Monday, March 31, 2008

Watching the Nat'l weather this morning

Nice scary bit of global warming going on up in the mid-west Al.
Are you going to go help dig them out, maybe use one of your private jets to help melt some of that global warming?

Has he ever touched anything that didn't end up like a soup sandwich?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

You know the Verizon Guy?

Did you ever wonder why he kinda looked familiar the first time you saw him?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anybody recognize this guy?

If not, maybe the crest on his armoUr may give you a clue.

Now look at his hat.

Peace, love and Pogroms

Because we have to speak TRUTH to power!

Because all evil is caused by those nasty Jews, ya know:

I kinda surfed to the vid from Zombies photo-report of the S.F. 5th Anniversary of the war (Iraq, that is- NOT Kosovo)

This protest brought to you by


Something (else) you won't hear from the Legacy Media

The ones that saturated the airwaves, internet and killed forests in telling us all about the Haditha massikree.

Another Marine has been cleared of all charges stemming from that ,,,,,,,investigation.
It's interesting that I had to find it in a generally Liberal online rag published 4,000 miles away.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, that makes 5 aquitted of the eight being investigated.

Investigated by prosicutors who give equal weight to the tesimony of our enemies.
AND don't insist that the bodies be exhumed for forensic tests.

Oliver Stone is making a Bush biopic

He's starting to look for actors to portray the rest of Bushs White House..
He wants it out before Jan- before bush leaves office.

But despite he being a flaming Lib, Stone says this movie will be even handed (in the best Liberal tradition).

Stone has said that the film, which will focus on the life and presidency of Bush, won't be an anti-Bush polemic, but, as he told Daily Variety, "a fair, true portrait of the man. How did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?"

Yep, I'm going to spend MY hard earned money to see it.

Friday, March 28, 2008


That's about how hard hitting and well aimed as this post will be.

I hear that both Democrat Presidential wannabees are going after Bush on the economy.
They're going after him like flies on chit acting like it was his fault that the economy is heading South. So I'd like the two pretenders to answer some questions:
  • Both of you are Senators (one for two years and the other for six)- Are you trying to tell us that your energy plans have NOTHING to do with the rising cost of everything related to energy? That the rising cost of food (and fuel) isn't the result of your shortsighted insistence on biofuels? That you BOTH want to 'punish' the oil companys for making 9 CENTS /gal on fuel while you rake-in 60 CENTS in tax? That 'Big Oil' is to blame for the cost at the pump, but you say nothing about Wall Street oil profiteers?
  • George Bush Graduated from an Ivy League school with high marks and an MBA- What are your qualifications for turning the economy around?
  • So, what is it? You're judged by the company you keep- or not?
To John McCain- You say you "heard Americas voice" on the Mccain/Kennedy amnesty bill.
Shouldn't you maybe cosign Pryor’s S.2368 immigration bill, or stop blocking Schulers (D-NC) Save Act (H.R.4088)- since you like to work across the aisle?

I listen to the radio during the day when I can and get lots of blogfodder, but when I get home, I pretty much pull a blank. Maybe because I'm concentrating more on driving? Or, maybe I leave that at work, too?

Do you hear an ad on the radio and can't turn off the radio fast enough?
There's one going around here about some acid blocker, it has someone moaning about gastric distress and it's intercut with laugh lines. The product starts with an X or a Z- not sure- can't stand to listen that long.

The supposed racism of the newest Vogue cover- both LeBron and Gisele had to approve it (and their PR flacks- I'm sure). Aren't, maybe all these alarmists who see racism everywhere kinda projecting -in a Freudian way?

I'd rather get paid for overtime than get comp time. If I'm going to be off on Fri. schedule me for 4-10's.

Sorry about taking the air hose from the shop, Ronnie- but I had to air up trailer tires. That 2008 $54,000 F150 of yours shouldn't need to have it's tires topped off anyway.

Now, I'm off to deposit my check and spend more money at Lowe's-repairing mobile homes sucks.
I'm looking forward to the day we can build our 'real' house here.
AND- anyone in the San ANtonio area, if you want some wainscoting panels let me know. I'll make and paint them white for you- and charge you less for a 4x8 sheet than Lowe's does for 1/3 of a sheet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where mah dawg?

Sorry, this article reminded me of this interactive cartoon.

Caution, yeah-Joe sold out with the ads... and is slow loading,,,and sophmoric as h^ll.

But still funny!

Ahhhhh, so *that's* why

For the second time in about six months I've almost rear-ended someone who slammed on their brakes as soon as the light turned yellow.

