Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't ask, don't tell?

Ok, so the Obaminator is going to do away with it.

What is he going to replace it with? The Gay corps? Because *NO* 18 year old is going to knowingly do the three S's in the morning while the pink posse is sitting in the viewing section of the showers....without some kind of retribution.
Then they'll get into trouble for being 'anti-gay' and 'hate'assulting their fellow company troops.

Before Commander Clinton got his *koff* commission and bowed to the pink pressure, the MSm was full of stories about 'WITCH HUNTS' in all branches of the military.
I was in the Navy SeaBees for nine years in the 80's(my last as an MAA in Newport,RI escorting miscreants to ...administrative justice) and never once heard of anyone being drummed out for homosexuality who:
1- Weren't flaming f@ggots who went off the deep end

2- Wanted out anyway they could get out.

Yeah, I know that the dems have been using the military for social experimentation since the 60's, but they really need to look at the ramifications of what they think they want to do to the military we rely on to be ready for anything our new 'friends' of Obama want to try.

I also know that in ancient history, homosexuality was accepted in service: BUT their entire society was 270 degrees away from ours so that they also had no problems with mutilating their slaves for momentary distraction.

So...what is our Unicorn Rider going to do about a guaranteed clash of cultures (riots) when he forces armed 20 year old heterosexual guys to live with groping and open sex in the showers?

Do you think anyone in the White House thought even this far ahead?

Neither do I.

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