Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dirty hippies reliving their youth

Up in Madison, Wisconsin right now there are union thugs harassing and threatening innocent women and children while their teachers union is closing schools in a sick-out.

The drama in Wisconsin unfolded in a jam-packed Capitol. Madison police and the State Department of Public Instruction estimated the crowd at 25,000 protesters, the largest number yet.

Demonstrators stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the building's hallways, sat cross-legged across the floor and made it difficult to move from room to room.

Protesters clogged the hallway outside the Senate chamber, beating on drums, holding signs deriding Walker and pleading for lawmakers to kill the bill. Some others even demonstrated outside lawmakers' homes. Hundreds of teachers called in sick, forcing a number of school districts to cancel classes. Madison schools, the state's second-largest district, with 24,000 students, closed for a second day

Because the duly elected Governor and Republican part of the State Senate were trying to do what they were elected to do...which was to try to save the states finances.

Except that they can't because they don't have a quorum, since the Democrats showed the same backbone as the did in Texas in our lawful redistricting- they ran away. Now, they're in hiding like the pussy's they really are.


They located those Dems in a brothel just over the Illinois state line. Of course we'd expect them to head towards the other band of thieves.

Now I have two questions-
  1. Are they doing to get paid for this crawfishing?
  2. Are they going to try expensing it? Or is the Perfessers Organizing for America going to pick up the tab?

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