It first time was in Hondo- in the rain when I was driving an empty sugar tanker.
The pick-up was sideways when he stopped almost in the intersection and my trailer wheels were skidding along the curb and my cab was in the middle lane.

This time he put the binders on about 100ft from the light as I was accelerating to follow him through the yellow.

Now I know why these other cities are causing wrecks from their red-light cameras.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meet Frank Singleton

He's one of the Black people that the typical white person is holding back unnecessarily.
...And in prison for no fault of their own, because "The man" makes those racially divisive laws, like No carjacking in the county lock-up parking lot.

Especially if you just got released on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looks like the SHtF over in Iraq

Doesn't it?
A sudden upturn in violence from the usual sources,,,and the liars mooslimb clergy who called a cease-fire because his mahdi army was being decimated.

We/they should have doone something with Mookie a long time ago. Put the fear of God allah in him by threatening him with a dentist.

I don't know why he decided to start his cr@p, but I strongly suspect that it's got something to do with the upsurge in al-quadas attacks in Iraq. Including Irans mortar attack on the Green Zone.

I think the surge is working VERY well and this is one of the final lashing out of a badly wounded snake. Not that you'll hear that from the Dems, or the MSM- but I think looking at this spasm, that we may have turned a corner,,,that even the Senat Democrats have to acknowledge.

But we'll see.

Good job guys-
Bravo Zulu

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's called capitalism

It's something that maybe you socialists should have realised was going to happen when you ban things.

But then again, Socialists have never been really good at figuring out ways to positively motivate people.

And they're shocked at the new black market in candy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A little bit more historical Nose Art weekend

These are probably B-24's from the 22nd Bomb Group on Okinawa.

Daddy's Girl survived the war, was returned home and scrapped out.

Liberty Belle II was salvaged after an accident in Aug. 44

Patient kitten was hit by AA and exploded in mid-air over Taiwan Apr. 15-44

Round trip ticket blew a tire on landing on Okinawa, ran off the runway and broke in two Aug. 25- 45

And now, for your historical musical moment in the time machine
Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra playing Woogie Boogie.

Remember Hillarys Bosnia trip?

The one where she personally flew the C-17 into Tusla because the pilots were only military and couldn't be trusted?

Oooops, that was a different version.

Here's her current version of the flight into Tusla - and CNN's account before the memory banks got scrubbed.

Vote Hillary!
Because we need a Chief Executive that can't remember jack.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

An answer to the William Travis question

Which was Googled by someone in L.A. asking "Willam Travis suicide?"

Col. William Travis (with Davy Crockett)was killed at the west wall of the Alamo by Mexican nationals in the final skirmish of the battle.

James Bowie was killed in his sickbed, and the the bodies of the defenders were mutilated and burned to ashes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Remember that multi-tool I was complaining about?

Yeah, not only did they cheap-out by only tossing one nickle into the one ton smelter for thier stainless steel, they cheaped out on the thread that holds the strap for the belt loop.

I lost the thing on one of my stops today, so it could be anywhere on the north side of San Antonio.
I guess I'll pay more for a good quality tool this time.


Is this guy a total Nerd?

He didn't say why. Maybe he discovered what was inside a cameltoe.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can I play oh "Nameless One"?

This one isn't as good as yours

But how about the cameltoe song?

Sort of NSFW unless your boss listens to "Bob and Tom in the morning".
OOOPS,,,,,,,,was I too late with the warning?

How this 'typical white person's' day went

I got up at 5 AM while it was still dark, and noticed how my *special* sheets glowed in the dying bonfire embers moonlight. After I took a shower to wash the tar and feathers off for the day to come, I got my coffee and read the morning news to see if our Kleagle made the paper yet to see if anything interesting was happening.

There wasn't, just your typical white peoples business. Then it was off to work.
While we were working at the schools admin office, us typical white people went in and talked to other typical white people to try to find yet another way to keep the negro down.

We have already inflicted them with the idea of getting ahead for their brains is acting white.
Our 'Good ol boy' LBJ has them so out of the loop of self accountability that we gave up thinking along those lines.
Deafeningly loud bad music that praises all the behaviour that typical white people know is bad for you,,MOTOWN owns that.

We didn't accomplish much in the education department, but we did do some noose knot tying comparisons.

We didn't see many Afro-Americans on the street, so we couldn't say anything of a racist nature like typical white people normally do when they see a brother acting like he was equal to us, typical white people.

We got back to the shop with another two hours of O.T. and didn't once get to mutter obscenities at our homeys from the hood.
As I was driving home in my typical white persons way- I didn't get a chance to mutter under my breath once about how "they" drive.

