Thursday, October 08, 2009

Something's missing

In all I hear from both sides of the aisle in this new .gov health care takeover.

See the Dems are always saying that health care is unaffordable because of all 'those insurance groups' that charge too much and 'the Doctors who do unnecessary testing' are driving up the cost.

Ok, now- does anyone know since about the 80's and much the .gov has mandated for BOTH Drs. and Insurance companies? Me neither, but I bet it's a chitload of regulations.

I also note that since BOTH sides of the aile is filled with lawyers- not much has been said about the major cause of the jump in health insurance. And it won't be addressed until we get rid of someone who made millions of Dollars by making an extremely tenuous connection between care and the resulting lawsuit-worthy claim of malpractice.

Sometimes just channeling a child is worth the price of a private island on an east coast barrier island.

But remember, they care more for you than the evil conservatives do,,, with their pay for positive results.

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