Monday, February 28, 2011

I know what you're going to say

...EEwww- grosse!!

I just got done feeding the children some leftover spaghetti, and the little black one is on my lap helping me drink some wine.
See, she's not exactly swilling it, more like licking it off the rim. She likes blush, but won't touch Sangria.

Now I wait for all the PETArds to show up and accuse me of animal cruelty.

What? The alcohol kills the germs.

If I did want to buy a G.M. vehicle...

-Not that I would spend my money on something that stole 70% of their stockholders property to reward jackbooted union thugs...

But if I could get around that, why would I want to reward any existing GM dealership for their exceedingly generous contributions to the DNC and the 0bama machine?
Because in that (non)surprising bit of political retribution, the only dealers who didn't have their dealerships yanked out from under them were big time DNC donors.

Again- f*ck GM
-and Chrysler.

Oh come ON Nancy

You Democrats have had schools in Wisconsin shut down going on two weeks because your Unions are protesting on a sick-out.
But you want to try claiming you're FOR the children?

Pelosi said in a statement that the GOP's plan for a two-week spending bill cuts funding for critical programs.

"Republicans want to cut an additional $4 billion, which includes stripping support for some pressing educational challenges without redirecting these critical resources to meet the educational needs of our children," Pelosi said in a statement. "This is not a good place to start."

Nancy Pelosi -if you wanted a say in this years budget; I'd like to remind you- that if you had passed it SIX MONTHS AGO when it was due, you could have had anything you wanted in it.
BUT, no! You wanted to play some kind of 'got-cha' politics with the finances of the entire nation instead of doing your job.

Well at least for now you're still the leader of the new MINORITY that you so rightfully deserve.

Obama: "Stop dissing my money train"

Because the same people who are getting paid to protest, attack and beat up people who dare to disagree with them are being unfairly singled out.

The president, speaking Monday to a group of governors at the White House, warned against using public servants as scapegoats, a not-so-subtle reference to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) pursuit of legislation that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers.

“I don’t think it does anybody any good when public servants are denigrated, or vilified, or have their rights infringed upon,” Obama said.

On the wrong side again, huh Barry?

I read about North Dakota's 3.5 unemployment yesterday

So I kind of started looking at things. If I'm going to move up thee, I want a steady job, so I found what I think is their version of Texas' TML.
I found the list of member cities that have websites. Two things I've noticed is that the vast majority end in .com or .org instead of or some other non commercial address, and of the 15- or so that I've looked at only Bismark included job openings.

I've seen lots of openings, but I really don't want to explore them, because they don't pay enough foe me to really want to work outside in -50 degree weather, or pay state income tax.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I guess people are starting to arrive at the Oscars

From what I can see on my Yahoo home page and the pictures of those on the red carpet.
You know, if this wasn't a bunch of rich Hollywood lefties, and a group of conservatives wanting 'real' change in DC- someone might call them racists.

And some might mention the monochrome nature of the entire group who supposedly worships multiculturalism to the point of making color a job qualification.

But, since this is Hollywood, the fact that not one colored person got nominated isn't racism- because Liberals can't be racist.

Wherever you stand on issues

If we can agree with something, I'll go with you.
Just like Ex-Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah), when he warned about teabaggers.

Actually, we don't agree with that. What we agree on is this-
"If you're going to nominate a national candidate, don't make the mistake of assuming that those who attend the early caucuses and the early primaries speak for the nation as a whole," Bennett said on Fox News. "If you're going to have a national candidate, you'd better have a national view."

Which is why we had RINO for our Presidential bid. I'm still pissed about those east-coast Libs and yankees giving all those RINOs the thumbs up while the ONLY conservative dropped before the last 30 states got a chance top vote FOR him.

If all I have to choose from in 2012 is those f*cking retreads that LOST and no conservatives- I'm going top vote third party.

Yes, I'm STILL pissed about that B.S. slate Texas got to choose from in our primary.

Her name

Is Kimberly Joseph

You're welcome.

The one that seemed to start the whole hot redhead spokesbabe thing (no matter how big and black your eyebrows are) at Hughes Net is
Margaret Easley.

You're welcome again.

Aaaannnddd- speaking of red hair. I wonder if someone else famous got his hair idea from her?

Well that's good...I guess

According to the glowingly optimistic story from the KC Times we find that Govt. Motors made a profit of $4.7 Billion last year.

Which brings up the question- How much of that is going into repaying the $50 BILLION you got in a BAILOUT?

Here are some excerpts of that story, and since the new meme of the Left is "context", I'll add some.

It emerged in the summer of 2009 cleansed of huge debt and costly labor contracts[because they were taken over by the TAXPAYER], returned to the stock market in November[with an inflated IPO for more insiders to buy], and managed to make money even with auto sales near historic lows[It's easy to do when the TAXPAYER is paying the bills].

“I’m not sure anyone would have predicted a year ago that GM will deliver net income of $4.7 billion,” said the chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson [who doled out millions in bonuses and perks instead of repaying any of that $50 BILLION his company still owes].

Jeff Manning, president of UAW Local 31 at the plant, said it was terrific news, especially after the bankruptcy and the recession.[Because his union got 70% of stock that was stolen from the original investors- like your grandma. AND they all got rid of their retirement obligations via the taxpayer.]

Paul Broome, owner of Broome Cadillac in Independence[Whom we can assume was a BIG contributor to the Democrat cause-simply by the fact that he's still open for business], also said that this was the kind of news he preferred, especially compared with the concerns in 2009 about whether the company could be revived.

You know, MSM- maybe we should start putting things into context more.
I'll be glad to see how you do that next time you report on the GOP starving old people for reducing the increase of a .GOV handout.

Now this is going too far!

I mean even those Politically correct A-holes must know that changing THIS kickass song is just wrong.

What? They're changing that one. It's still wrong.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sirens song

I'm hopping between "Oh brother, where art thou" and "terminator II".

And Linda is pretty much what the guys I know would want- in shape, determined, smart and hot- with a plan.

Compared to the Sirens of 'Oh Brother".

Yeah, go ahead and listen.

Normally I gravitate toward the full figured, curvy ones. Ore the smart ones.
BUT- that middle Siren that goes for Pete...
She reminds me of a boss I once had, except boss was a natural red head, and gave off the impression that she could teach those girls a thing, or three.