Well, there's always tomorrow in the typical white states of Ameri KKKA.
Oh and our Friday Klan meeting fraternal get together around a bonfire.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I wonder if it's the same Winchester?

See, a while ago I lost my Gerber multi-tool.
I was connecting up light poles and it probably fell out of a dog-chewed sheath/holder,,,whatever.

I went to Wally-world and saw another for about $16.00 with the Winchester name and look to the name. So I thought...*OK, it's made in China, but they have to be protecting their name fron cr@ppy production, right?* Sorry sucker-

I bought the thing and promptly began to dull the knife (which doesn't lock) by cutting the insulating (rubber) tape off a Kerney ( a split bolt kind of wire connector) that was aluminum. By the time I was done exposing enough of the ALUMINUM connector to loosten it, the knife-looking piece of brittle metal was too dull to open a letter.

Now I have a choice,,,,yeah- Dems love giving people a choice!

*What? Only if you want to do away with an unborn kid?*

OK, I have an option to either go buy another Gerber (which I can't find) or live with it until it's usless- about 6 months and pack my Buck Knife for the sharp work.

Except I'm a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. principle and don't wqant to have to carry extry cr@p if I don't need to.

I guess after I pay my fair shair to Uncle Sugar, I'll see what change I have left and what I can get- I'll throw the *Winchester* brand of Chinese ingenuity into Karen's truck so she has some type of tool in case she needs one.

gawd, I expected better of a name like that....
Maybe it's not the same Winchester?

Nope, it IS the same logo as printed on the dull knife.
You'd think some people would have pride in their name, guess not, as long as the name sells crappy chit- the bottom line is all that matters anymore, huh?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I hear the ObamaMessia gave a speech today

He was supposed to have answered all the questions about his relationship to his racist pastor. Or something.

From the dribs an drabs I've heard (which is quite enough- thankyouverymuch) he didn't really give answers as to why he stayed in a church that he disagreed with.
For twenty years.
Ang got married by a Reverend who sometime gives fiery sermons.
And had his girls (who still attend) baptized by a racist, American hating preacher.

But that's ok, Barry's a black Dem- so any halfhearted answer he gives will gloss over his Afrocentric, Anti-American, racist church- because he s 'bigger' than to let that hate sway him in his quest to bring racial harmony to all Americans.

Gawd- gimme a break.

Can you imaging what a white Republican would be going through if the shoe was on the other foot? He couldn't grovel low enough to not be hounded out of the race.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally- someone I can vote for!

Go here and let Ben Stein know you want him.


Help win Ben Steins America back.

Vote Ben!

It takes a while to load the vid- be warned.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

An R.A.F. nose art weekend

In honor of Karen's Birthday and the planes she may have worked on:

I'm supposed to note that these images are property of the Crown, and I'm supposed to make that known under penalty of something dark and Draconian, I'm sure.

And as I'm trying to get the war in music; here is a video from SW Flight, 3rd Squadron

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Something I forgot in my last post

It makes as much sense today as it did back then.

Elliot- you're being paged:

Ok, now something to cleanse your eardrums:

The obligatory $5000 whore Spitzer post

First off, I personally don't have a problem with the idea of prostitution.

BUT, just like Communism, the reality is far different for those involved than the idea.
The girls might come into it on their own free will, but after time and abuse by their pimps, clients and conscience, they turn into something less.

As far as Elliot goes, I relish the thought of him getting so publicly busted, and the fact that his politically grasping wife is wanting him to fight on is so precious. His girls, I kind of feel sorry for- unless they're drinking the Liberal hypocritical kool-aide already. And in that household I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, our $5000 whore:

That homemade hand tat is worth how much more an hour for that special touch of klass?
Nice rock! Which gumball machine did you get that out of?

Maybe she brings a special talent? Or a special physical trait to the transaction?

She wants it both ways,,,in other ways than what she got paid for (ahem).
See, one of the non-physical ways she wants it is the fact that she's now selling the cr@p out of her demo records with her brand of 'singing' on them.

BUT,,,,her lawyer says that all photos must stop, because she's not a public figure.

Ok, little girl, time to grow up and quit playing Dr.
You got into something you weren't expecting, and now you have to deal with your own actions. You put those pics up to advertise yourself that way, don't expect the MSM not to run with them.

I wonder if she votes?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some things every kid growing up in texas should know

  • How to ride a horse.
  • How to shoot a gun (more like what a gun can and cannot do)
  • The reason Texas was a nation before she became a state.
  • What crude oil smells like.
  • What it takes to grow a crop.
  • The difference between a steer and a bull.
  • That livestock are not pets
  • That nobody 'owes' you anything.
  • How many stars are actually in a west Texas sky.
  • That you wave a 'thank you' to other drivers who give you a break.

