Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

 I was going to PT after getting a cortisone shot- because Workers comp doesn't want to pay for the operation Ortho says I need. So we have to play the game.
The guy working on me was doing his thing inputting info to the computer and kinda mumbling to himself and I said "What branch were you in because I recognize the song of my people"

I was going to do a Twilight Zone marathon, but couldn't find free entire episodes.


  1. If you found F Troop episodes, that would be great.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. If he had been a right arm rating it would have been at least five bombs.....................

    1. The left side is the side it's supposed to be on,,,,,,,,,,
      Unless it was on the right during the war?
      My Crow was on the left arm.

    2. The traditional "Seaman Rates" wore theirs on their right arm, everyone else on the left, 1913-1949; before that, they denoted which watch section you were in, Port or Starboard.
      And I wore mine on the left too.
      More than you probably ever wanted to know about this:

  3. I wasn't really allowed in polite company for about 6 months after I got out. Same reason.