Thinking good thoughts about you Judy ;-)

Ken Salazar, I have an idea

Since you and Stymie are all acting concerned about polluting the gulf again.
Which is why you say you're defying a Federal Judge in not permitting ANY drilling in continental waters.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that U.S. regulators would not bow to political pressure to restart deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before they are certain the oil-and-gas industry is capable of containing an oil spill like the one that followed last BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Salazar and Michael Bromwich--the head of the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, which oversees offshore drilling--were in Houston Friday to meet with oil industry executives to assess the spill-containment systems they have developed in the wake of nation's worst-ever marine oil spill.

So if you're so worried about a rapid response to problems at rig sites- how about this?
Let them drill on all that land you and Clinton put off limits ten years ago.

Which is why we even have to drill a MILE below sea level.

Because I remember YOU PEOPLE saying that 'even if we start drilling now, it will take ten years to get to the pump.'
Wait! THAT was four years ago, I remember having to QUIT a job because I couldn't afford to fill a Dodge Ram three times a week.

F*cking assholes!

One letter changes a whole post

I was over at Bluesuns' blog this morning and misread the word bread. It really changes the tone if you see an "O" in that word.

So, no 'blood for oil' this time?

I took three things away from this video:

  1. Quaddafi is getting his talking points civil discourse from the Democrats.
  2. Opie says we're not going to spill blood for oil- we'll do sanctions instead! Yeahhhh! Except that Libya has already stopped is main export- good move there Prez. Kickazz.
  3. Our next President doesn't hold back on his assessment of the administrations response.
"These people make the Keystone Cops look organized"

You know, if we only had someone- of either party (and no, I don't mean Mc Cain) that these people had any respect for, we might be able to put a lid on this. As much as I disrespected Bill Clinton- at least he wasn't afraid to toss a couple missiles into the dessert to get their attention.

But, hey! at least Teh WON will have made good on another campaign promise when gas hits $7/gallon.





Must be one of those people with an advance degree in something besides EDUCATION.

Like I said before- if your you're f*cking up in your job, you really shouldn't be bringing attention to it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I know I'm late on this

But f*ck it I'm a Honey Badger!

Because Honey Badger don't care.

1000 words

Ok, it was 1007.
...OR- do words not count if they're part of the picture?

Jeez, I'm so confused. Maybe one of those nuanced Liberals who can connect SARAH PALIN!!! to a bunch of union thugs in Wisconsin can tell me which is which?

It's not like George Bush did it- so why worry?

I thought privacy concerns were only a problem when the NAZI-ish Rethuglicans were wiretapping overseas calls to terrorists?

I'm confused. Aren't you always telling us whenever you Liberals want to intrude on our personal lives even more...that if we're not doing anything wrong- that we shouldn't worry?

So why do you have a problem with the Obama machine checking out a writers credit and phone records?

My dear Mr. Legend

Whoever you are.

Can I call you John?
Your singing voice made you a millionaire and that's cool. I don't begrudge you getting what you can through talent and hard work, really.

What I do disagree with you about is the way you want the government to make you pay more taxes.
If you feel the government should get more of your money- tell your accountant to write a check to: U.S. Dept. of Treasury. Then put in however much you think you underpaid in taxes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunbathing in sunny south Texas

I was warm and sunny down here, so we took an opportunity to let the girls sunbathe.
Naturally, when you have two girls enjoying the sun, you have some washed-up jock in a bad toupee trying to chat them up.

I was experimenting with the phone cam.
If you want to turn the volume to max on everything- you can hear birds and the cat going "mip, mip, mip" about halfway through.

Nasso fasst there Mr. Teh WON

Remember when you said we could bypass the TSA molesters (who want to unionise BTW) by taking a train?

I guess nobody told Oberster SA-Führer Napolitano about those train exemptions.
Because the best time to stop something is AFTER they all got off the train in Savannah.

H/T to Brock

I guess they ran out of signs

That reminded everyone of how laid-back and peaceful the Union supporters really are.

Like this typical Rhode Island doosh:

Or this tuff guy roughing up a 5'1" Tabitha Hale:

Then you have the guy who's tough when there's someone holding him back:

But when you've had 75 years of the Liberal media covering your back, it's hard to remember the new tone of politeness in politics.
Right U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-mAS)?
Because we're so used to calling for blood, that it slips out without a forethought.

Looking beyond the obvious

Take a good look at this picture:

It's obvious that these people have been educated by a bunch of losers (on both sides of the border) and their anti-American aztelan crap.

Here's a little commonsense history for you vatos.
If your family was here back when we PAID Mexico for EVERY acre we won from them in 1848- you would already BE citizens.
That includes you in lower AZ and N.M. who became citizens under the Gadsden Purchase ...if you even ever heard about it. Which I doubt because it doesn't involve demonizing America for something you don't find convenient to your political beliefs.

OH, and speaking of someones "homeland"- why do you speak spanish?
Like- someone from say SPAIN conquered the land your indian ancestors lived on?
What about the indians YOUR ancestors pushed out?

When you take care of your responsibilities to them, maybe we'll talk.

...And speaking of occupied territories and lack of awareness:

I'll take that analysis with a bowl of salt, please

See, there's this huge mega-corp that got even bigger by the favors that they received from the 'Most open and ethical administration 2.0". Then used to stabilize diverse mulitinational outreaches.

They looked at the House budget numbers and do not approve.
Because if they and their Wall Street coonyaws aren't getting intravenous injections of .GOV money by the tankload- then it's bad for the economy.

"Under the House passed spending bill, the drag on GDP growth from federal fiscal policy would increase by 1.5pp (percentage points) to 2pp in Q2 and Q3 compared with current law," according to Alec Phillips, who signed the analysis that is dated Tuesday.

Democrats, who want to maintain spending this year at around current levels, seized on the Goldman Sachs analysis.

Do you Democrats realize that if you would have passed this years budget when it was do-SIX FARGING MONTHS AGO- you could have had whatever you wanted in it.

So, like our ever increasing population from the south says- lo F*cking siento buddy.
Live with it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iowa now

That's three states that the Union thugs are trying to overthrow.

Only 54 more to go before it's a complete wash.

Since WE can't evacuate Tripoli

Because the brain trust in DEECEE never saw the uprising in Libya happening in time.
So nobody knew we might need to get people out if things went south and made ANY kind of plans that way...
And the U.K. has a ship standing by for their people, maybe we could use our longstanding histo,,,,,,,,,, Oh, yeah- that's right.

But at least we're keeping a lazerlike focus on what's going on in Madison, Wisconsin and the duly elected government over there.

I forgot about Presidents Day

Looking at their top 100 signs

I'm going to have to assume that Buzzfeed is a bunch of Libs.
The 'Imperial Walker" was old as soon as I saw the second one- ok?

Yes kid, you should be in school. So should your teachers.

I'm so out of touch with popular 'youthful' fads that I have no idea...

