.

You know, that's what you need to do to get respect nowadays (ok, lets call it what it is-fear). Go back into your history and pull the inner child savage Israelite into the open and start to destroy anything that looks at you sideways.
You know, like you may have done 4,000 years ago before your religion grew up.

I search for your violent protests against the way the U.N. is treating you, the gratuitus attacks on your civilians by Hamas, the PLO, Hizb'allah- the holocost cartoon contest put on by Iran, and all I get is .........this!

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