Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Robert Van Winkles birthday!

Let's sing a tribute to him--mK?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Les Andrews, here's your 15 minutes of fame

I've gotta tell you that I think ol' Jason Smith showed a lot of restraint and he wouldn't have gotten near my house the way he was acting.

But after seeing how he acted after a well deserved ,,,ohhh yeah, spoilers...

Intimidation, assault- trespassing, yep that's a Texas home defence justifiable shooting.
But, then the humiliation of his actions pretty much show what a wanking poofter he is.


Adding to his 200,000 You-tube hits on his humiliation one hit at a time.
Via Jawa and ACoSHQ

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama made a San Antonio stop today

Actually, I think it was supposed to maybe be a secret visit to Fiesta Texas' Halloween show.

See, I was working on the lights of a new high school just west of loop 1604, just kinda looking around:

Then I saw something unusual going northwards along 1604 and then veering east towards Fiesta Texas.

I had an idea something was up, with the way He likes to do the 'everyday Joe' thing, so I'd bet He took the family to a private Halloween show. I bet He loves dress-up and the suspension of disbelief, and all. I mean...He's even got his own Wookie.

...Anyway, Even though I didn't see it in person- here's an indirect cam phone picture of Himself alighting the presidential limo:

(CLICK IT! You know you want to.)
Yep, the clouds opened for a shaft of enlightenment from on high..............

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's almost like meat!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because I can

Shades of Jimi Hendrix

Welcome home Jerry!

The 25 year anniversary of Operation Urgent Fury

Gawd, I feel old. We were on deployment to Rota, Spain then. (Nice place- kinda like s.w.Texas) When we heard about it.

For those that weren't around then, It was the freeing of Granada from the communists who overthrew their own socialist government.

On March 13, 1979 while Gairy was out of the country, the NJM – led by Maurice Bishop – launched an armed revolution and overthrew Gairy's government, establishing the People's Revolutionary Government. Bishop then suspended the constitution and the New Jewel Movement ruled the country by decree, as Prime Minister of Grenada, until 1983. All other political parties were banned and no elections were to be held. Internationally, the government quickly aligned itself with Cuba and other communist governments.

On October 13, 1983, a party faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard seized power illegally. Bishop was placed under house arrest. Mass protests against the action led to Bishop escaping detention and reasserting his authority as the head of the government. Bishop was eventually captured and murdered along with several government officials loyal to him. The army under Hudson Austin then stepped in and formed a military council to rule the country. The Governor-General of Grenada, Paul Scoon, was placed under house arrest. The army announced a four-day total curfew where anyone seen on the streets would be subject to summary execution..

We were asked for help by the surrounding Caribbean countries and helped them free the island from Cuba and their allies- the USSR.

President 0bama, Madam Secretary of State Clinton- THAT is what an unconstitutional government takeover looks like. NOT the eviction of a leader who oversteps his authority by the entire Constitutionally authorized government of Honduras.

H/T to Cajun for reminding me.

Thoughts from the throne room

A while back there was a bit of a kerfluffel about how bad double ply TP is for the environment.
While I had some time, I noticed that Northern bathroom tissue was ahead of the curve in reducing their impact on the environment. I was looking at the roll and thought it looked,,,'different' somehow. I reached into the trash for a tube from the last batch and sure enough, the new roll was a good half inch shorter than the old one.
AND they raised the price for it, too. Better for the environment and less for more,,,the TP that represents the Urkles entire administration. After continued evaluations, it looks like Scott is going to be the default roll at Casa Trainwreck.

We are also subject to hearing the moans of money problems over at the dead tree propaganda camps, and how they're loosing readers.
I dropped Readers Digest almost ten years ago as they were sliding to the Left.
Does anyone know how the *other* magazines are doing?
We have a stack of 'Women's Day', 'Good Housekeeping' and some sewing things that we never hear about wanting a .gov bailout....wonder why?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taking the opportunity

for a 'teachable moment' like our Narcissist in Charge is always using.

Ummmmm, since I like to kinda keep this like a PG-13 or so blog, the teachable pic is down a ways because of the language in the english lesson being discussed.

If you know what I mean, not that it isn't becoming an everyday word you hear on the street, and edgy music, niot to mention most non-Disney movies shown lately.

Does anyone recognize the usual place you'd see that type of wall?

And since it's a kind of contest- there should be a prize...

A revolver display case?

Oh, k'mon- we're talking about The Lightweight here.


is more like it:

A slightly used chip brush.

Friday, October 23, 2009

As long as I'm dumping pixels

I guess I'll throw these out, too.

An oak bedside table made of the finest recycled wood available at various construction sites in San Antonio, TX.

The drawer front waiting for the glue to set before finding it's new home...

Remember that pile of wood?