Not if you're one of the 2/3 of eighth grade students who, you know- CAN'T

If you really did, shouldn't you be in class? See the above.

Has he been kidnapped? What are you doing at a rally? How long has he been missing?

At least I can spell my own trade.

I will, and I'll remember where you were instead of filling them :-)

Minnesota had a teacher sick-out, too?

Because you see it every time you see a mirror! What does Sarah Palin have to do with this sick-out?

Trust me Union Hack, people are watching...

Aren't they fixing to go on strike soon?

Probably more than bused in NYC Union thugs.

And the rest were stupid childish fail you expect from highly educated eletist Liberals.

Which begs the question then

If the Providence school board is going to fire all of its teachers at the end of the year- what is the need to have a school board?

I'm no fanboi of teachers unions, but even THEY by themselves couldn't put the district $40 million in the hole. The article doesn't say how long they've known about the problem, or what- if anything they tried before.

Two things come to mind about this:
I spent my last two years at the Newport Naval station, and can't remember one good thing about that state. Being as Liberally f*cked up as I remember it being all the way back to 1989- I'm not surprised they waited until the last minute to go all chainsaw on the only reason for their existence.

Don't I remember something like this happening last year in R.I. too?

Chicago had an election while nobody watched yesterday

And in a move that I'm sure surprised absolutely no one, Rahm Emanuel took enough of the dead peoples votes to win 55% and avoid a runoff.

Rham's voters on the way to the polls.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This video reminds me of a joke I used to hear

about the Madison street department-

What's beige and sleeps three? A city truck!

I can't remember ever seeing Ann Althouse in a clear picture, but she sounds kinda hot... in a thoroughly law professional way.

You can see those two city trucks wasting time, fuel and salt as they support the Unions on Capitol Square.
Not only are they doing that, but they look like they're breaking traffic laws to do it. I have a CDL so I notice things like that, if you want to take a good look at the light just above the passenger fender on the left hand truck when the count hits 2:48 and watch them not even hit their brakes...

And again at 3:53 you can see the lights change from amber to they cruise thru.
But then again, I guess there are special rules for Union drivers supporting protesters and blowing your horns.

It's Indanas turn

To watch their Democrats bravely run away from their governing responsibilities they were voted in to use.
So they can stop those Rethuglicans from voting to reign in the public sector Unions.

Are ther going to be Union thugs bussed in from NYC, too? Cleveland has lots of corrupt Unions, right? And it's closer.
And the Community Organizer-in-Chief will be backing them, too.
Telling everyone that those Dems are doing a good job by stopping a dangerous set of legislation for harming the workers of America.

Yeah, right.
If it's good when Democrats stop the state governments from doing their jobs-

How are their Media Lapdogs going to try spinning the DeeCee shutdown?
That wouldn't have happened if the Democrats running Congress had done their jobs SIX MONTHS ago and passed a budget.

And now for something completely different

Now you know more about our formerly best ally than our Community-Organizer-in-Chief.

Via Wilson

This will show my age-

I remember when the Wisconsin education system was one of the best in the nation.

My how times have changed.

...only 32 percent of Wisconsin public-school eighth graders earned a “proficient” rating while another 2 percent earned an “advanced” rating. The other 66 percent of Wisconsin public-school eighth graders earned ratings below “proficient,” including 44 percent who earned a rating of “basic” and 22 percent who earned a rating of “below basic.”

See, if I knew I was doing such a crappy job- I sure wouldn't be drawing attention to it. I sure wouldn't if I knew how my employers were LOOKING for problems.

Wisconsin public school eighth graders once again scored an average of 266 out of 500 on the NAEP reading test. Meanwhile, Wisconsin public schools increased their per pupil expenditures from $4,956 per pupil in 1998 to 10,791 per pupil in 2008. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator the $4,956 Wisconsin spent per pupil in 1998 dollars equaled $6,546 in 2008 dollars. That means that from 1998 to 2008, Wisconsin public schools increased their per pupil spending by $4,245 in real terms yet did not add a single point to the reading scores of their eighth graders and still could lift only one-third of their eighth graders to at least a “proficient” level in reading.

But, then I don't have a Masters of Ed, and I'm used to having to show results.

If I was any kind of supervisor in Wisconsin

And someone handed me one of those bogus DR. notes- I think the conversation would go something like this...

Me: "What's this?"
Union Thug: "That's my medical excuse for a week and a half."

ME: "It doesn't say what your problem was."
UT: "Section 305.83 part 37- Subsection b of the last contract says that privileged information and you can't ask."

"OK, I don't see any address on here, where did you go?"
UT: "I was visiting some relatives in Verona (SW of Madison) and they took me to this guy in Madison."

"There is no pone number."
UT:"He said to use the e-mail, he had to cut staff."

"You know I'm going to fight this."
UT "you can't Section 303.85 part 37 Subsection n says you have to pay me for sick time if I have a DRs excuse."

"If I don't get a legitimate phone number and business address..."
UT "Don;t try pulling that sh1t on me- I didn't just start here."

"Dude- You can sik tour Union lawyers on me, but I have a legitimate question about this note and until I hear from HR that they got a bill from this DR.- I'm not paying you."
UT" "YOU CAN'T dock my pay."

"The ONLY reason you're back here right now is that I haven't put it to the board yet that you just proved that your position isn't essential, and we'll be looking at it the next budget session."

..."anything else?" "There's the door."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi, my name is Kurt

and I am here to admit to you all that I-
A Conservative heterosexual thru-and-thru [except the good gay thing....hunny...;-) ]

have to admit that I have a mancrush on this guy:

and the way he unloads on that Islamaphile from CAIR.

Grab you newfangled Jiffy-pop and warm up the TV

I'll be right there with the sodapop.

Because today we're going on a Med-cruise.

Something's not right here...

with this sign.

Here, let me fix it for you...

There, all better!

There's an old saying

If you 'really' want to know why someone is doing something- Follow the money.

In spit of the flowery words from the liberal media and the hate filled rhetoric (that I notice no-one is calling to put a halt to) of the Union thugs- no one has really goit to the bottom of the whole thing.
And the Unions certainly don't want anyone knowing.

I don't know if Steven F. Hayes caught it when he wrote it.
But it's there in black and white. What the whole thing is about and why the unions and Obama need to stop this legislation here and now.

In the last sentence of the fourth paragraph:
What’s more, Wisconsin teachers pay as much as $1100 each year in compulsory union dues. If the legislation passes, they will no longer be required to pay thosee dues – returning that money to their own pockets.

Do you know what that means?
Walker wants to turn Union friendly Wisconsin into a right-to-work Texas.

