Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now, don't you feel bad?

This dedicated professional is using her life as an example of why public Unions need their fully paid bennies.

Just push that pen and paper aside, you don't need to do any math because we need to empathize with her predicament.

Stolen from Joel

Now stop laughing- she's serious!


  1. I don't get it--why don't she quit and go to work in the private sector, if it would be so much better?

  2. Because she 'cares'.
    AND there's really only a limited amount of openings at major colleges for Masters of Ed degrees, and even less in the real world.

  3. Does she really want to get into a comparative?

    I'll bite:
    Last 18 months, 20 instances of 30+ straight hours of working. (IT network admin)
    Bonus? Zero.
    Extra days off? Zero.
    Comp time? Zero.
    Last raise? 2.4%
    Insurance increase that was just announced? 8+%
    On call 24/7
    During one implementation project a while back I had two days off that year and averaged 12 hour days, 7 days a week. My reward? I'm still waiting for it.

    The shop teacher in our local school district is paid $15,000 more than me. Summers off, Christmas vacation, 4 days for Thanksgiving, a week for spring break... In Iowa, a public school teacher can retire after 30 years of service at 80% of the average of their last 10 years' salary.

    Sorry, Kurt. I'll stop now.

    Directed to the idiot teacher: it's called work, whiner. Cry me a river (insert nasty derogatory name here).

    Two more thoughts: most people pay for their college (why does she think teachers should be exempt) and if I wanted to further my education to get a Masters? I got to pay for it myself. Most teachers' contracts are written so that the higher educated (degrees, certifications, etc) the higher the salary.

    So she's received her reimbursement and she can shut her pie-hole.

    Again, sorry Kurt. Parasites burn my backside.

  4. No problem Stranded-
    I put her up so everyone could enjoy her smug sense of superiority nestled in a bed of academic ignorance of how the world really works.

    I wish there were a lot more blogs showing her.

  5. I put a link here, Kurt.

    I can't stand looking at her royal smugness.

  6. $29,000 for 2000 hours of work?

    you should see the hours I put in to make enough money to pay taxes....all so bottom feeders like this can have something to complain about.

    I chose my paths, she chose hers. If she feels she isn't compensated enough to do the job she claims to be doing, she is welcome to fins another career, or a job somewhere else.