Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Another f*cking continuing resolution?

When was the last time congress passed a real- on time budget?

Oh- 1997.

But at least the .GOV won't be partially shut down because there's a partial payment resolution...again.

And speaking of useless air breathers- McConnel is going to stay on as minority leader till January, so he can help his buddy Schumer run interference on the Mayorcas trial. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Sunday, February 25, 2024

A number of my readers have been in the military

Or know of know people who have been.
And FB has these "real life" ads/sites that tell about ....whatever.

This one is just like that with hardly realistic tales. Especially if you' been there.

Some of them, okay and probably realistic, but if you drill down on #49 you'll know that one is complete BullShit.
Because Officers have their own bars and so do senior and junior enlisteds...... especially in the Navy.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Of COURSE it doesn't make sense

 Unless you know that both fake bombs at the RNC and DNC were planted there because of the planned "insurrection" they started at the Capital building to frame Trump.

They used cell data to go after anyone (except the plants) who was anywhere near their even now, and they're even going after people who never went inside.

BUT the same FBI who's railroading citizens have shown exactly ZERO interest in looking at phone records  from the guy who was seen waiving at cops after he dropped off his diversion.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Your Rule 5 puzzle for Feb.19



The big one below the break~~

Monday, February 12, 2024

Your Monday Feb. 12 Rule 5 puzzle


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Monday, February 05, 2024

Your Monday Rule 5 puzzle for Fbe. 5


The big one below the break~