The one I'd been working to make a Craftsman style bookcase?

Sorry about it being so dark, I don't know what it is about that corner that the phone doesn't have enough take a good pic.

'Someone' is supposed to find me a design for the punched tin panels to fill in the bottom doors.


I got up this morning and let the dogs out around six,
As it was on the chilly side, I slid the thermostat to heat turned on the coffee and went back to bed until someone wanted back in.

Several cups of coffee later it's still chilly and the blower is only pushing lukewarm air around. So I go back and flip breakers to be sure they're on and still nothing.

Maybe it's a fuse in the heater box that tripped when a rodent tried gnawing through it? So I put my shoes on and grab my meter and tool belt from the truck- it's 46 degrees just east of Hondo BTW.

After opening the access panel and checking for voltage on both sides of the breakers (240VAC) and the relays (120 baybee) but no power to the heater coils.
Crap, now it's going to cost money that we can't afford since Karen got laid off.

I went to turn off the breakers and thermostat and found I'd turned off the A/C and put the fan on automatic. When I made that last click to the left I was rewarded with the aroma of singed dust...Kewll we have heat-----without extra money!!!

And the Guy That Signs our Checks is on a no overtime kick from the bath he took on the mismanaged sports stadium fiasco. . . So I'm home on comp time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sounds like the Onion got over again

You know, with all those layers and layers of oversight and fact checking and spellcheckers editors in the mainstream media.

You know the presidential knob polishers...

Somehow this got out that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did a 180 on cap and tax, and are now for it.

I heard a bit different take this morning than this vid shows...basically some pressman demanding ID from the legit C.o.C. because "we've got a deadline to meet".

I mean, don't these people have some kind of B.S. detector that's not on the default Rethugometer?

That maybe, someone on their own side might want to ....LIE?

AND- that female reporter who covers the U.S. C.o.C. didn't recognize him, but interviewed him anyway,,,,
Was she going to just sent it through the layers and layers of fact checking and editors before she bothered to ash the *real* CoC if it was an actual policy turnaround?

OR were they hoping they didn't have to hide a retraction back on the classifieds?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'And you shall know them by their ...programming'

Karen turned the TeeWee over to the LMC a while ago.
I don't even need to look because I'm hearing the overly dramatic plotline, soaring dramatic music and 'authoritative' figures yelling into radio microphones.

It's something to do with a farm and a will and sisters forced to return to their roots by a callous father....or something.

Muy importante!!!!!!!oncA!!!!

Citygurrl just almost killed countrygirllz horse by feeding it wormy corn instead of good oats,,,,,because country said *GRAIN*----"Isn't corn a grain?"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting your priorities straight

I'm starting to hear grumblings about the fact that our Enlightened One won't be commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall next month.

Is anyone surprised at that?
It would be like celebrating the Superbowl when your team blew the point spread away by losing so badly the cheerleaders left at halftime.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Keep printing money Barry

The price of gas has come up to half of what you want in the last few days.

Our national debt is four times as much as we've ever seen (and growing).

The dollar is loosing value to even the Mexican Peso, AND the two biggest Communist nations are lecturing us about capitalism.

Ohhh, BTW,,,what are you going to do when China calls in it's loans because they're tired of investing in toilet paper?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So I'm mowing the weeds today

I'm wearing shorts and sneakers and walking on decomposing leaves in a part of the paddock where I'd aleady killed a rattlesnake.
When I started thinking...umm...we have ranches around here with stock tanks, and with all the rain we've had,,, maybe I'd better be not stepping where I can't see if there are any suprises hiding in the dried leaves. OH CHIT!! What's that long skinny thing moving away from the mower?'s a stick.

Then about half an hour later, I hit a rock that I hope only bent the blade when it killed the mower.

How's your day going?

Friday, October 16, 2009

A late shoutout to CharleParker

The lead guy at 1200AM WOAI radio this morning who made the trip to work worthwhile.

Son-in-law is going through 'The crucible' this week in San Diego USMC boot camp, and Charley came out with a clip from an Air Force spokesman was telling how the USAF booters had the hardest course of all services.

Yeah, I spewed coffee on my dashboard when I started laughing too.

About 25 years ago- when I was shopping services (a 90% of the Bees, but lets see...) all I remember about the AF recruiter spiel was that their booters lived in two man rooms while all the other services had open bay barracks. Every time I asked about construction careers (Red Horse and Prime Beef) he's steer me back to the boot camp goodies.

The Army was only interested in telling me about the cash I could make by going into Combat Arms.

I knew even back then that I was too lazy for the Marines.