...And speaking of old sayings, Texas has one relating to that.
"Union is a bad word down here."

Calling all John Edwards wannabes

Yes, all you trial lawyers who want to make a name for yourselves- and a financial killing at the same time.

All you have to do is find ONE person who was really sick or suffering that got one of those gimme excuses- that didn't get treated.

BINGO- with the way people feel about those Unions just won yourself a medical practice AND an insurance company.

Meanwhile,,,in Oz

If guns weren't outlawed, would it be a "shooty thing"?

That blonde is either clueless or a good poker player.

Via DPuD

When is Obama going to

call for Gov. Walker to step down?

Look it at it-
He's pro America
Was put into power Constitutionally
Has unruly mobs protesting him.
Team Obama is working with the Unions...

Because he's been on the wrong side of Americas interests on everything I can remember his entire Presidency.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now we know why 0bama idolizes himself

It's all right there in the headline and header.

No need to say more.

I check my spam-mail every so often

Here is an e-mail and a reply:

> How are you?
> We happily announce to you the draw of the United Nations programs held on
> the 30th January, 2011 in Nigeria. Your e-mail address attached to ticket
> number: 564 75600545 188. You have been compensated with the sum of
> $500,000.00 USD and payment will be remitted to you via western union money
> transfer.
> USD$5,000 has already be send to you since last week but we were unable to
> give you the information on phone for the past days but due to bad network
> here, So we decided to send you the details via email today.
> Here is the western union information to pick up the USD5000.00.
> MTCN : 782 543 4236
> AMOUNT SENT: $5000.00 USD
> Thanks
> Mrs. Linda Hall


Talk about a coincidence! Just the other day I was telling the wife:
"Gee, I wish I could win half a million Dollars in a lottery that I never heard of>"

...And--POOF here you are!


Hey, I'm a giving kind of guy and would probably just turn around and hand it to some needy charity case.
So, since you people are always running to us in the U.S.- lets cut out the middle-man and you just keep that money.


Seoladh na longa Dragon!

agus nuair a bhíonn ár creach déanta, ceiliúradh againn le meá!

Bailigh leat-fhoghlaim chun brew ar na lámha ó shaineolaí!

As we watch with a laser like focus

on the Union temper tantrum unfolding in Madison and soon cities near you, things are happening in other places.

These things are really dictatorships- you union thugs and the DNC might want to learn about. They're out shooting their own people, not asking you to pay 5% of your OWN pensions.

In other important news

Sarah Ferguson will not be going to the royal wedding.

Poor Sarah, I'll be glad to let you party at my house.

Mmmmmmm. Redheads, with brains and bodies....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

For someone who grew up watching good British TeeWee

Like Benny Hill, Monty Python, The Two fat ladies, Top Gear, Dr. Who and the rest of the best of BBC.

She sure doesn't mind sitting on front of that overblown dialogue with fast repartee and the obligatory plot twists that are NCIS, CSI whatever City, and the rest of those police 'dramas' right Bones?

But what does it mean?

Who wants to take a stab at interpreting this sign/omen/portending,,,whatever.

Now, don't you feel bad?

This dedicated professional is using her life as an example of why public Unions need their fully paid bennies.

Just push that pen and paper aside, you don't need to do any math because we need to empathize with her predicament.

Stolen from Joel

Now stop laughing- she's serious!

This video from yesterdays taxpayer funded protest

I waded through the whole thing so you don't have to put yourself through the trouble.

You're welcome:-)

Wisconsin Government Worker Union Protests, February 17, 2011 from WPRI on Vimeo.

If you put it on full screen, you can enjoy almost being there, except for the lack of patchouli oil smell.
You won't miss much except for the worn out chants from the 60's if you want to forward to

5:14- what is that last word of the tolerant Liberals sign? "Walker not allowed in my classroom I won't tolerate....." what? Teacher, you get a D- in penmanship!

5:26 It wouldn't be a hippie anti-government protest without a DRUM CIRCLE!!! Yeayyyy!!!

The ten seconds between 6:30 and 6:40 Mr. Blue coat tells every one the REAL reason they're there.

6:53 Someone doesn't know her world history, or her cinematic lore. WTF?

And finally our star pupil of the day walks up with her sign at 7:30.
If you don't go anywhere else- go there. Srysly.

There are several comments about our stouthearted protesters that you might notice.

FIRST- Did anyone notice the color theme going on clothing-wize? (yeah, I know it's home turf for the Badgers,,,but that's not the only thing red represents)

SECOND- Did anyone notice a lot of people besides the protesters? Want to know why they weren't there? ...Because they were WORKING to earn money to pay those Union thugs.

THIRD- There don't seem to be a whole lot of racial diversity in those Unions does it?

Remember when it was 'bad' to target people?

Way back about a month ago...
Because it was a cheap sleazy way to attack Sarah Palin.

When putting a target on a MAP was an invite to kill?
But when you're a taxpayer funded Union thug, this-

Has no bearing on the snip I madeof this teachers Union rag.

Because overpaid Union thugs who can take time off from their non-necessary make-work job would NEVER go as far as committing violence against anyone who isn't in lockstep with them- right SEIU?

"It can't happen here"

Yes it can- and did.
69 years ago today.

A Liberal Democrat used his executive powers to strip the Constitutional rights of tens of thousands of the stroke of a pen. Because we don't want a crisis to go to waste.

I'd bet my next paycheck that anyone who's gone to our .GOV schools in the last 20 years wasn't taught about executive Order 9066 because it makes FDR look bad.
Because in retrospect- except for that whole showers and ovens and slave labor thing, there wasn't much difference between the Jews and Japanese.

But Kurt- you say- we didn't kill innocent people in massive numbers!
No, we didn't. that time.

BUT, give a listen to the unhinged hate from what's becoming the mainstream Democrats and wonder what would happen if they ever became guards in those camps?
OH, and they'll probably be members of the SEIU- given that purple is the new brown.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear overcompensated Union thugs

You have a Chicago political hack, a Democrat MINORITY leader in the House (who used to be a majority leader) all kinds of racebaitng extortionists, the DNC and probably your buddies the communist party all supporting you.

Guess what? There are A LOT more of us than their are of you.
You're not making a lot of friends where your money and votes come from.

Especially the ones that don't earn $50K+ for eight months of work plus another $50K of bennies.

But, hey Keep going- bring it to as many localities as you want, we'll appreciate the footage in two years!

Something else I just found out. The Wisconsin law says that if school is closed for any unscheduled event (like a teacher sick-out) ALL weekend school functions will be canceled. Just think "of the children".

