Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Puhleeez AOC-

Come down to Texas and campaign for Beto.
SRSLY! I mean having two woke Latinex (which kinda rhymes with Kleenex) would be an unstoppable combination.

Don't take No! for an answer.

Relly, you going on about shutting down Big Oil and Beta going on about how he's going to ban scary black plastic rifles would be unstoppable. 

A win for sure.
Already, after his Senate race against Cruz- you have Texans telling you to "Come and take 'em".


  1. Use care. The urban concentrations have a lot of "throw weight" in the legislature and Congress. They might not be "real" Texas, but there are a whole lotta. Bodies count for the census and the voting machines provide the necessary enthusiasm especially after midnight.

  2. bobby frank is already acting like hr the governor elect and he hasn't even gotten the nomination. He has a bunch of pie in the sky (probably pumpkin yuck) ideas but absolutely no realistic way to implement them - just like how he personally is gonna take all of the guns................

    1. A word to bobby frank: "Molon Labe, MF'er."