Friday, October 09, 2009

That was certainly unexpected

(Alternative title: Rewarding failure...again)

I see that the Light Bringer has won the Nobel Peace prize for the things He's promised to do, but can't.

Our Unicorn rider is going to try to (again) bring peace to the mid-east (and fail).
But He looks good reading a teleprompter.

Then He'll start on worldwide nuclear disarmament- starting with us, the U.S. as an example od how 'we can all get along' without the need of nuclear defense.
Then He'll make a fine speech off his teleprompter.

Then He's promised to...lets see...
Show the world that he shares their view...Yeah, lots of moslems hate America too.

Let the U.N. have free reign on imposing their will on our wallets and freedom.

He'll give a stern speech to Iran about their nuclear program, and even threaten them with a meaningless threat.

AND best of all will collect a cool $1.4 mil that his buddy Tim Geitner will forgive on his income taxes.

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