And cheerleaders.
And the Chess club.
And the Debate team.
And thespians.
And the glee club.
And gymnasts.
And the remedial kids.
Did I mention girl gymnasts?

UPDATE part- the second

As noticed at Powerline-
When will the MSM notice that the vast majority of protesting Union thugs are white?

They're already done?

A one day protest is all they had the energy for?
That's some heartfelt commitment there guy.

Well no wonder they just dropped their cr@p where they stood and walked off.
I guess Madison will need to hire some private contractors to clean that mess, since the bussed in Union Hacks can't be bothered to pick up after themselves.


Ohhh....So they're still protesting.

My bad. Seeing all that trash just left there, I didn't know the Unions were making new signs every day.

A voice from the past

Far back to when the sun never did set on the British empire.

Alfred Lord Tennyson reading "The charge of the Light Brigade" on Edison's marvelous wax cylinder.

Just be warned of the downloads that may be required.

Something Scott Walker needs to say


The teachers Unions who shut down their underachieving school systems, we'll find someone else that wants to do their best "for the children".

You Union thugs on the public payroll who are here protesting and picketing private property and threatening women and children just proved that your jobs aren't needed.

Gov. Walker, it's too bad you just can't go all PATCO on them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If anybody is wondering "What pistol for a 77 year old grandma?"

Well, according to Bea, it's a Ruger .45 single six.

Because she can control it better than one of those "ladies guns."

Sidenote- Google doesn't recognize Ruger as legit, but thinks it should be Luger.

Dirty hippies reliving their youth

Up in Madison, Wisconsin right now there are union thugs harassing and threatening innocent women and children while their teachers union is closing schools in a sick-out.

The drama in Wisconsin unfolded in a jam-packed Capitol. Madison police and the State Department of Public Instruction estimated the crowd at 25,000 protesters, the largest number yet.

Demonstrators stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the building's hallways, sat cross-legged across the floor and made it difficult to move from room to room.

Protesters clogged the hallway outside the Senate chamber, beating on drums, holding signs deriding Walker and pleading for lawmakers to kill the bill. Some others even demonstrated outside lawmakers' homes. Hundreds of teachers called in sick, forcing a number of school districts to cancel classes. Madison schools, the state's second-largest district, with 24,000 students, closed for a second day

Because the duly elected Governor and Republican part of the State Senate were trying to do what they were elected to do...which was to try to save the states finances.

Except that they can't because they don't have a quorum, since the Democrats showed the same backbone as the did in Texas in our lawful redistricting- they ran away. Now, they're in hiding like the pussy's they really are.


They located those Dems in a brothel just over the Illinois state line. Of course we'd expect them to head towards the other band of thieves.

Now I have two questions-
  1. Are they doing to get paid for this crawfishing?
  2. Are they going to try expensing it? Or is the Perfessers Organizing for America going to pick up the tab?

Bush-0bama cagematch

Interesting poll from the Liberally slanted PPP poll. Which is a little ambiguous in its narrative.
Take this lead para:

44% of voters in the country say there's no way they'd support another Bush Presidency. Only 14% say they'd definitely favor one, and 39% say they'd consider it. The Republican base is decently open to the idea of another Bush- only 10% distinctly rule out the possibility. But a majority of Democrats at 73% and most notably a majority of independents at 50% shut the door to another President Bush. Perhaps those feelings will change in the coming years but it's unlikely they'd shift enough by next November to allow Jeb to win an election that soon.
Are they talking about another "W" presidency, another of the Bush family- or are they mixing it up to make it look worse?
My guess is the last.

When you look at this poll, remember two things-
  1. Teh WON has almost every lamestream media outlet cheering him on and sugar coating what they can't hide.
  2. W had that same Leftist media dogging and bad mouthing everything he did or said.
Interestingly though asked who they'd vote for if George W. Bush was allowed to run against Barack Obama for a third term next year, voters only go for Obama by a 48-44 margin

The raw data is here in PDF if you're interested.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Monday night Victory

From so far back that NBC didn't hide it's pride in American awesomeness:

This time it's beginning the march back to Japan...

Yes, the Sea Bees kicked ass here too...

So I've got "Sons of Guns" as background noise

It's that new show on the Discovery channel about coon-ass gunsmiths modding modern rifles and making repos.

Anyway, this episode has them recommissioning Tommy guns for a local sheriff.

Changing a semi-auto Thompson sub-machine gun into a selective fire automatic machine gun.

For cops.

Except for the ones that come in here, I haven't met a whole lot of ... ummm.....very mechanically inclined or ummm... well...competent po-po in my gas leak responses. You know, like being able to follow directions.

So here we have a marvel of 1920's ingenuity that has such tight tolerances that without being kept meticulously clean and lubed- won't work.

They found that out in WWII.
And it shoots a .45ACP.

Even that poodle shooter we've had since the 60's has more close up knockdown power because it's a RIFLE ROUND. And it's easier to fieldstrip.

Why, except for the cool factor, would anyone use a Tommy gun instead of an AR platform, or even an AK style?

When you listen to those talking heads

And they're praising the wonderful wisdom of the masses, or whatever the meme is that day, think of this video because that's real close to what "the Arab street" believes.

Sleep well.

The myth of Big Ed.

And why it's a lie.
I'm sure everyone reading this blog has grown up hearing that "without a college education, you won't be able to get a good job."

I didn't do much more educational wise than Naval courses after I graduated from High school. Some of them were college level, but probably not accreditable.
Right now I'm out of work. I've been offered a job whenever the Navy gets off it's collective @ss and finishes my background investigation, but I'm still applying for jobs.
There are quite a few that I could fill with my knowledge of electricity, construction, heavy equipment and background in the Natural gas industry- BUT I'm not eligible because I didn't spend two years going into debt so someone could sell overpriced textbooks to me.
Now that tuition is skyrocketing and Pefezzer 0bama has his .GOV claws in the student loan scam, the only people who are going to be able to pay off their loans will be working for the government. Because everyone else will be working for not much more than minimum wage because of the dilution of those useless degrees.

In construction, we have QC engineers that we have to call for compaction tests when we backfill. They come out with a machine that measures density via radiation. They also do slump tests on concrete pours. I learned how to do both when I was a Sea Bee. I can't even apply for an entry level position at $12/hr because I don't have an engineering degree- besides I'm used to making a lot more.

Because the time I would have wasted making rich professors even richer in college; I learned not only a trade in the Navy but just what kind of a sh1thole the rest of the world is- and how well America stacks up.
No wonder Liberals hate the military.

So, Clarence Thomas should recuse himself?