Unfortunately most kids here are living in huge metroplexes that identify more with NYC than historic Texas, and will never get a chance to experience most of that list.

NOTE TO SELF- buy ammo Fri for Danica's range day on Sat.

On the Obama tribe

That sounds kinda racist, if you want it to- doesn't it?
I'm talking about the people he surrounds himself with.
The brotherhood? Nope.
The clan? Brings up bad associations.
You just can't say anything without some people looking for an excuse to be offended.

Anyway, I was hearing about how Barrys wife feels so badly treated by "white" America.
Her exclusive colleges and Universities that they now have to repay their massive student loans to. How 'mean' and segregationist her America still is.

Barrys Preacher and his views of how bad America is treating her people of color.


If your views of America are so bad, and that's all you encounter- racism, divisiveness, meanness, keeping the brother down---
You really ought to think about getting to know some people who aren't Liberal Democrats.
People who are proud of America and make ends meet by not sending their precious snowflakes to snobby schools and after-school elitist classes.

AND you Obama worsipers?
Just remember-
Lennin brought CHANGE to Russia- Stallin CHANGED it even more.
Mao CHANGED China.
So did
Mussilini to Itally, and I don't even have to mention Germany.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We now resume our week-end nose art beauty--(two days late)

This week is dedicated to Folly in a way.
She sent a copy of her dads PBY nose art and I'll relay it to you.
I honor of her dad and others that didn't get stuck with the "glory" jobs- I give you Auxillary Nose Art week-end.

Sorry Folly, but I just couldn't get your pic to upload, no matter what I tried.
I couldn't even find a picture of her, no matter how I searched.

A different PB4Y

Two C-47s

Lastly, I know everyone wants money. Always.
I just want to send anyone interested to Save the and maybe you'll be inclined to show some appreciation.

Good thing he's a Democrat

Otherwise that prostitution thing would hurt NY Gov. Spitzers political future.

It's not like he went after other people for the same thing, or anything hypocritical like that.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh, for f*ck sake....

Now I can't upload pics for nose art week-end.
I've gotten an internal server error three times.

Thanks GOOGLE- I have to wait forever for you to gather your dossier on me every time I open my g-mail
AND I have to wait forever to log in to make posts

AND you took over WILDBLUE so now i have to wait for you to not only get everything you have on me, bit you also send me to YOUR main GOOGLE/DISH login site before I can go anywhere else in the DISH site.

NOW I can't even upload four frigging pictures.

I 'eagerly' await the time you've taken over the entire internet and don't have to act like you give a chit anymore.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anyone hear the news about Paul R. Hall?

If not, I'm really not surprised.

If there was any news on the Liberal legacy media, it would have probably been sympathetic to him.

See, Paul was just convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for leaking information on our Naval ship movements to terrorists in the Mid-east. As a Signalman on the USS Benfold, he had information on ship movements and the battle groups makeup and tactics- while travelling through the straights of Hormuz back in 2001.

NO, he didn't have anything to do with the USS Cole- except sing the praises of those who did it.

See, another reason besides his anti-American acts that the MSM overlooked was the fact that he changed his name to Hassan Abu-Jihaad.

Guess which religion he was part of?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Will someone PLEASE tell me

Whee were all these teachers when I was in school?

Tonight we introduce you to a teacher who just elevated the kid into stratosperic social circles at his J.R. High school for getting it on with a 'very' hittable sub.




I mean, look at the horrible female pedophile who sentence the poor child to a lifetime of angst and regret.

Oh, good God!

Now they're comparing McCain with Churchill.

How far does the Weekly Standard want to go?

McCain might be more successful in wooing conservatives if he claimed the mantle of a different Republican icon, Winston Churchill, a maverick distrusted in his day by Conservatives and a man whom McCain praised frequently in his books. The parallels between McCain and Churchill are striking and instructive.

Both have felt most at home in battle, whether in war or political chambers, and have shared a restlessness to advance their own careers and the cause of their countries.

It goes on and on about how they both took stands to enhance their nations security, etc, etc,,,
And I don't have a problem with McCain that way.

What the article failed to do was connect McCain and Churchill in the way that McCain took pleasure in stabbing Conservatives in the back.

It doesn't show Churchill trying to open the doors (and coffers) of his country to millions of lawbreakers.

It doesn't show how Churchill stifled political speech with his version of the McCain/Feingold act.

It doesn't show how Churchill torpedoed his own party's ability to sway the controlling party by his version of the 'Gang of fourteen' and then have his opposition gangsters blow off the agreement weeks later.

