Saturday, September 16, 2006

I see that the 'religion" of piss is upset- again

The Pope quoted a previous Pope in explaining islam.
The terroristic, violently itractible adherants to a pedaphile are outraged because the truth was said.

TheyARE a violent supporting cult.
Right now they are showing their outrage by rioting and killing innocent people- AGAIN.
They riot when someone sees that they ARE an intolerant religion.
They riot when someone draws cartoons about their pedaphile leader.
They riot whenever someone mentions their violent tendencies.
They treat their women worse than the dogs they despise.

Death and mutilation are their life.

The only positive thing that they have contributed to the world at large is their munbering system. The greatest mathematical contribution was the concept of Zero.
Unfortunatly that's ALL they've done to advance civilization, and ZERO is what their legacy will be.

I hope the Pope doesn't back down on this. He's already backpeddling.
We, the reasonable people need someone in power to stand up and state that YES, there IS a holy war against us.
I hope it come soon, before we have Zero modern civilization left.

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