Monday, February 21, 2011

There's an old saying

If you 'really' want to know why someone is doing something- Follow the money.

In spit of the flowery words from the liberal media and the hate filled rhetoric (that I notice no-one is calling to put a halt to) of the Union thugs- no one has really goit to the bottom of the whole thing.
And the Unions certainly don't want anyone knowing.

I don't know if Steven F. Hayes caught it when he wrote it.
But it's there in black and white. What the whole thing is about and why the unions and Obama need to stop this legislation here and now.

In the last sentence of the fourth paragraph:
What’s more, Wisconsin teachers pay as much as $1100 each year in compulsory union dues. If the legislation passes, they will no longer be required to pay thosee dues – returning that money to their own pockets.

Do you know what that means?
Walker wants to turn Union friendly Wisconsin into a right-to-work Texas.

...And speaking of old sayings, Texas has one relating to that.
"Union is a bad word down here."

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