Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lookslike this week's going to suck

What's left of it ,anyway.
I only had 2 loads last night, but got home late because they weren't using that much sugar- it was hardly worth my time and gas to drive into San Antonio to deliver it. I got to bed about 2:30AM and someone called at7 this morn- I couldn't get back to sleep so I started reading mail. I found a Visa bill for last month (I pay online-but forgot untill after the deadline) they jacked my APR to 18.25%!!! My Discover card is 12.8%.
I had problems with them in the past, and was expecting it again. So we'll put all our available money into paying it off so we can drop it---again, and never use them again. Next time we won't get suckered by their 0% come-on.

I didn't get to got shooting- went to Hondo to get my Dodge's inspection sticker a day late because of the rain, BUt I got a extra month next year because I was late. I went to Wally-World to finish the grorcery shopping. They've been open about two weeks, and EVERY time I've been in there I've had to wait on something f'in up. This time I went to the self check-out line. Wouldn't ya know it- the bagging scale was off, so the overseer had to keep putting her code in to tell it I WAS ptting the cr@p ino the bags. I was walking out when the alarm went off for the printer cartridge I had to buy because the 15-yr-old decided to print about 20 pages of black bacground cartoons last nite. So I had to wait for security to come de-energize the tag---because the selfcheck-out did't work.

The only good thing today was that I think I got the A/C drain on the Dodge unclogged. I noticed the passenger floor was wet about two months after I had to have a parts changer mechanic replace my heater core. When he jammed the tube through the firewall he blocked the tube with the insulation he tore.

Gawd, I'm pissed at VISA.

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