The Navy recruiter, when I asked about becoming a BU (builder) like my grandfather, was told that they're full and have a six month waiting list...but we havs some openings for a CE Construction Electrician) ..."here watch this video, and take this pre test to see if you're eligible." "Ok, I think you'll pass- we can get you to Chicago (the main processing center) next week and do the whole thing. Oh yeah,,,,, it's a five year commitment."

....After I'd gone through Great Mistakes Naval Training and was going rto basic electronics in Orlando- I was called in to the detailers office and told that there may be some changes made in my promised rate (CE) after looking at my combined ASVAP score-and that they wanted to talk to me about going nuke, AND getting an automatic Crow (E-4) after graduating school.
I told them thankyouverymuch, BUT I'd rather spend my time on land building things than being stuck 30 feet below waterline never seeing the sky except on liberty; and as I was an E-3 already, the extra $20 wouldn't be worth it to me.

Edit to ad:

Lets jump in here with both feet

I keep hearing about this Eagle Scout and the super that decided to suspend him for 20 days.
The thing is that the super won't tell why, and none of the newsies seem to understand why for so long.

After reading this article about it, I know why.
It's because the super has over a 98% chance of being an uberLib. He's an educator in one of the bluest states in the union; AND he lies like he was born in the Obama administration.

As an added reason for the long suspension, the young man wants to go to a MILITARY academy, and needs a spotless record to get into West Point.

OK, where are the facts that I got from my reading assignment wrong?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of the residents of Hoo-ville spotted our new pole

And it looked so Hoo-ish that he went to tell his fellow Hoo-vians.

But amidst their Hoo-vish hoorays about their special Seusian power supply, we were working Grinchlike to un-Hooviar that special pole when we ran the next 1/0 triplex to the other building...

It's 40' of 3" IMC (medium wall) conduit. With two sets of guys on the ...vulnerable side.

Also, and a very late posting,.,,, due to our internet problems (and dividing up between me being lazy and working on the new bedside table).

We got done with all our pulls at that weekend job we pulled.

But it started raining...

...And I'm 'really' getting tired of going home with wet boots.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't ask, don't tell?

Ok, so the Obaminator is going to do away with it.

What is he going to replace it with? The Gay corps? Because *NO* 18 year old is going to knowingly do the three S's in the morning while the pink posse is sitting in the viewing section of the showers....without some kind of retribution.
Then they'll get into trouble for being 'anti-gay' and 'hate'assulting their fellow company troops.

Before Commander Clinton got his *koff* commission and bowed to the pink pressure, the MSm was full of stories about 'WITCH HUNTS' in all branches of the military.
I was in the Navy SeaBees for nine years in the 80's(my last as an MAA in Newport,RI escorting miscreants to ...administrative justice) and never once heard of anyone being drummed out for homosexuality who:
1- Weren't flaming f@ggots who went off the deep end

2- Wanted out anyway they could get out.

Yeah, I know that the dems have been using the military for social experimentation since the 60's, but they really need to look at the ramifications of what they think they want to do to the military we rely on to be ready for anything our new 'friends' of Obama want to try.

I also know that in ancient history, homosexuality was accepted in service: BUT their entire society was 270 degrees away from ours so that they also had no problems with mutilating their slaves for momentary distraction.

So...what is our Unicorn Rider going to do about a guaranteed clash of cultures (riots) when he forces armed 20 year old heterosexual guys to live with groping and open sex in the showers?

Do you think anyone in the White House thought even this far ahead?

Neither do I.

Monday, October 12, 2009

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

And after several false land sightings landed on one of these islands...

Actually, 517 years ago he landed on the island of Bermuda, and the western hemisphere has been regressing ever since.
Gone are the days of making fire with two sticks and dying of malaria before you can even read- if you ever could. Not to mention the wonderful gaia friendly way of fertilizing the canefields by clear cut burning, and cutting the beating heart out of your slaves to placate your Gods.

It(freedom) also gave us this NSFW version of Kokomo...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We got rained out Friday, so I was looking at about six hours short for the week. Then I got a call to haul a trailer full of wire out to one of our N.E.I.S.D. expansion projects for today. I was told to work as long as they needed you.

Cool, I can get my time in and maybe a little more.

I worked from 6:30AM to 8:30PM for five hours OT and am going in tomorrow to help them finish the pulls. I'll let them do the many hours of terminations so they can get power back on for back to school Tuesday.

Friday, October 09, 2009

That was certainly unexpected

(Alternative title: Rewarding failure...again)

I see that the Light Bringer has won the Nobel Peace prize for the things He's promised to do, but can't.

Our Unicorn rider is going to try to (again) bring peace to the mid-east (and fail).
But He looks good reading a teleprompter.

Then He'll start on worldwide nuclear disarmament- starting with us, the U.S. as an example od how 'we can all get along' without the need of nuclear defense.
Then He'll make a fine speech off his teleprompter.