This entire article is talking about the possible conflict of interest that Clarence Thomas might have in the upcoming 0bamaKare hearing in the Supreme Court because his wife is a Teabagger. These must be serious charges because the writer keeps bringing up Democrat Lawmakers and their talking points.

Nowhere in the article is a mention that the *koff* distinguished legal mind of the 0bama insider--who WORKED ON the legalities--Elana Kagen even mentioned.
As long as we're looking at possible conflict of interest and recusing themselves. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has cancer, how will this ruling affect her care?

And what about the wise Latina whose political base- LULAC, MALDEF, LA RAZA... are all going to be telling her how to rule?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Texas we have a saying about loyalty

It's called riding for the brand.

Which pretty much means you'll do whatever it takes to keep the cows safe. That you'll put yourself in danger and even die to protect a cow worth $1.25.

Because You gave your word to the owner that you'd give your all for a fair return when the herd got to Kansas City.

Now that the owners of HuffPo got $315 million for the content their free writers built, will those same writers keep writing for free? Will the Liberal owners of the Huffington Post think about redistributing the wealth to those who gave their time and talents to make rich people more wealthy?

Or, as is more likely- those greedy rich owners of HuffPo will continue to hoard their excessive wealth from those that deserve it.

So, will those same writers keep giving free content? Making the rich even richer just so they can get whatever honors for writing for the brand?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Watch this video

Now, this video is old-ish. But now that they're in service, everybody wants one.

It's a 25MM cannon. Plus all the battery powered sooper scoping crap hanging off of it.

Does anyone remember the reason the reason the .GOV still makes our troops carry a poodle-shooter instead of something useful?



How much ammo each Troop can carry.


I'm still #1 on Google images for Chelsea Clintons nipples.

Is CNN catching any of these Iranian protests?

Because if not, then Prezident 'TEH GRIPPER' , his CIA nor his State Dept. will know that there are protesters in the Streets of Iran demanding---CHANGE.

Any bets on when the Slurpee King will call for the Mullahs to step down.
Before he demands a shift in leadership.
And then a gradual change by popular referendum.

Before Sarah Palin becomes the national focal point until this is done.


Don't you love it when it bites some of the most deserving?

Embrace it Sean, that's what you're fighting for.
A bigger, more controlling and intrusive government that doesn't care how much you contributed to it's growth.

Don't let it harsh your mellow there, Spicoli.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ok guy, I appreciate your being there

and the training and danger you put yourself in.


If I just wasted nine, million Dollar missiles on three abandoned trucks that you already took out with guns....and MISSED all nine times, I wouldn't have put it out for everyone to see.

Just saying,,,

You mean that's NOT Kim Kardashian's real @ss?

You're trying to tell me that there are women out there who actually want a butt so big it takes an entire roll of T.P. to finish the job?
That there are more than just a few flakes out there that want to be required to wear a back-up alarm anywhere near a construction site?

Yeah, well I'm white, hate rap, didn't grow up in the Projects and don't admire that whole gangbanger lifestyle.

Don't go in Kim!
0bama's trying to KEEP the oceans from rising!

Happy Valentines Day hunny

The Reverend sends you his love.

And to you over at GoProud, he's thinking about you today, too.

And you motor heads, he didn't forget you either.

And here's even some love for you Liberal gals out there ;-)

One more shout-out to Anne Coulter!

The Gipper, huh?

How about something more realistic?

Because I saw this and just had to share.

Because I'm nice like that.

You may want to swallow that...

Because, really quién es más macho?

That's a good expression for the 0bama toutch

The 0bama undertow.

Because what could be better to describe the reverse Midas touch TEH WON brings to everything he backs?

WOW! Now I get it, he's using his power of FAIL by backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Genius!

Looking at Drudge this morning

I can envision some telephone calls to the Community Organizer in Chief-

From Yemin and Algeria Asking 0bungler to keep quiet,

And the king of Saudi Arabia TELLING teh Zipper to keep his piehole closed.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To any singers out there

Who are given the honor of singing the National Anthem ...anywhere.
Whenever you decide to 'make it my own' when you go off script:

This is what YOU think it sounds like-

THIS is what everyone else hears-

There are three things to take from this video

First Conservatives DO have a sense of humor.

Second Andrew Breitbart is either a good poker player or halfway agreed with Jimmy.

Three Jimmy McMillan is a stand-up guy. He's the ONLY Republican male I've heard stand up for Sarah Palin (forward to almost the end).

Someone else just got 40 stitches

...And she's a basketball cheerleader.
Who stayed through their routine to help place 4th overall.

...And Prez Kickazz got 40* 12 stiches plying B.ball.

Did they call the game?

With all these people getting hurt in the name of basketball, maybe we need to look at regulating it?

* Sorry, I was thinking of the days he was doing his Egypt thing wandering in the desert.

BTW...Prez Kickazz...

You might want to look at Yemen.

I don't know if it's on CNN or Al Jazzira yet- so maybe the CIA and State Dept. haven't heard about it yet. They need those community organizing skills you just used in Egypt over there now.

Can anyone in the know tell me why

It's taken over two months for a basic Navy background check?
I really doubt that it's top or even sooper sekrit clearance that I need to refuel trainers at a south Texas air training command.

Has the NIS been taken over by TEH WONs Clown Posse?
Are they all busy watching CNN and Al Jazzera for foreign intelligence?

I talked to two people I had for background references yesterday and neither has been contacted yet.

I mean WTF?

Friday, February 11, 2011

I never really liked Winnie the Pooh anyway

But Piglet shouldn't have ended that way.

Are they going to turn the 100 acre woods into a Solar Array next?

How time flies

Do you realize 32 years ago we had a clueless Democrat in power who watched helplessly as protesters took over Iran and were praised for their fighting for freedom and overthrowing oppression? When our President backed the protesters against a friendly leader.

Just like Egypt today.
Because who's in charge, again?

My President shouldn't need 30 25 months on a learning curve

Ok Oprah?
"I feel that everybody has a learning curve, and I feel that the reason why I was willing to step out for him was because I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart," the influential TV host said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in Chicago.

Of the negative mood of the country, Oprah added, “I think everybody complaining ought to try it for once.”

Except, Oprah- I 'KNOW' I'm not qualified even if I am eligible. Wanna see my birth certificate?

BUT if somehow I ended up there, we'd have actual, you know...COMPETENT people instead of political hacks appointed as a reward for breaking election laws.

The high capacity magazine

And the reason GFWs want to ban them is to keep people from shooting too fast- right?

Are we only going to ban certain styles?
Certain calibers?
Certain assemblies that we don't like?

