Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Tell me this is a parody

It has to be a parody because I don't know of any intact male who could spout these words without either gagging or busting out in a belly laugh.

I'm asking you to tell me that it is and that I missed the punchline in all my FF-ing and headdesking.


  1. Holy shit.

    Where do you find this crap?

  2. As yes. That's an old one. Bunch of man-ginas. Thanks for reminding me that this exists and that on the internet, nothing is forgotten, except those blog posts you worked real hard on years ago and then just evaporated.

  3. You have got to be kidding me. Right, these guys are trying to say they are different. "Good" men as opposed to all those "bad" men out there. GIve me a freaking break. Yep, people have been shitty to one another throughout history. There will always be assholes. Unless you, personally, have been one of those assholes, you have nothing to apologize for. The very apology perpetuates the feminist myth that men have anything to apologize for. Thankfully, someone made a response video

  4. I made it through a minute; had to flush my ears out with this: