Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking beyond the obvious

Take a good look at this picture:

It's obvious that these people have been educated by a bunch of losers (on both sides of the border) and their anti-American aztelan crap.

Here's a little commonsense history for you vatos.
If your family was here back when we PAID Mexico for EVERY acre we won from them in 1848- you would already BE citizens.
That includes you in lower AZ and N.M. who became citizens under the Gadsden Purchase ...if you even ever heard about it. Which I doubt because it doesn't involve demonizing America for something you don't find convenient to your political beliefs.

OH, and speaking of someones "homeland"- why do you speak spanish?
Like- someone from say SPAIN conquered the land your indian ancestors lived on?
What about the indians YOUR ancestors pushed out?

When you take care of your responsibilities to them, maybe we'll talk.

...And speaking of occupied territories and lack of awareness:

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