Are we going to make sure 'assault rifles' are made so they can't shoot too fast?

If you're going under the caliber and 'assault rifle" thing, then this magazine of Nancy R. would be banned.
Because it works on an .80 cal weapon that was high tech for it's day and used in the most advanced militaries known to man, and allows for much more rapid shooting than a rifle without it.

But, if we want to be sure no one is able to fire more than one round at a time, then we'll mandate single shot pistols!
YES, that way the gunman can be taken down before he fires another shot!


Except it's been thought of before...

BUT- I'm not one of those Liberals who want to control what you can shoot.
As far as I'm concerned you can make your own eebbile black rifle with double redundant multicromatic search-lasers with RCP launching gas powered piston rails....AND a bayonet lug if you want to pay for it.
Me, I'm more of a traditionalist.

It's not like it's their money or anything

So why not give huge bonuses to the managers that got you those farging HUGE taxpayer funded bailouts? These are the same people who's decisions helped run GM and Chrysler into the ground, aren't they?

The only people that had anything bad happen to them were the CEOs.
And the taxpayers.
And the stockholders who lost 70% of their personal property for a Union payback.

So why not give your managers anywhere from 12% to 50% of their yearly salary in bonuses- especially the geniuses in the advertising department that paid MORE than the going rate for their Super Bowl ad.
I'd take it too, it's not like they are really paying back the .GOV anywhere close to what they owe from profits.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not even going there

WE have a billion dollar spy organization (plus the uncounted Black Ops. stuff) and they're getting their Egyptian intel from CNN?

Somebody needs to refund his entire CIA salary.

You're doin' a good job Leo!

You got that right, Tater

And if you recognize that from Ron White, you'll know this link is going to send you to an add-on you can appreciate.

Unlike this 0bama voter.

Caption it

The cookie! Save that cookie!!

It puts me in my happy place right now

Because I'm sitting in a nice warm house- and not on an exposed backhoe seven feet in the 25 degree air.

Or 35 feet above ground in a bucket truck fixing lights.

This is one of my failings

Even though I understand how devastating it is to loose part of your hand-
when I saw this clip, all I could think of was "Look, a talking raccoon."

I should feel bad, shouldn't I?

Can you believe that the Republican party

actually thought they could get enough votes to put this DOOSH in as the President?
Who's showing his statesmanshiplike skillz with his good friends at GMA

"We are paying a very heavy price for the mismanagement -- that's the kindest word I can give you -- of Donald Rumsfeld, of this war," he said while running for president in 2007. "I think that Donald Rumsfeld will go down in history as one of the worst secretaries of Defense in history."

The Rino got all butthurt because Rummy said this about our favorite maverick:
In the book, Rumsfeld had claimed McCain had a "hair-trigger temper" and "a propensity to shift his positions to appeal to the media.

US Weakly: "We don't care if it's a fake Palin quote."

We'll print ANY quote that's in any way damaging. Even if we KNOW it came from a satire news site.

Because we want all that free publicity Dan Blather got for his "Fake-but-accurate" hitpiece on the Rather biased cBS news show.

Maybe they were hoping to get some long lived fake quotes like the ones from some liberal actresss on a show that was funny...about 20 years ago.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

If you want to know more about Mubarak and Egypt than Obama does

Or any of his top apparatchiks trying to advise him, go here and read what Brock posts about the recent Egyptian history and the Muslim Brotherhoods place in it.

Go! Learn something.

Can someone explaine to me

WHY weren't babies and toddlers dying like flies back in the 30's- 40's-50's and 60's when everybody and their little brother smoked?

Because, apparently THIRD HAND smoke is almost as deadly as standing in front of a machine gun. Because the nicotine coats all surfaces in a deadly layer that converts anything it touches into something MUCH deadlier than just nicotine.

Thank you Sheila Jackson Lee

For being my rock of racial politics in an ever shifting landscape of political correctness.

You know, when I saw this Pepsi ad:

I though of the First Food Nazi.

But apparently I missed the entire racist slant- because I missed that glaring nuance.
"In this month of African-American history where we're trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor," she said. "It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman."

I do admit that I agree on one point she made:
Jackson Lee also said it would be great to have a lot more women in ads at the Super Bowl.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Don't you wish we had Russias' no-nonsense approach to terrorists?

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Russia – Russian authorities named a suspected suicide bomber of Moscow's airport and arrested his teenage brother and sister, officials said Wednesday.

BUT WAIT! Here's someone that has a problem with that:
A respected human rights activist from Ingushetia condemned the arrest of the underage suspects. "This is absurd and savage — to arrest people only because they are relatives of a suspected terrorist," Magomed Khazbiyev told the daily Kommersant.

Except that:
The ITAR-Tass news agency reported Wednesday, however, that the investigators had found traces of explosives used in the airport bombing on the hands of Yevloyev's arrested brother.

Kicking cats

No, I'm not doing it intentionally- or hard.

Thing-1 moved back to Texas for a job change and is living here for the time being.
She has two cats, one a small black feisty one named Electra (renamed by Karen as 'the little black biatch')

- the other is a mellow (ghey with a bad toupee, a rhinestone collar and generally sleeps with front paws demurely tucked away) named (geesh)...Mumu.
(I think he admires Liberace's clothes)

Anyway- it's windy and 25 outside, so I decide to check on Petunia.

I pour Electra off my lap and start walking to the cage when one foot poots a warm fury thing off to the side. Two steps later it's the other foot pooting her in front, and once more in the kitchen before I chase her away by yelling at her.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Of course she doesn't want money

That's why she hired a lawyer because a "Dora the XXXplorer"was factory wrapped from a Toys-R-us store. She only wants an apology...wrapped in a check with lots of zeros on it.

Huffing-Aol and the memory hole

Because Air America was such a big hit, right AOL?
Oh, you forgot, because...

...Huffington may be able to help AOL build a media organization with a distinct and successful voice similar to the approach News Corp. has used with Fox News, Enderle said.
“Yes, she’s got political views, but gosh, look how political views have worked for Fox,” Enderle said in an interview. “There’s certainly the opportunity to create a much more powerful liberal voice in the country. The fact that it hasn’t been done yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”
(my bold)

But that's ok because Arrianna will draw a bazillion new hits to an ever more Liberal website where only 20% of Americans admit to be anti-American Liberals.

I can see this turning out as well as AOL/TIME-WARNER did.

Monday, February 07, 2011

get ready for another installment of when NBC still love America

This time, we're starting to take the war to the Japs, without the fluttering of hands that it would now cause those same PC schedulers today.

