Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Indanas turn

To watch their Democrats bravely run away from their governing responsibilities they were voted in to use.
So they can stop those Rethuglicans from voting to reign in the public sector Unions.

Are ther going to be Union thugs bussed in from NYC, too? Cleveland has lots of corrupt Unions, right? And it's closer.
And the Community Organizer-in-Chief will be backing them, too.
Telling everyone that those Dems are doing a good job by stopping a dangerous set of legislation for harming the workers of America.

Yeah, right.
If it's good when Democrats stop the state governments from doing their jobs-

How are their Media Lapdogs going to try spinning the DeeCee shutdown?
That wouldn't have happened if the Democrats running Congress had done their jobs SIX MONTHS ago and passed a budget.


  1. Why didn't the Republicans do that during the Obamacare debacle... I didn't know this was an option...

  2. Democrats had enough votes to pass it without any Republican votes. The best they could do was stay and throw up roadblocks.