Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can anyone in the know tell me why

It's taken over two months for a basic Navy background check?
I really doubt that it's top or even sooper sekrit clearance that I need to refuel trainers at a south Texas air training command.

Has the NIS been taken over by TEH WONs Clown Posse?
Are they all busy watching CNN and Al Jazzera for foreign intelligence?

I talked to two people I had for background references yesterday and neither has been contacted yet.

I mean WTF?


  1. Should have put down you were in the country illegally. You would have been working the same day.

    Wait till this is the norm to schedule a doctor visit...

  2. No chit.
    Maybe I should have said I was a community organizer. Or A big Dem. contributor- I'd be rubberstamped then.

  3. You're running a right wing, anti-Hussein website and must be watched carefully........pretty soon you'll be banned at the Pentagon, as I am! Of course, you may be already, come to think of it. :)