Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I was any kind of supervisor in Wisconsin

And someone handed me one of those bogus DR. notes- I think the conversation would go something like this...

Me: "What's this?"
Union Thug: "That's my medical excuse for a week and a half."

ME: "It doesn't say what your problem was."
UT: "Section 305.83 part 37- Subsection b of the last contract says that privileged information and you can't ask."

"OK, I don't see any address on here, where did you go?"
UT: "I was visiting some relatives in Verona (SW of Madison) and they took me to this guy in Madison."

"There is no pone number."
UT:"He said to use the e-mail, he had to cut staff."

"You know I'm going to fight this."
UT "you can't Section 303.85 part 37 Subsection n says you have to pay me for sick time if I have a DRs excuse."

"If I don't get a legitimate phone number and business address..."
UT "Don;t try pulling that sh1t on me- I didn't just start here."

"Dude- You can sik tour Union lawyers on me, but I have a legitimate question about this note and until I hear from HR that they got a bill from this DR.- I'm not paying you."
UT" "YOU CAN'T dock my pay."

"The ONLY reason you're back here right now is that I haven't put it to the board yet that you just proved that your position isn't essential, and we'll be looking at it the next budget session."

..."anything else?" "There's the door."

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