Friday, February 11, 2011

The high capacity magazine

And the reason GFWs want to ban them is to keep people from shooting too fast- right?

Are we only going to ban certain styles?
Certain calibers?
Certain assemblies that we don't like?

Are we going to make sure 'assault rifles' are made so they can't shoot too fast?

If you're going under the caliber and 'assault rifle" thing, then this magazine of Nancy R. would be banned.
Because it works on an .80 cal weapon that was high tech for it's day and used in the most advanced militaries known to man, and allows for much more rapid shooting than a rifle without it.

But, if we want to be sure no one is able to fire more than one round at a time, then we'll mandate single shot pistols!
YES, that way the gunman can be taken down before he fires another shot!


Except it's been thought of before...

BUT- I'm not one of those Liberals who want to control what you can shoot.
As far as I'm concerned you can make your own eebbile black rifle with double redundant multicromatic search-lasers with RCP launching gas powered piston rails....AND a bayonet lug if you want to pay for it.
Me, I'm more of a traditionalist.

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