Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of the residents of Hoo-ville spotted our new pole

And it looked so Hoo-ish that he went to tell his fellow Hoo-vians.

But amidst their Hoo-vish hoorays about their special Seusian power supply, we were working Grinchlike to un-Hooviar that special pole when we ran the next 1/0 triplex to the other building...

It's 40' of 3" IMC (medium wall) conduit. With two sets of guys on the ...vulnerable side.

Also, and a very late posting,.,,, due to our internet problems (and dividing up between me being lazy and working on the new bedside table).

We got done with all our pulls at that weekend job we pulled.

But it started raining...

...And I'm 'really' getting tired of going home with wet boots.

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