I was going to make a comment about Christina Aguilera

But first HEY CHRYSLER- WE UNDERSTAND YOUR STILL PART OF AN INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT HANDOUT,- but for the f*ck sake, you just gave me ANOTHER reason for NOT buying anything you make by taking over half of Yahoo's home page with that big black blow-up ad.

Now to Christina and all the other celebs that get paid to sing and blow it unintentionally.
As opposed to intentionally shitting all over it.

You know, if Christina and all the other stars would sing the national anthem the way it was supposed to be sung- instead of all those B.S. extra notes ad swoopy things-----you probably WOULDN'T forget the lyrics.

Lynching a black man is ok- says the NAACP

If it's white Democrats Liberals saying it about a black Conservative.

On one hand it's surprising how many blacks unthinkingly are knee jerk Liberals.
On the other, we understand that Democrats and blacks have had a long history together and that Democrats understand how to twist blacks perceptions so as to become their protectors..again- just like up to 1865.

We also understand how, with a pliant media- some things just go down the memory hole.

THAT was refreshing

We had Fox news on and Dr. Michio Kaku was explaining that solar geologists made a mistake in their calculations about the next solar flare.

How about that? Yes an actual scientist admitted they made a mistake in their forecast.
I guess their wasn't a buttload of money involved in keeping the farce going.

Anyway, he admitted they were wrong by a factor of 20 in lowballing the effects of the sun reversing polarity (which it does every twelve years) and this time was going to be worse, because they also found a hole in earths magnetic field. Ooops.

The big reason it will be worse is that since the last bad one (about 22 years ago) is that we have a lot more satellites and sensitive electronic equipment to damage when it hits in 2012.

When the wife mentioned that that could be bead, I said "I guess we'll need to start making Faraday Cages for our electronic goodies". Then all we'll have to worry about is no cell phones and relying on land based cable until DirecTV gets a new satellite in orbit.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Pac by six

Guess which team the Chicago Jeezus was backing?

Yep, just like every losing team since he was Immaculated.

How long is The Won going to be able to skate?

Here he is (suprisingly) in an interview with O’Reilly saying that he inherited everything when he became Dhimmy Carter 2.0.

When O’Reilly said the president’s critics call him “a big government liberal,” Obama replied that he inherited a nation on the brink of an economic crisis. That situation required his administration to take a number of “extraordinary steps” to avoid a severe economic depression, Obama said.

"Over the first two years of my presidency, we had a complete disaster. Right? We had a complete crisis," Obama said. "The financial markets were breaking down. We were slipping into a Great Depression. And we had to take a bunch of extraordinary steps in order to make sure that the economy was growing again, which it is now, growing. Making sure that the private sector was creating jobs again. It's now doing that."

I notice nobody is going to remind him that HE was sitting in the Illinois Senate seat for two years - voting 'present' instead of doing something constructive.

He also reminded everyone getting the shaft that he's still a big .GOV Liberal who wants to see everyone on the poor house.

But when pressed Sunday during a live interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly on what political analysts say is a clear sprint toward the center, Obama dismissed the notion with a "no."

"I haven't -- I didn't move to... I'm the same guy," he said.

I just got a phone call from Bank of America

Karen is late on a credit card payment.
Isn't harassing people for a debt/late payment on a weekend and after a certain time at night, like..illegal?

I also found out that there is several websites dedicated to those 866- phone numbers,,,including one from the NRA.

Can we start panicking now?

Because the earths magnetic poles are moving at an increasing rate and will swap soon.
Which brings up some interesting questions and maybe technical and scientific reorganization.

So, when this gets done, are we still going to be in the northern hemisphere?
Will we still call north ...north?
Will our drains flow clockwise or counterclockwise?
Will the sun rise in the east or west now?

But for some it's even worse, because it's starting to dawn on some that the sun actually has an affect on our planet, and it can't be all man-made global ,,,ummmm,,,instability.

BUT wait, it gets worse!

Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.

Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.

When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.

Magnetic polar shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. It's happening again now to every planet in the solar system including Earth.

See, we Global warming climate freaks finally have to admit that the sun has something to do with climate....

CR@P :-(

To the man I was proud to serve under

Happy 100th Mr. Reagan.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Remember when I did that post about the internet kill switch?

and it looked like this...

What I forgot to mention to anyone in DEECEE that might wander in here is that


is what it will look like AFTER you throw that switch-

Oh, and we have deer rifles....

Not that that's a threat, or anything- just something that separates us citizens from serfs.

Send someone to just pick them up!

Foe Chrissake, that robot already dropped those grenades on the cement and then RAN THEM OVER without them exploding.

Does that operator have a license to drive that thing?
Just how many millions of dollars that that department throw away on WallE?

Forward to the 2:30 mark for the start of the fail and end whenever you get tired of watching Curly drive that thing with Shemp helping with Mini-E.

Dear DiGiorno pizza people

Just wanted you to know I can order COOKED pizza from here and even get it delivered for fifty cents LESS than you want at Wally-World.

Cognitive dissonance

A psychological conflict resulting from simultaneously incongruous beliefs and attitudes.

Enjoy 12 minutes of Chris Matthews trying to come to terms with the real life situation cause by amateurs trying to lead a nation.

Remember Chrissy, your Chicago Jeezus has had complete control over the .GOV and his political appointees -including intelligence- for over two years.
Enjoy the ride.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The best of the British invasion

Why we abandoned Mubarak

I was reading this post at Weasel Zippers when I realized the 'real' reason Mubarak has bus tracks on his back.

Even liberal Israeli papers like Haaretz are running similar op-ed pieces. The fact of the matter is Obama threw Mubarak under the bus but stood by idly when there was a similar uprising in Iran.

The reason 0bama didn't call for Ahmadinejad to step down during the Iranian riots was that Ahmadinejad has been working against America for over forty years but Mubarak was an American patsy who needs to be gone so a 'real' islamofascist can take over.

I'm at a loss for a title here

I "DO" know however that the first time I played it, I had two dogs watching and the second time was all three dogs and two cats.

I got there from here.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, I've got THAT going for me anyway

As I'm sitting here on unemployment, waiting for the Navy background check to finish.

We have about a 15 MPH wind blowing 25 degree air- At least I'm sitting in a nice warm house instead of 6 feet high on an open backhoe.

And speaking of lack of heat, is it me-or does it seem that a cast iron block puts out more feet-warming air than one of those aluminum engines? I just came back from a 20 mile round trip to Hondo and my temp. gauge didn't even bump 150 degrees.

And as long as were talking about car tech...
How are all you battery powered cars doing today? Getting lots of mileage out of those frozen batteries? How does using lights and resistance heating cut into your trip?