Saturday, February 19, 2011

"It can't happen here"

Yes it can- and did.
69 years ago today.

A Liberal Democrat used his executive powers to strip the Constitutional rights of tens of thousands of the stroke of a pen. Because we don't want a crisis to go to waste.

I'd bet my next paycheck that anyone who's gone to our .GOV schools in the last 20 years wasn't taught about executive Order 9066 because it makes FDR look bad.
Because in retrospect- except for that whole showers and ovens and slave labor thing, there wasn't much difference between the Jews and Japanese.

But Kurt- you say- we didn't kill innocent people in massive numbers!
No, we didn't. that time.

BUT, give a listen to the unhinged hate from what's becoming the mainstream Democrats and wonder what would happen if they ever became guards in those camps?
OH, and they'll probably be members of the SEIU- given that purple is the new brown.

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