Thursday, October 31, 2013

You'd think they'd be a little less trusting

Especially when they're the leader of a G-20 country.
Or at least their security people would be saying 'hey boss, let us check that out before you plug it in, ok?'

I mean "I" wouldn't just plug a thumb drive into my computer that someone I didn't know gave to me.
...At least until I could get it checked out somehow.

Daym, that's a big snake

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OH-bahmah told me........

You better shop around.

There's some things that I want you to buy now...

Just as sure as 0bamakare is going to blow now,
Your policies will surely, surely go now....
Before you tell them that they truly blow now...

Obama told better shop around!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Now one for the marines-

Where were you when Matthew Shepard was murdered?

I was in Port Aransas running a natural gas dept.

I remember not being able to get away from hearing about the "homophobia" involved in his killing.
Remember now? Every time you saw the TeeWee or listened to the radio- there it was......homophobia, gay-killing.

Except now, it turns out that his lover killed him because they were both meth-heads.

So now, how do I get back six months of my wasted time from the MSM hatemongers?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Liberals hate the military

Because it's not all about "feelings":

Stolen from Blue.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'd like to remind people

That this brew-ha-ha about the FAILsite of 0bamakare that's got everyone's undies in a wad...isn't 0bamakare, it's just a huge data vacuum of personal information for future Democrat fundraising.

The *real* 0bamakare is already in place and you can see the high cost, high deductible, low payout insurance plans that are the only ones available.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just something Navy-ish

What's his rank?

Maybe it's a feature, not a bug

This front-loading of all your private information on the 0bamakare site.

Did it occur to anyone that maybe they want to capture as much information as they can about you, whether you get insurance, or not?
I'd bet that we're going to be hearing about all kinds of political direct mail solicitations before Nov. 2014.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oliver Stone, these are YOUR people

Why do you have such a h8tred to the Black presidents administration doing what HE tells them to do?

Even in death....

They waste taxpayer Dollars.

Does each CONgressman get his own plane, too?

Monday, October 21, 2013

I had to quit listening to the radio today

Some arrogant bloviating prick was lying his way through some kind of speech about 0bamakare.
All the news breaks (FOX!) had to dutifully give him all the soundbites they could fit into their news minute.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

So, how's that Arab Spring working out?

Aren't you glad we have a posse of people who know all about "Smart Diplomacy" instead of a cowboy in office?

At least after Reagan had our F-111s knock on his tent door, Gadaffi got the message and stamped down on his terrorists. Now we have the "reformer" fighting Al Queda in Syria. Egypt is a mess and Iran is well on the way to being the Nuke supplier to the worlds terror regimes.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Did I mention we have trees?

This picture doesn't do them justice and U-toob is being slow today, so have a pic until g00gle gets it's self unclustered.
7:15 AM...finally.

Now THAT's a tree!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AND... according to the g00gle machine

And it's aerial spies...

We have game trails!

Below that caliche turnaround is a pile of old shingles that look like came from a dumpster...
On the good side (??) I think he found the lid of the septic tank.

Now we need some game cameras....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movin on up.....

to the Southside....

Found 10 acres north of Poteet, Tx about ten miles closer to work with big (huge actually) oak trees deer tracks and hopefully hog.

Yep, we're finally going to be able to build that straw bale house and shoot pig from the back porch.

Ohh...........and we have cell reception!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

One more time, only harder!

The first fiscal "cliff"-
The second fiscal "cliff"-
The first budget "impasse"-
Amnesty (pt 1)
Obamakare "showdown"-
On tax increases-

................ And the Democrats say, just one more time, this time you can REALLY trust us.

When are we ever going to see this?

Friday, October 11, 2013

I used to know this guy

Seriously. If it's not him... I know him anyway.

Here's the deal, kids:
This is a Jeep Cherokee.  This is not a luxury SUV, or a maintenance-free disposable import.  It has solid front axles, wind noise, and character.
It's a Jeep.  It rides like a Jeep.  It drives like a Jeep.  All of these are GOOD things.
It is not new, it is not pristine, it is used.  This will be apparent in the pictures.

If you do not own a toolbox, have never changed your own oil, and are scared of firearms: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
If you have been posting on facebook all about how excited you are for pumpkin latte season: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
If you get offended easy and often, whine to your co-workers, and bitch a lot: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
If you feel you are owed anything in the world & have a bullshit job where you fail to produce: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
If you own a bieber album, white oakleys, affliction t-shirts, or those candy-assed stitched-pocket jeans: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.
If you consider the 2nd Amendment an anachronistic relic and have never owned a firearm: THIS VEHICLE IS NOT FOR YOU.

 If, however, you have BALLS OF STEEL and consider adverse weather an excuse to do stupid shit: THIS IS YOUR JEEP.
Do you laugh at danger, and tempt fate? 
Have you ever uttered the words, "Hold my beer and watch this ..."?
While bored at work do you pick targets at random and think, "I could hit that from here with the .22 ..."?
Have any of your friends quit hanging out because you were too much fun?
Do you have the number of a friend with cash memorized for bail?
When you pass an abandoned flatbed farm truck along a fenceline do you consider taking on another project?
Is your ol' lady really sick of the random piles of parts, greasy footprints, and empty beer bottles in the garage?
    -could you not care less?
Do you have Jalopnik saved on your laptop AND smartphone?
Do you own a service manual for every vehicle you ever owned?
Do you still miss your first ride?
Can you carry on a two hour conversation discussing tools, scars, and hi-lift jacks?
Remember when tool companies had the balls to put half-naked beauty queens on their calendars?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Tell me this is a parody

It has to be a parody because I don't know of any intact male who could spout these words without either gagging or busting out in a belly laugh.

I'm asking you to tell me that it is and that I missed the punchline in all my FF-ing and headdesking.

Monday, October 07, 2013

How f&cking petty can you get?

Well, knowing that president Thin Skin is in charge, and closing (and guarding) parking lots, sea shores and grassy parks- this is just one more reason to remind people why they shouldn't vote for childish Democrats again in November, or next November.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

So the big news today

...other than the temper tantrum involving the non-elected, non-caring, non-functional bureaucrats that infest the power structure of government is that Miley Cyrus has had topless (sort of) pics taken of her.

Sorry newsies. knowing that some skanky trollop has let her na-nas show isn't as much of a turn-on as seeing someone's high-beams when they didn't expect them to show.
Nope, no shock value when I'll get more than I ever wanted of her because she needs the publicity.

I may have chosen poorly

And I should have gone with that .44 MAG chambered Henry.
We went to the Black Rifle and Knife show today looking for ammo and hoping to find an aftermarket peep site with no happiness.

I would have been fine if I was in the market for anything black, because that's what 2/3's of the show was about.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I asked for comments in an earlier post

The one about the RIA 1911.

Well in the famous words of Rosanna Anna Dana- nevermind.

I went into town for an inspection on the PT Cruiser and to get some plumbing repair parts.
They didn't have what I wanted so i stopped into the feed & supply store to see what they had, and I walked out with this-
First- guess what it could be:
No cheating....