Friday, October 23, 2009


I got up this morning and let the dogs out around six,
As it was on the chilly side, I slid the thermostat to heat turned on the coffee and went back to bed until someone wanted back in.

Several cups of coffee later it's still chilly and the blower is only pushing lukewarm air around. So I go back and flip breakers to be sure they're on and still nothing.

Maybe it's a fuse in the heater box that tripped when a rodent tried gnawing through it? So I put my shoes on and grab my meter and tool belt from the truck- it's 46 degrees just east of Hondo BTW.

After opening the access panel and checking for voltage on both sides of the breakers (240VAC) and the relays (120 baybee) but no power to the heater coils.
Crap, now it's going to cost money that we can't afford since Karen got laid off.

I went to turn off the breakers and thermostat and found I'd turned off the A/C and put the fan on automatic. When I made that last click to the left I was rewarded with the aroma of singed dust...Kewll we have heat-----without extra money!!!

And the Guy That Signs our Checks is on a no overtime kick from the bath he took on the mismanaged sports stadium fiasco. . . So I'm home on comp time.

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