Monday, November 29, 2021

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 Just a walk in the woods.

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Rework on the band saw

So I have to redo the tracking on the band saw because it wasn't sturdy enough. (I'm going to have to use bigger wheels too- later)


 But it's frustrating to work when the entire project is moving.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Finally, the Christmas season.

 Time for all the woke advocates to come out with their falsifications about Nazareth (the city, not the band) and how we have to welcome illegal invaders.......
Because Mary and Joseph were illegals, too---
Or sumpin.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

 I was going to PT after getting a cortisone shot- because Workers comp doesn't want to pay for the operation Ortho says I need. So we have to play the game.
The guy working on me was doing his thing inputting info to the computer and kinda mumbling to himself and I said "What branch were you in because I recognize the song of my people"

I was going to do a Twilight Zone marathon, but couldn't find free entire episodes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Puhleeez AOC-

Come down to Texas and campaign for Beto.
SRSLY! I mean having two woke Latinex (which kinda rhymes with Kleenex) would be an unstoppable combination.

Don't take No! for an answer.

Relly, you going on about shutting down Big Oil and Beta going on about how he's going to ban scary black plastic rifles would be unstoppable. 

A win for sure.
Already, after his Senate race against Cruz- you have Texans telling you to "Come and take 'em".

Monday, November 22, 2021

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 Better check for obstructions now...


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Sunday, November 21, 2021

File clearing

 Because FB isn't the only place for stupid crap.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Your Rule 5 Monday

 Whip it good.


Yeah, I know it's not a whip, but I'm not  a 'journalist' taking orders from the Left....

As usual, the big one below the fold.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Veterans Day 2021

 I'd like to thank my fellow Cold Warriors and those before and after.

We gave it a good try, and we thought we won.
And we had- for a while.
The Berlin wall came down, then the Soviet Union imploded.
And freedom was happening for a while.


Then the Socialists long march through the education system took root and (some)Americans started to push against traditional American values. The values that held this country together.

We have an Executive branch that was installed under a third world election and now is trying to force Americans to do what no other Communist country has done, or the Nazis.
Our economy is a dumpster fire. Our president is a puppet for whoever got him elected and the veep was so bad and unpopular that she had to drop out before Democrats could vote against her.
Two massively oppressive and socialistic bills are on the way to the figurehead's signature, The #3 is a senile hag who hates everything America stood for (except getting filthy rich by using her position) and even so-called Republicans voted for the Socialist bills.

I don't know- looking at Virginia, there may still be a way to take back pieces, but we'll never be the same.
I wish I could end this on a happy note...... But we'll see.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Monday, November 08, 2021

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle

 Hanging out on the back porch.

And as usual the big one below the break-

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Proving once again that congress it the most exclusive club in the world

 Because both parties are in it for themselves and don't want some green newbee coming in who things being in DeeCee is supposed to be doing what's right for America.Isn't that right Rick Scott (Rino-FL)?
He want's the odious Lisa Murkowski to keep being the loyal vote so they can keep on giving to those who the think deserve it.
And racking up an unpayable debt.
And keeping the deep state swamp in invisible power.
And keeping their insider trading deals going as long as they can.
Not to mention their juicy perks.

GFYS Scott.

Friday, November 05, 2021

More on the well

 Yes, I ended up cutting the casing. because the way things go here at Rancho Snakebit, if I just yanked it up to free the bushing- I'd end up separating the case at some glued joint twenty feet down.....

And I didn't lose the well pump like I was really worried about.
Because there's a reason it's called Snakebit ranch.
I made sure to have the makeshift pipe vise secured before letting loose of the rigging.
And yes- it was schedule 80 PVC with corroded couplings where they threaded it together.

Once we finally got the pump out, I didn't notice till this morning when I found I got the wrong kind of PEX.
So I decided to call Gajeske and get some HDPE water pipe and the right fittings.
$326 for 500' of 1" and two compression adapters. The neighbor said he's buy the last 300 feet when I'm done. So actually it ended up being cheaper than the way I was going to do it.

Lastly, as I was looking at the old pump, I saw this....


That pump motor was only held on by one nut.
Don't know if that was the problem, but it's not anymore.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Let the goat roping begin

 I had to go to four different stores to get everything I think I need.
As old as the well is, I figured it would be steel or PVC, so I got 200' of 1" PEX- I sounded the well rizer and got about 170' as I paced it.

That box looks like it's been opened, doesn't it?

And now- am I going to be able to break those probably 50+ year old rusted bolts on the well seal?

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

So- on the water front...

 Not the movie.

Well pump went out yesterday- I have power all the way to the well head, so it's either the pump or the capacitor.
After not getting a call back from three companies here in Seguin (I think it's something in the water)- I just ordered some $985 worth of submersible pump, PEX and fittings.
Tomorrow I pick it up in New Braunfels and try to get the tax off with my tax stamp and a discount with my VA card.....

The house in Hondo I couldn't find a leak except for a dripping hose bib.
Which required two 20 mile round trips to fix because Kurt was a dumbass and didn't take a good look at the size of the stand pipe threads (it was 3/4 instead of the 1/2" everything else is)

And the probable cause of the failure in burnt black....

It's had it's trouble single phasing for a while- I thought I got it fixed two years ago with cleaning and nolox, but obviously not.

Now it's cold and raining with a thunderstorm passing through.
Same thing tomorrow, so at least the animals water will be refreshed a little.

I DO have a leak

 The water board turned off the house in Hondo because of excessive water use. It's empty and for sale.
I went over last week and turned the water back on to see if I could find anything and these new meters don't have that little triangle that shows water flow, so I left it on.
The youngest took a pic of the meter. It's used over 100 gallons in a week.


That stupid dumbass the oldest was going to marry fucked up some plumbing inside a wall, and I'd bet money its behind the shower he tore out and had to put back in.
He completely ruined that house. The master bath only needed trimout to be done.
It still does six years later. Christ.

I'm probably going to have to fix the floor, too.

And here at the farm, the well pump went out.

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Your Rule 5 Monday puzzle got censored, so you get another

 This time something fugly, because Jigsaw Planet doesn't like hot chicks naked.

And as usual, the rest below the fold. 

Monday, November 01, 2021

Your Monday Rule 5 puzzle

 I bet the front seaters are enjoying an eyeful.

It was hard-ish even though I knew what it was- must have been the shadows..

Anyway after comments, the pic and bigger one are below the break.