Why should I think the cat won't drink that cream now?

I'm hearing alot about this non-story

You've probably heard about the guy who was using a "BLOWTORCH!!!" to light his heater.

I'm not sure where it was -exactly, or if they were talking about the fuel from the PROPANE torch or the LP heater.

That BLOWTORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is really no worse than using a match to light the pilot tight.
In some cases it might be easier. I know on some mobile homes, that I've had to dip a long bamboo skewer in PVC glue and light it just to keep a flame past a wall of wind while maneuvering to the pilot light.
OR- he may have had a bad thermocouple and had to heat it up in order to get it working.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have NO idea what this article is saying

Especially about the Cricket part.

I understnd the streaker got a god hit, but still don't understand the first para much at all.
(Don't click the link if you're offended by male butt cheeks.............oops, sorry- too late, huh?)

Guess you have to be part of the English empire, and us Americans are out of the loop.

I'm burnt out and tired- don't really feel like posting- and I stepped on a nail this morning. I've been on my feet all day long, and I still need to pay my taxes.
And my S.S. but I can't find any forms to tell me how much I have to throw away.

We have three Libs running for Prez., and a Congress who wants to change America into 1939 Italy.

At least it's humpday and I'm on the downhill slide.

Y'all ahve a better one tomorrow- ya hear!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A global warming question

Ok, if I understand correctly -ALL of the Presidential candidates have signed onto the man made global warming scam. Right?

That means that man and his machines are the sole cause of anything changing atmospheric wise.

Ok, why are the two Dems flying their people all over Texas to have their people spew thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere with no thought to the 'fragile' environment?
-Because they 'care'? Or because their 'higher purpose' makes it worth the pollution?

Which is why EVERY presidential candidate -from both parties- want us to pay $5/gal for any kind of fuel next year.
But don't worry, the stranglehold of 'evil oil' will be broken- replaced by 'Big Ethanol', and the food you can't afford.

Nice, I wonder if the need electrician/operators in Fiji?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hey ,,,,buddy, got a jackhammer?

if you do, I can score you a NAZI tank from WWII.

No! Really!

Don't hit that BACK button!

See Bulgaria has some that they don't really need any more because ummm,,,,,,,,,,now Bulgaria doesn't need them because they're now members of NATO.
And the wall that they're part of isn't needed anymore.

I think you'd need some starting fluid and a good pair of jumper cables if you want to drive it away.

1100 Springs

Found them on the Outlaw

Longhaied, tatood hippie freeks

Some things just aren't right

Sometimes it's as simple as a misleading name.

I'm looking at a recipe site, trying to figure out what I want to do with the frozen turkey roast I have in the freezer and what I need to buy on the weekly shopping trip.

I came by this "White Turkey Chili" recipe and it's not what I was expecting.
The only thing 'Chili-ish' about it would be the Cumin, Green chilies and Garlic powder. The rest is almost your usual white sauce casserole glop.

Which I can't see complimenting the green chilies.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ladies, , ,

Just because Karen has a giving husband, and her birthday is soon- there is no reason to hold your significant other to the same standards as me. You don't need to pressure them about material things.
Just remember that it's the thought that counts, and be glad that they remembered at all.

I'm really too modest to admit what I bought, but I just dropped $300 on Karen's birthday here.
That's on top of the birthday present she's going to get as suggested by El Capitan in a post earlier in the week.

Please, you don't need to post your comments of congratulations on Karen having such a wonderful and giving husband, she knows how self effacing I really am.

SENATOR John McCain and the little people

I made this point in several comments on other blogs about SENATOR John McCain and the use of Obabma's middle name. The way he rushed to the nearest news camera to distance himself from those comments from a radio talkshow host.

Something you all have to remember is thast the top three candidates for president are in the same exclusive 100 member club. They consider themselves to be the elete of America, their only peers are former members of "the Club" , other Leaders of forgein countries and Royalty.

It's no wonder that SENATOR John McCain jumped to the defense of his fellow SENATOR,,,, Barrak Hussien Obama... It's a natural reaction to protect 'one of yours' from the great unwashed class of ...others who can't be in your exclusive club.

SENATOR McCain knows this.
So does SENATOR Obama, and to a certain extent
SENATOR Clinton would pull her punches, too

Because what family members can do to each other is forbidden to the 'others' who are outside of their incestual relationship with each other.
You know, a family can be in a bloody fight until someone 'other' steps in and then they'll circle the wagons against the 'outsider'.

I've seen three things this week about SENATOR McCain defending his rival SENATORS against (relatively minor) attacks from the unwashed.

That's us.