Then He's promised to...lets see...
Show the world that he shares their view...Yeah, lots of moslems hate America too.

Let the U.N. have free reign on imposing their will on our wallets and freedom.

He'll give a stern speech to Iran about their nuclear program, and even threaten them with a meaningless threat.

AND best of all will collect a cool $1.4 mil that his buddy Tim Geitner will forgive on his income taxes.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Something's missing

In all I hear from both sides of the aisle in this new .gov health care takeover.

See the Dems are always saying that health care is unaffordable because of all 'those insurance groups' that charge too much and 'the Doctors who do unnecessary testing' are driving up the cost.

Ok, now- does anyone know since about the 80's and much the .gov has mandated for BOTH Drs. and Insurance companies? Me neither, but I bet it's a chitload of regulations.

I also note that since BOTH sides of the aile is filled with lawyers- not much has been said about the major cause of the jump in health insurance. And it won't be addressed until we get rid of someone who made millions of Dollars by making an extremely tenuous connection between care and the resulting lawsuit-worthy claim of malpractice.

Sometimes just channeling a child is worth the price of a private island on an east coast barrier island.

But remember, they care more for you than the evil conservatives do,,, with their pay for positive results.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Seven days left

Until I can get out fro under this WildBlue/DISHinternet.
We're at 68% download now and have been all afternoon,,,AND it's the slowest it's been since we've been on the WildBlue 'timeout' for excess usage.

Unless you reboot the page and see the 74% download or refresh again and see the 85% downoad that WildBlue's computer is still using.

If anyone sees this post looking for sateelite internet, do yourself a favor and look for wireless DSL. It's rasdio that gives you unlimited downloads and faster speeds than WildBlue.

Gawd, I wish I'd have known about radio internet four year ago, we'd have saved over two thousand dollars and lots of aggrivation.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Almost there

74% and dropping. Sometime tomorrow we'll be below 70%, and WildBlue will let us off our 'time out' slowage.

AND a week after, we get real broadband wireless at 2MG downloads and limitless usage.
Yay us!

I wonder if they supply radio TV cable? Kinda retro isn't it? to use a radio wave to send HDTV to an antenna that converts it into cable for the TV box.

I'll be able to upload pics soon and can update on my projects.

HY, how about those Libs screaming about McChrystal speaking at a London security meeting about the war on terror? You'd think the way they cheered the NYT for dumping our secrets that it was OK- or sumpum....Oh, yeah- that was when BusHitlerMcHalibrnton was in charge.

I mean they're dumping on him for giving that speach in London (England, 2,000 miles east of D.C.)while his betters were discussing the Afghan conflict among themselves.
I mean, it's not like he had anything more important to do, is it? Like talk to decision makers in DeCee......

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The ADD electrician

After buying the new (wood) router, I decided to make a decent table for it.

I made the frame and used the discount roto-tool (spiral saw/laminate trimmer) to make a base plate cut-out on the underside of the table.
As I was cutting, I saw smoke from the other side as the bit worked it's way loose and went through the entire board.
As I retightened the collet so as to finish the base plate, I now needed to fix a curved hole. I mixed a bunch of sawdust with wood glue to make filler.

While waiting for it to dry, I decided to hook the switch for the router outlet- BUT in order to do that, I needed to run a little more wire to that part of the shop.

I ended up rewiring almost the entire shop. I put all the lights on one phase and most of the outlets on the other. I figures that with the hardwired electric fence (that I added a switch to) and the lights, it would sort of balance the load with the power tools on the other one.

I now have the shop lights connected to one switch, the router table top fixed and the router fence (at a perfect 90 degree angle) supports glued up.

Tomorrow I need to finish routing grooves for the fence adjustment bolts, install the router to the table and finish mowing the yard.

OH,,, I'm at 84% of downloads now and am getting 'Rock Solid Internet' wireless ISP Tues the 13th with no contract or download limits for $30/mo.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Five days now

And my monthly average has only dropped 10% points.
All I have online is the XP presario laptop for about two to three hours a day.The rest of the time the modom is unplugged.
Which tells me that either the two bits of malware(one spyware and one trojan on Thing Two's computer [that the anti-virus hadn't been run in 6 months]) were going gangbusters on talking to the mother ship.---OR did WildBlue stop taking off the back end of out average, and now were just loading up the bathwater waiting for the overflow?

My upload is still at 25%, and it is usually in the low teens.

In other forms of broadband we have radio internet (wireless DSL) or cell technology.
Being as we're in a hole in the coverage area, we'll have to see which of the two radio ISPs get our buisiness.

It's cheaper than satellite andsupposed to be unlimited usage.
I'm just wondering how secure it is?

What I'm also wondering is... did Dick and Kelly try the deep fried butter at the Texas state fair, and if so...why?